Sunday, October 29, 2006

wow, another weekend...(and another few loads of laundry...)

Okay...that's, like, my sentiments on my t-shirt...and that's the host of the Halloween party last weekend. Now, to me, he had the scariest costume!! I HATE HATE HATE the Burger King commercials with him!! Especially the one where he was looking in someone's window in the morning! I'd almost rather have a scary clown looking in my window, for heaven's sake!! Speaking of which..."It" was on again Saturday...the book scared the crap outta me when I read it, and the movie is almost as good as the book! The only one better is "The Stand"! Actually, Tif's always hated clowns...I do not know why...and no, I didn't scare her with one when she was a baby, or anything! However, she did go see "It" with her friends when she was younger, came home and told me how she hated I did what every mom thinks she should do...her next birthday, I bought the movie (VCR, that's how long ago!), and wrapped it up as one of her presents. (lol!). She still loves me, though, I've regained her trust somehow...?
I must've had one helluva dream last night! I woke up at 5 am, and was really, it was WAY more than that! I'd have to say...I was full of rage! I mean the kind you feel in the middle of your chest, burning you up! I was up sitting in the living room until about 7, trying to quit being mad at something, I couldn't even remember what it was! Then I went back to bed, and when I woke up this afternoon, I was okay. I'm still trying to remember why I felt like that, though. I always have a lot of dreams in any night, and I do remember one I had last night where my ms came and know, sometimes I could walk and climb over stuff just fine, the next minute I couldn't...hmmmm...
My favorite niece called me Friday night, it was her birthday...which I had known, but couldn't get ahold of her...she's now...29!! She's Bro's oldest daughter, and he's always been a great dad! With 4 kids, he damn well better be!! She's the one that looks almost more like me than Tif does! She was at a sports bar watching the OSU/Minnesota game (on the way to a nat'l championship again, I hope!), and Tif & Zak were there too! C was telling me that she had always thought of me as her big sister, which was really flattering (I was 12 & in 6th grade when she was born), but then I thought that I must've not been a good example, but a horrible warning...I worked, anyway. She's never been married, pregnant, she graduated college with a master's...she's got her own house...good Lord, I MUST'VE been a horrible warning!! So she told me when she heard that Journey & Def Leppard were having a concert in Columbus, earlier this year, all she could think of was 'oh, if I had the money, Aunt Libby & I would be there!' Anyway, it was neat talking to her...but then Tif told me later that C was half-lit on wine when she talked to me!! (sigh)...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday! 10.27.06

Can you imagine applying for a job living here?
"Hi, Mrs. XXXXX. Your application looks as if you'll fit in great at this job! Now, I just need to verify your address once more..."
Or moving there, and calling the phone company to connect your new phone service..."Hi, Mrs. XXXX, I'll be glad to put your order in for your new service! Could you please give me your new address?" (Hit the mute button, loud laugh, snort, snort, snort...)

All right, Libby, that's enough!
No, I was listening to the news this morning at 6 am, and they were talking about how tight the Virginia senate race is, between the Repulican and Barak Obama, and I remember going through Virginia with Mom & Dad when I was little (I'm talking under 10, here), and we went through this one little town, and Mom was like, "Oh, how quaint! Let's stop & eat lunch in this town!" So, of course, we did...we went to a restaurant, and sat at a table, ate lunch, it was great, then when we were getting ready to leave, Mom asked the waitress what town this was was Fancy Gap, Virginia! Okay, okay, before you start thinking I was just little, and forgot the name of the town, fast-forward to like, 1996, when I worked at GTE, I had a woman that called from Virginia to put in a new service order...I was taking her order, then she gave me the address for the new service...don't remember the specific street address, but I'll be damned if it wasn't in Fancy Gap, Virginia!!
I also remember a town or city in Illinois: Metropolis. I've seen it on the news sometimes when they're talking about, oh, I dunno, whatever. But they have a huge statue of Superman in the center of town, and I took an order for service to go in on "Lois Lane"! But no...with my luck, if I ever moved, it's probably going to end up being to "Dork Drive"! (sigh...)
I need to know why we, as Americans, trying to protect ourselves from terrorism, aren't supposed to interrogate mightily?
If we've captured a "high-level" AlQaeda member, why can't we deprive him of sleep, play loud rock music, for God's sake, do the whole 'waterboarding' technique, seeing as how it worked quite well on the one we did it on? Ummmm...lemme see now...they lop off Americans' heads and put the video on the internet for the whole world to see. But WE can't deprive them of fucking SLEEP?? WTF??? We feed the prisoners better than they eat at home (ya know, in the caves and all...), make sure they have a few copies of the Koran...the whole thing just makes me want to puke when I think of Americans feeling sympathy for terrorists! When you give in to a bully, and say, "oh, I'm sorry, I won't stand up for myself again...I'll just submit, as long as you promise not to ever poke me in the eye with that knife again....okay??" Give me one example in the history of the world where that has ever solved a problem...not just pushed it off for other people to deal with in the future?
Okay, I'm done. Didn't mean to give in to the rant. But I'm scared that Nancy Pelosi will be the new speaker of the House. Don't know why I care, it wouldn't do anything to my life...I just hate her like poison, that's all...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, October 23, 2006

