Wednesday, October 18, 2006

wednesday? i think...

Yup...I guess I could work in this office...but only if it also has a little refrigerator & a arm's reach, of course

Okay...Kim came over & picked me up with my wheelchair to go out to the mall (which has almost NO stores anymore...the rent is way too high! and that's not the popular end of town anymore for retail!)...but a cool Halloween store moved in to the old place that Old Navy store used to be...obviously, this Halloween store is HUGE!! They had a lot of neat stuff. But Kim had seen something in Columbus once that would've been perfect for me! It's a real-looking brain in a grocer's meat package (like hamburger comes in!). So, she said if we could've found something like that, I could just carry it on my lap, rolling around, and she said we could make a big sign for each side of my chair that said "Meals On Wheels"! LOLOLOLOL @Kim!! She's good with this stuff!

Hey, there's stuff on the news about kids taking too many anti-psychotic drugs. Huh...ask anyone, and they'll tell you I should be...

I'm glad the party's this weekend, so I'll be here to pass out candy to all the kids on the 31st! I'll just have to make real sure I buy enough candy! Last year I ran out before it was over! Cuz we usually get about 200 kids...this whole block is crazy about Halloween! Lots of decorations are already up!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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