Monday, June 20, 2005

car wreck....

Saturday night was really weird! I actually forgot all about writing about it yesterday! No, none of the three of us were IN the car wreck, but...I was sitting here Saturday night/Sunday morning at the computer playing a game and watching the news, and all of a sudden Tiffany came running down the stairs (it was 3 am) and she says "didn't you HEAR that?" I said no, what? And the computer is right here in the dining room & I'm sitting about 10 feet from the front door! She said "That car wreck! It sounded like about 3 cars!! I can't believe you didn't hear it, it woke me up!!" I asked her, are you sure it wasn't a dream? She went to the front door & we walked to the front of the front porch (yes, I walked with her...even though I was hanging onto her arm...but STILL!), and we looked down the street, and there were all kinds of lights down there, and all kinds of our neighbors were walking down the street, too! That's so WEIRD that I didn't even hear it!! So anyway, Tiff went down the street with a couple of the neighbors, & actually was down there for about 45 minutes! She came back & said it was only one car with 3 drunks in it! What had happened was that they had been driving about 80-100 mph down our street (speed limit is 35...), from the bar up at the main street, and hit the cross street one house away from us, went airborne, and the three crashes everybody heard was that car bouncing! So, the guys weren't wearing seatbelts (dumbasses! even Tiffany knows better!). They ended up about a block down the street! When everyone got there, the 2 guys that had been in the front seat were sitting on the curb, and the guy that had been in the back seat had been thrown from the car, & was laying in the middle of the street dying while the paramedics were working on him! Tiff said that when they walked past those two guys on the curb, there was a cop talking to them, telling them, 'you better hope he doesn't die, cuz if he does, one or both of you will be in prison for a LONG time!!' And what had stopped them was a telephone pole that they hit sideways and broke into three pieces! Tiff said the top part was just hanging by the wires! When she came home, she was telling me about it, and she talks loud, so she woke Kevin up, and he ended up walking down with her to see. So, I think that was the news from this town that night!!
By the way...when I heard Tiff thunder down the stairs that night, it kinda reminded me of when she was a little kid (maybe 8?) and she and her friends used to think it was the height of fun to get in a laundry basket and ride down the stairs...all fun and games, that is, until they hit the wall at the end!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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