Friday, June 10, 2005


I'm considering a lot of 'politically incorrect' things today...but, keep in mind, I'm not a friggin' politician, so, I'm allowed to!!
First of all...I was watching Fox News this morning (big surprise...), and they were talking about how if Michael Jackson is found guilty, they're prepared for riots. Actually, if he's found not guilty, they're expecting people against him to riot. I don't understand why black people would all be for him...they probably don't like alleged child molesters any more than white people, do they? I'm pretty sure of that. Then, also, I'm concerned about the fact that a lot of people are saying that this whole thing is 'racially motivated'. What? He's more white than MOST white people are! Most white people TRY to be darker! Why else would tanning beds be so popular? They even sell them for home use. And they sell all kinds of stuff to make skin artificially dark. How could any white people BE prejudiced when they try SO HARD to make their skin darker? HE'S the one carrying an umbrella over his head (no, actually, he wouldn't LOWER himself to carry his own umbrella! His 'bodyguards' do it!). Speaking of that, why are they calling white people 'prejudicd'? Michael Jackson is the one who's rejecting the race! I see more black people in George W Bush's cabinet than I do surrounding Michael Jackson.
Okay...I'm sorry to sound so offensive, well, I guess I AM offensive about lots of stuff, especially if you ask Kevin, who ought to know, since he's put up with it for 15+ years! And my mom, who gets offended when I say I'M crippled, which I am! (if I could walk by myself, maybe I wouldn't say it?).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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