Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday! 10.27.06

Can you imagine applying for a job living here?
"Hi, Mrs. XXXXX. Your application looks as if you'll fit in great at this job! Now, I just need to verify your address once more..."
Or moving there, and calling the phone company to connect your new phone service..."Hi, Mrs. XXXX, I'll be glad to put your order in for your new service! Could you please give me your new address?" (Hit the mute button, loud laugh, snort, snort, snort...)

All right, Libby, that's enough!
No, I was listening to the news this morning at 6 am, and they were talking about how tight the Virginia senate race is, between the Repulican and Barak Obama, and I remember going through Virginia with Mom & Dad when I was little (I'm talking under 10, here), and we went through this one little town, and Mom was like, "Oh, how quaint! Let's stop & eat lunch in this town!" So, of course, we did...we went to a restaurant, and sat at a table, ate lunch, it was great, then when we were getting ready to leave, Mom asked the waitress what town this was was Fancy Gap, Virginia! Okay, okay, before you start thinking I was just little, and forgot the name of the town, fast-forward to like, 1996, when I worked at GTE, I had a woman that called from Virginia to put in a new service order...I was taking her order, then she gave me the address for the new service...don't remember the specific street address, but I'll be damned if it wasn't in Fancy Gap, Virginia!!
I also remember a town or city in Illinois: Metropolis. I've seen it on the news sometimes when they're talking about, oh, I dunno, whatever. But they have a huge statue of Superman in the center of town, and I took an order for service to go in on "Lois Lane"! But no...with my luck, if I ever moved, it's probably going to end up being to "Dork Drive"! (sigh...)
I need to know why we, as Americans, trying to protect ourselves from terrorism, aren't supposed to interrogate mightily?
If we've captured a "high-level" AlQaeda member, why can't we deprive him of sleep, play loud rock music, for God's sake, do the whole 'waterboarding' technique, seeing as how it worked quite well on the one we did it on? Ummmm...lemme see now...they lop off Americans' heads and put the video on the internet for the whole world to see. But WE can't deprive them of fucking SLEEP?? WTF??? We feed the prisoners better than they eat at home (ya know, in the caves and all...), make sure they have a few copies of the Koran...the whole thing just makes me want to puke when I think of Americans feeling sympathy for terrorists! When you give in to a bully, and say, "oh, I'm sorry, I won't stand up for myself again...I'll just submit, as long as you promise not to ever poke me in the eye with that knife again....okay??" Give me one example in the history of the world where that has ever solved a problem...not just pushed it off for other people to deal with in the future?
Okay, I'm done. Didn't mean to give in to the rant. But I'm scared that Nancy Pelosi will be the new speaker of the House. Don't know why I care, it wouldn't do anything to my life...I just hate her like poison, that's all...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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