Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i gotta quit staying up so late!!

Well, so here I am again, it's after 2:30 am Tuesday morning, and I'm sitting here, instead of being around the corner, in the bedroom, in bed with Kev. He's probly gonna kick my ass for never going to bed...but...he KNOWS I'm a night person (ever since I had to retire on fucking disability, anyway! I WAS a morning person, out of necessity when I was able to go to work!...but, that drove him & Tiff nuts, cuz they just want it quiet in the morning when they're getting ready!). Anyway...I'm hooked on the tv shows that are on overnight! I always have the Discovery Health Channel on, watching what Kevin says is 'gross stuff', like emergency room stuff, paramedics, plastic surgery, and last night there was a show called 'Life of Grime', and it had some people like, cleaning up the apartment where a guy shot himself. Kinda reminded me of the movie 'Curdled', which is about a woman who did that for her job. But I love that channel! Especially on Friday nights, they have 'Dr G, Medical Examiner'. She does the autopsies at a hospital in Florida, and figures out what killed them.
Anyway, I'm getting pretty sick of all the news shows going over & over & OVER about the Michael Jackass-son trial today. It's freakin' over, he was ruled not guilty, it might or might not be what you wanted, but then...you weren't on the jury, now, WERE you? Yeah, I did my share of yelling at the 'stupid jurors' when they announced the verdicts, but, remember, I also thanked God when Scott Peterson got convicted, too! (even though his death would've come sooner if he was put in prison for life w/no parole, and put out in the general population! I'd guess he'd live for, maybe a year...instead of the 25 he'll probly have in his own private little cell, til all his appeals are over!). Of course, I also have the opinion that convicted child molesters should be sent to prison for life with no parole, put in the general population also, and forced to wear pink shirts! How 'uncrowded' would the prisons become then? It would save tax money for the schools, anyway...
Kevin also sat here with me at the computer tonight for about an hour and kinda showed me a little about html, which probly nobody knows perfectly, but he at least showed me how to kinda recognize what I'm looking at! I don't know how he can teach himself 'computer stuff' so fast! We both started out working at a grocery store, he was the meat manager, I was the produce mgr, we never touched computers there, just unloaded trucks & did the merchandising for our depts...and I was the one who took 2 years of data processing in high school, & was gonna go to college to, hopefully, learn systems, before I got pregnant with Tiff...but I'm very glad I did! Cuz I never would've done it otherwise...I just wouldn'tve had TIME to!! So HOW DOES Kev teach himself this shit so FAST??
Speaking of merchandising in the grocery stores...the one I was almost the proudest of was not produce, but grocery...it was in the 80's, when you could do anything, and nobody got 'offended', and it was when I worked in another town...I took over an end display and had the night crew build a big display of boxes of prunes, with packs of toilet paper running up & down each end. They had to do it overnight, so the manager didn't see it til he came in the next morning!
OK, I'm done...for Monday, anyway!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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