mon, after sat nite halloween party

Okay, the costume party's over...and wow! Were there tons of people there! The first couple was my choice for cutest couple, ya know, a fireman (firegirl?) & and an Oompa-loompa...(of course, ya knew I just had to get Dee in the background too!). I don't have a picture of myself in a costume, but, for the most part, I looked like the second picture. Except I had a huge axe and a big top hat, with a skull face mask.
The people that gave the party really only started by inviting family & some friends...which, it was okay, but there ended up being probably a hundred people there! I wanted to drink at the party, but woulda felt stupid drinking a beer from a straw (which I always drink from). So instead, my daughter, brought me a drink and put it in front of me, and I tried it and said it was good...just as she was going back out to dance, I asked, "What is it?". She yelled over her shoulder "It's Sex On The Beach!" Lemme askya...would you not also find it a little 'disturbing' if your daughter gave you that??
My friend up in Michigan emailed me this weekend too, and said she's having a big costume party at her house in a couple weeks too, with 80 - 100 people invited! She wants us to maybe come up too, if we can. She says costumes are optional, but everyone always does dress up! And she always collects donations for cancer....she said every year she always gets about $1500! That is great...I know she gives to the cancer society because her dad died of brain cancer. I met him too, when she lived here, and she's right, he AND her mom were great!
One of the funniest things I remember from when she & her first husband lived here was....they were taking a vacation to London for a month with their baby son (the one that carried me up the steps from their dock in Michigan a few years ago). I was 'babysitting' their huge German Shepherd, Gandalf, for the month they'd be gone. Her husband said "Should we pay her now or when we get home?" I remember looking at him and saying "NOW!! Will you even HAVE any money when you get home?" They both laughed...then paid me right then...
Tif dragged a guy over to us at the party, and yelled "Mom! This is ********** ******!" I shook his hand, & tried to remember him...Tif must've seen that, cuz she announced "I KNOW you remember him from when I was in first grade...he was the one that stuck crayons up his nose....NOW do you remember??"
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

wednesday? i think...

Yup...I guess I could work in this office...but only if it also has a little refrigerator & a arm's reach, of course

Okay...Kim came over & picked me up with my wheelchair to go out to the mall (which has almost NO stores anymore...the rent is way too high! and that's not the popular end of town anymore for retail!)...but a cool Halloween store moved in to the old place that Old Navy store used to be...obviously, this Halloween store is HUGE!! They had a lot of neat stuff. But Kim had seen something in Columbus once that would've been perfect for me! It's a real-looking brain in a grocer's meat package (like hamburger comes in!). So, she said if we could've found something like that, I could just carry it on my lap, rolling around, and she said we could make a big sign for each side of my chair that said "Meals On Wheels"! LOLOLOLOL @Kim!! She's good with this stuff!

Hey, there's stuff on the news about kids taking too many anti-psychotic drugs. Huh...ask anyone, and they'll tell you I should be...

I'm glad the party's this weekend, so I'll be here to pass out candy to all the kids on the 31st! I'll just have to make real sure I buy enough candy! Last year I ran out before it was over! Cuz we usually get about 200 kids...this whole block is crazy about Halloween! Lots of decorations are already up!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tuesday 10/17

WooHoo!! I finally got my pictures up today!! Blogger wouldn't let me yesterday, because, I did, honest to God, try to post!! Really!!

And tomorrow Kim & I are going out to the mall to the Halloween store so I can figure out what I wanna be...I saw some good stuff on ,but I'd rather go somewhere & get it...remember...I AM the Halloween freak! And we have a great big party to go to this Saturday night...(and I plan on drinking a lot, cuz I don't have to drive...hell, I don't even hafta try to walk! See? I guess there's a good side to be found on everything...)

I'm totally hooked on an old Stephen King book I just dug out from the back of the bookshelf the other day..."Hearts In Atlantis". It has about 4 stories written from the '60's perspective, and it's really good! I read it when I got it for Christmas a few years ago, then I don't think I ever read it again, and I don't know why!! Cuz I would swear that I've read every Stephen King book I have (all of 'em!) about 4 or 5 times...huh....go figure...

