Wednesday, June 22, 2005

lotsa stuff...

Okay, I'm back. First things first...there was something in the paper tonight about the wreck. Only two of the three guys were hurt bad enough to go to hospitals (???) (hard to believe, isn't it?), & the other walked away without anything! The guy who flew out of the backseat went 60 feet from the car, and into a guidewire! And he was lifeflighted to a trauma hospital in Columbus, and he's in serious condition there now.
So I was just remembering some of the funny stuff that happened with Tiff when she was younger. She used to have a friend whose mom watched her after school in 4th grade....the mom was one of my friends. Anyway, they had a clothes dryer down in their basement that wasn't hooked up to heat anymore, they were getting rid of it. So, Tiff and Kasey used to sneak down there, and climb in one at a time, and start it, you know, just each flipping...(brainiacs, i tell ya!). And back when Tiff still believed in Santa, 2nd or 3rd grade,but she was wondering if the other kids were right, and he wasn't real, we told Kev's little brother Ken, and he dug out his Santa suit, and we set the camcorder up on auto-record, and showed Tiff what we were doing...and we all swore that we'd get him on tape when he put the presents under the tree. So she went upstairs to bed and Ken came over wearing the suit about an hour later, carrying the presents in a big bag (he had the big white beard and everything!) and put them all under the tree, then I think we all sat down & had a beer or something...but we still have that video, and Tiff always says 'That was Uncle Ken, wasn't it?', but nobody's ever confessed to it! Every kid should have an Uncle Ken! He used to come over in the evenings & play 'hide & seek' & 'go to court' (?) with her and all her friends for a couple hours at night! How cool was he? He's about 2 yrs younger than Kev, & he always acts like a kid!
So, this morning, Kev & I were watching tv, and someone said "she means well"...I looked at Kev, and said, 'You know what? When someone says that, I'd run!"
And, oh yeah, Tiff brought home a bottle of shampoo a few weeks ago, and said 'I got your kind of shampoo, Mom' I looked at the bottle, and it's called 'Dumb Blonde'! Grrrrrrr....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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