Thursday, September 29, 2011

i'm baaack!!

I've been getting solu-medrol every 3 weeks for about 6 months, but it really hasnt helped me at all...I really like my neurologist, she's Ukrainian, I totally love her accent...'Leebee!'...haha...
So, at my appointment Monday, I was so upset & frustrated with ms, I almost started crying (which is one of the very worst symptoms of ms!)...can I get an amen from all my 'ms buddies' out there? Dr P reminded me that it's not relapsing any more...I really love this dr, she doesn't mince words or do that fancy dance around the reality...sometimes it hurts, but, it's always better to hear the truth straight out from your doctor. Most of the time...
So today would've been another iv day, but she's been trying for months to get me to do chemo...I've never really looked into it as an ms treatment, I'm just one of those people that freezes up at the word cuz automatically when you hear chemo, you think cancer...or is that just me? Even though I know that's not what it'd be for in my case.
But I pushed hard for my suggestion, & if I don't feel better, then I'll try the chemo, and she said okay...(she's the best!). Now I get 28 mgs of prednisone a day...right now I have the rx for 30 days + 3 refills! Prednisone is one of my best friends, ya know? Not only does it make me feel a little better physically (actually, it gives me enough strength to fight off the worst of the symptoms), but, like I just told one of my home health care nurses yesterday, I'll be grinning & laughing nonstop while I'm on it! That's's my best friend when I get one of my 'frowny moods'! Also, I went downstairs to the lab, & got both the blood tests I was told to get a couple months ago...& OMG, she took 6 tubes of blood!! Holy crap! I'm really glad I finally got it done, though...Dr A, my primary doctor, his secretary called yesterday am, & said that my thyroid was high, they had to change my synthroid down from 125 mcgs a day to, maybe with the combination of 28 mgs a day of prednisone + lower thyroid, maybe I'll break 85 lbs...cross your fingers??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Oh, my wittle baby girl is gonna be 28 Sunday, October 2! And she starts her new job the tenth, she got hired as a receptionist/medical assistant at the dr's that delivered her son! What's really neat about that dr is that he was a high school exchange student here when I was in 10th grade...this town can't be that bad, if he chose to come back here from India, when he could probly go just about anywhere in the world...they're gonna work with her college schedule...she's studying to be an rn, but her long-term goal is to be a midwife. Ick...that's like a garbageman's job...I wouldn't want it, but thank God somebody does!