Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Okay...I had a great laugh last night when Tiff got home from her boyfriend's.They have a doberman that lives there, but it's half Tiffany's (don't ask!). Anyway, (& keep in mind I have one of the most warped senses of humor of anyone you've EVER met)...Dixie got hit by a car last week, & the fuckin' driver didn't even STOP, even though Tiff & Ricky were right there! So, they've had the dog back & forth to the vet's ofc all week. (no THIS is not what I think is funny!) Yesterday, he did surgery on the leg that almost got taken off, and he told them last night that Dixie only has like a 10% chance of keeping her leg, he may have to amputate it. So, Tiff looks up at him & asked what are you gonna DO with it? I WANT it, if you hafta take it off! I don't remember what he said, but when she told Kevin & me that last night, I was going to the kitchen, and stopped right then...."Great, Tiffany! You can make a 'leg lamp' for Christmas!" She just stood there for a second, then covered her mouth (so I didn't see her, of course) and 'snickered', then turned around and said I can't BELIEVE you said that about her!! Then Kevin busted in with his "D'oh", and she had someone else to be offended at!! Thank goodness...he saves me like that all the time!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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