Does anyone but me watch 'The Bachelor'? probly not, but it's a nice mindless thing to watch after 'Wife Swap'!! (heheheh...inside joke here...)

So I need to ask...does anyone play the card game "Hearts"? I found it on msn games, and so far, it seems really hard to pick up on, but if anybody says it's worth it, well, I'll give it another shot...........

Okay...running out of stuff to say...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, October 16, 2006

monday, again...

I have a stupid, stupid question...why exactly would you take prescription sleeping pills...? Maybe because you want to sleep, right? Uh-Huhhh...So, why does the manufacturer have to say...'side effect may be drowsiness'. WTF!???! I HOPE so!!
Yeah...see what the hell I do every morning when I'm sitting here watching tv? I nitpick, that's what I do! least I'm the only one here to hear it!
After hearing all the news this weekend, I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a nuke going off somewhere in my you agree? I'm pretty pessimistic on that one...knowing that, I've been doing a lot of reading up on it all my life. So, after reading all the stuff about it, going to the Chernobyl website, etc., I've thought a lot about it, and decided that if I'm gonna be physically affected by it, I would much rather be at the ground zero where it hits instead of a few miles away. Because, if you're a little away, well, first of all...there won't be many doctors left to take care of people, will there? And, the symptoms will be horrible if you do live...there will be radiation sickness, tumors. Symptoms of radiation sickness include loss of hair, loss of appetite, paleness, weakness, diarrhea. Not to mention the third-degree burns you'll get if you're within about 15 to 20 miles. Damn! I'm so fucking depressing, huh? So cheerful, bouncy, happy, carefree...(hahaha!)...
Depend on me for happy stuff, willya? I'll teach you! 'bout this....Tuesday at 7:46 am, America will get its 300 millionth person! Whether it's born here, or walks over the border as an illegal alien... sorry...(d'oh!) see how I am??

Thursday, October 12, 2006

thurs, oct 12...

This smiley face is kinda how I feel right now...have you ever felt like this? Yeah, everybody has...

Uncompromising...that's okay to hear from someone you owe money to, and want to pay less than you owe...not very good to hear in any other context, though, now is it...ok...I'm stopping there...
Dr Phil had a really cool show on this morning. Usually any kind of 'talk show' thingy is usually bashing the kids and how bad they are, right? Well, this one he had the parents on first, and they were talking about how bad their twin 17-year-old boys were mad, slamming shit around, yelling at they 'emancipated' one of the boys...not BOTH...but just one!! They said that one was the worst, but when one starts, the other joins in. Holy shit!! Dr Phil said the same thing I was thinking...You can give kids AWAY?? But the court wouldn't let them. So they went to Dr Phil for help?? Well, he showed some videos of their home life, and then he said the same thing I was thinking..."They've learned what they've lived! You two do that all the time too!!" Good for him!
Sorry...I don't have anything funny to write about today...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tuesday, oct 10...

