Monday, October 23, 2006

mon, after sat nite halloween party

Okay, the costume party's over...and wow! Were there tons of people there! The first couple was my choice for cutest couple, ya know, a fireman (firegirl?) & and an Oompa-loompa...(of course, ya knew I just had to get Dee in the background too!). I don't have a picture of myself in a costume, but, for the most part, I looked like the second picture. Except I had a huge axe and a big top hat, with a skull face mask.
The people that gave the party really only started by inviting family & some friends...which, it was okay, but there ended up being probably a hundred people there! I wanted to drink at the party, but woulda felt stupid drinking a beer from a straw (which I always drink from). So instead, my daughter, brought me a drink and put it in front of me, and I tried it and said it was good...just as she was going back out to dance, I asked, "What is it?". She yelled over her shoulder "It's Sex On The Beach!" Lemme askya...would you not also find it a little 'disturbing' if your daughter gave you that??
My friend up in Michigan emailed me this weekend too, and said she's having a big costume party at her house in a couple weeks too, with 80 - 100 people invited! She wants us to maybe come up too, if we can. She says costumes are optional, but everyone always does dress up! And she always collects donations for cancer....she said every year she always gets about $1500! That is great...I know she gives to the cancer society because her dad died of brain cancer. I met him too, when she lived here, and she's right, he AND her mom were great!
One of the funniest things I remember from when she & her first husband lived here was....they were taking a vacation to London for a month with their baby son (the one that carried me up the steps from their dock in Michigan a few years ago). I was 'babysitting' their huge German Shepherd, Gandalf, for the month they'd be gone. Her husband said "Should we pay her now or when we get home?" I remember looking at him and saying "NOW!! Will you even HAVE any money when you get home?" They both laughed...then paid me right then...
Tif dragged a guy over to us at the party, and yelled "Mom! This is ********** ******!" I shook his hand, & tried to remember him...Tif must've seen that, cuz she announced "I KNOW you remember him from when I was in first grade...he was the one that stuck crayons up his nose....NOW do you remember??"
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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