I guess I've just had a big fuckin' problem with my attitude lately...sometimes blogging just seems like it's more trouble than it's worth. My life is still a clusterfuck, and I don't know what to do with it. Or, in Kev's way with words, 'looks like a monkey fuckin' a football'. Ignoring it doesn't seem to work anymore...
Oh well, we did go to a big birthday/Halloween party Saturday night, and that was fun. Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) was there, too. Well, no, not really, but he sure as hell looked like him (only better!). There were about 30-50 people there, most of us dressed up (I was a snowboard accident victim, had my leg all bandaged up, in my wheelchair, with Zack's snowboard on the back). And the guy in the Dee Snyder costume won the sexiest costume! Not surprising...the bride in the background of the picture won the best costume...she had a clock she made hanging around her neck that said 'biological clock'. Funny, but you kinda had to know her & the groom (who was a really ugly zombie, with a green rotted face in a tux!).
Okay, and thanks to Cora for directing me to the article on msn about how you should NOT use preparation H on your face! I guess because they said it's a medicine, not a cosmetic!!
Another thing about hemmorroids in a commercial I heard yesterday, and apologies go out to anyone with this problem. I laughed my ass off (how appropiate...). It said that 80% of Americans suffer from hemmorroids. And all I could think was "and the other 20% enjoy them..." Oh, quit it! I take laughs where I can find them.
I'm sick of hearing about the senator who had im sex with a page. Yes, it's so sick I wanna puke...and it's right that he stepped down...and, no, I'm not saying that the republicans are always right, and democrats are all wrong. I'm getting a little sick of politics right now cuz everything's about what the other party did wrong. But, lemme throw this in...democrats are so big on saying how bad this is, and how an elected official should never do that...have they forgotten what Bill Clinton did?? The big difference if that Monica Lewinsky was female. But she was still 'a young girl', not a young man. Huh. Go figure. And don't bash me for my opinion...if ya can't say something nice, don't say anything. I've got enough shit on my plate right now!
Damn, I guess only one chocolate cream-filled doughnut & one Coke wasn't enough, my attitude's still here. Maybe I need more caffeine...yeah, that's it.
Oh, I got the nicest card & stuff in the mail last week from a friend, well, I started babysitting for her baby boy right after he was born, when I was in 9th grade. And she's always been the person I wanted to be. But she and her husband moved to Michigan not long after she had her daughter 5 years later, and we lost touch...but I knew the town they moved to, and that her mom lived in, but, well, I got married, graduated, had Tif, and life got busy, ya know how it goes. Then one day, a few years ago, I decided to see if I could find her, and called info for the town they'd been in. There was no listing for her, but there was one in her maiden name, with an odd first initial, and I said "Hey! Give me that!" And it was her mom, who remembered me, and then she said my friend was there visiting, hold on, and gave her the phone! Wow! Lots of laughing, crying, and everything else! She was thru all kinda shit too, divorced, had gone to college again, after quitting law school when she was here, was then in a good job, etc, kids were great, yadayadayada...Now we email all the time, talk on the phone, Tif and I went up there and stayed with her & her now-husband for a weekend, she had a dinner party, and I got to see everyone in her family again, & meet her friends, she even told everyone at dinner that I was probly the reason she was still here, cuz when I was in 9th grade & her life was shitty, we were out walking her dog one night, and I told her I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. And she still remembered that!!
So, her house is right on a lake up there, and they have a boat on it, a jet-ski, and everything, and we went out on the boat one evening (everyone, after dinner). There were stairs down to their dock from their back door, and I did good going down them (and, no, I didn't fall down them!). but getting back up was tuff...all of a sudden, the son that I babysat for for the first 5 years of his life, came up behind me and scooped me up, and carried me up them! I told him to put me down, I felt stupid with him carrying me! He laughed and said, "You carried me a lot when I was little, I'm just returning the favor!". Wow..I said, yeah, but you usually had a poopy diaper...I don't!!
My friend was 27 when she had him, and I was, what, 14 or 15. And I think her son was about 25 when we went up there and Tif was 19...I told her that's the guy you should go after! She said no, he's old, and he's got dark hair (she was hooked on blonds then...not now, Zak's got dark hair & eyebrows too!). it's too much caffeine...gotta go clean the refrigerator or something.....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

damn! it's thursday already!

Hey, sorry I haven't been around to see anyone lately, but it's really been a busy time, like it is every October - January!! In our family, this is the 'birthday season', and it's always crazy!
Tif's 23rd birthday party (the family one) was Sunday evening, and everyone in Kev's family was here, + my mom! And she got tons of stuff, gift certificates, etc. We got her an mp3 player, and she had really wanted that!! She also had a birthday party that Saturday night at a sports bar, and about 30 people came...they also got to watch the OSU game at the party. By the way...I've been totally floored by the cost of professional scissors and clippers for hairstylists! Since Tiffany's started buying her scissors, which she can mostly get only online, or at beauty supply stores, where you need to have a beautian's license to shop,I've found that the scissors that your stylist uses cost at least $200 - $300 a pair!! So...tip well!! :-D!
Oh, I almost forgot about "wounded Wednesday"'s at the top, and that is my leg, so maybe it's also an hnt too, even though I'm not usually big on those. And I honestly don't remember how I got this. Oh well. I do this a lot, so the bumps, bruises, and fall-downs happen too much to count.
Anyway...Tiffany and I went out to the mall here in town yesterday, and got manicures & nails haven't been painted for years, so it feels weird...but I'm glad we did it. But I didn't get fake nails, so they're short! Okay, this is maybe kinda dumb, but I have a question...did anyone else see the 'Seinfeld' show where Elaine was pissed because all the manicurists in a shop were Korean, and they'd look at her and say something in Korean, and then they'd all laugh? Well, this store was awesome, and it was all Koreans only working there, and I'm sure they're who own it, and they were all speaking Korean to each other. It really sounded neat to me, though. One of the girls looked at us and said "you probably think we sound like a bunch of birds or something huh?" haha! I actually was thinking just that, but, do you think I'd admit that? hah!! And the other girl doing Tif's fake nails across the room, asked her if we were sisters or just, did that feel good, or what! As good as being carded to buy cigarettes when I was 28!
Okay, gotta do something around here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!