Wednesday, January 30, 2008

last post is more important...please read it?

This is freaky!!

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope for Jan 30, 2008
You must weigh your desire to get everything done against your physical limitations, dear Sagittarius. You run the risk of wearing yourself out and getting sick just as you finish. Enlist the help of others, if you can, for all those chores and errands that absolutely need to be done. Anything that can wait, you should definitely leave. Your health needs to come first! More...

This is my life this week!!

Tuesday night...

Well, in light of what happened tonight, all of these pictures are in honor of Truman...the first two are him, the last one is what I could see Tru doing for me if he ever had the chance after tonight!

What happened is..nothing, thank God for Truman being what I originally thought was a psycho cat, and the kid across the street who takes my trash out to the street Tuesday night.
I was back in the laundry room where the garbage can and the back door are. I gathered the trash up & got it all ready for me to put it out the back door onto the deck. All of a sudden, I realized that Truman was kinda stalking up behind me toward the door, I had the inside solid door open and the screen door with the solid bottom half, and the top half is a screen was closed. The
weather outside was really warm today, even though it was windy and rainy off and on, it just smelled good, you know? The high today was 50 degrees! The high tomorrow is going to be 22 degrees! Yup...this is Ohio in January, all right...Right now we're under a severe thunderstorm warning for the night!!
Anyway, at first I thought Truman was just trying to smell the outside air, and feel the breeze coming in. So I turned around and was telling him, go back, you can't go outside, good kitties aren't allowed outside, just like good kitties aren't allowed in the basement, remember? I started walking back to the front of the kitchen, kinda nudging him with my legs to push him, cuz he was so adamant about getting to the door, and I wanted to get him back so I could get him out the other kitchen door and shut him in the rest of the house. He just kept dodging around me trying to get to the back he knew I wasn't coordinated enough to dance around like him (the little showoff!). I finally thought I had the way to the back door blocked and took a couple steps. All of a sudden, he hissed at me, and launched himself at my leg!! He has never hissed at a person before! Especially the person that lets him sleep in my bed every night, scoops his litter box every couple days, makes sure he has a bowl full of fresh water & one full of Deli-Cat all the time. Damn~! I just stood there in shock, watching him for a minute to see what he was gonna do next! He GLARED back at me, he never blinked, or looked away, nothing! I just kind of walked back toward the kitchen for a minute, to see what he'd do. We just looked at each other for about 5 minutes, then I went back toward the back door, so I could get the bags of trash out, and he let me past him with no problem, just watched me...he didn't try to run out or anything while the door was open, and I got the trash bags out, and shut the door. As I was walking past him, I made sure he knew I thought he was a 'bad boy'!
I came in here and called B, and told him everything was out on the deck, and he said he'd be right over...he showed up a minute later, brought my mail in, we sat here & talked for a few minutes, he was telling me his 17th birthday was yesterday...that's neat! Then we went to the back door, and he went over and opened the inside door...then pushed open the screen door, and just jerked back and shut the screen door again, looked back at me and said "That's one of the biggest raccoons I've ever seen!!" Turns out there was a raccoon about 3 times the size of Truman standing on top of the bags I'd just put out! Keep in mind, we're in town, not even close to being out in the country! I've seen then around here before...they live in the sewers, I've seen them crawling down the storm drains! But now there's one living under my freaking deck!! Yuk!! B went back outside a couple minutes later with a flashlight (and a broom for protection! I forgot, I have a metal baseball bat in my bedroom...if I'dve thought about it, I would've gotten that for him! That would've been more secure than a damn wooden broom!). The raccoon wasn't there, so he took the bags out to the street. After he went home I started feeling like the biggest shithead in the world! Truman had been trying to save my life, and I called him a bad boy!! I've been telling him "Mommy's sorry!!" And petting him, and making a big deal over him, and he is loving it!

Okay, I'm done...I just thought my great, brave cat deserved this!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday...and I'm AWAKE!!

Okay, first off, I NEED to post this really stupid joke! It's been years since I did this, but it's worth it...and don't have a mouthful of anything when you read it! (I know this from experience!)


I rear-ended a car this morning. So there we are alongside the road and slowly the driver gets out of the car . . . and you know how you just-get-sooo-stressed and life-stuff seems to get funny? Yeah, well, I could NOT believe it . . . the guy was a DWARF! He storms over to my car, looks up at me and says, "I AM NOT HAPPY!" So, I look down at him and say, *"Oh Yeah, well, which one are you then?"*. . . and that's when the fight started!

I know, that's offensive as hell, but it's so damn funny I couldn't stop myself! I got it in email 4 days ago, and I'm STILL laughing!!

I actually woke up this morning at 8:30!! True, I did stay in bed and watch the news and read & eat & doze until 10 or 11, but, I've actually been up and out of the shower since 1! And I feel like laughing again...obviously, you can tell from the joke..or not, I guess, if you didn't find it funny...this is what just looking forward to steroids does for me!
I'm watching a really good movie right now on the sci-fi channel...13 Ghosts! Very creepy and scary! Perfect for a Saturday night alone (except for my cat) in a 2-story house. (you know me, desperate & dateless, and all that Then 'Ghost Voyage' comes on at 8! night is planned!
Mouse called me the other night...we were talking about a bunch of stuff, and her dog was bothering the hell out of her! He was just like a little kid, ya know, he would not quit jumping all over her while she was on the phone, she had to put him outside while she was talking! Come to think of it, Tif's new puppy is like that too. When I call her, Lily only leaves her alone when she petting her & playing with her while she's talking to me!
See?? Dog = needy!!
Mouse is really getting sick of the crappy hours & pay she's getting at the nursing home she works at (in the town way north I worked at). She said she likes the job, but the pay is shit, and they do weird stuff with her schedule, as far as having her work the last 3 days of one week, then the first 3 of the next! She took classes for medical billing & coding for at least a year, graduated from, nobody'll hire her cuz she has no experience! I remember that crap right after high school. I mean, I kinda understand both sides of it, but how do you get experience if nobody'll let you try? So she's an aide, and a cook at the nursing home, but...she was asking me "do you remember how dead this town was 25 years ago when you worked here? well, I think it's about a million times worse now!" There's no factories or anything in that town...not even a mall or anything, where you can always find a job! But one of the other 3 towns up there is booming, and it's only 15/20 miles away. She doesn't want to drive though..she's just not a driving freak like I always have been. But she does want to go find a factory job soon...she worked in a factory job right after she had her daughter, and she said it worked for her...why did she even try to do this office/nursing home thing...there's no money there compared to an hourly factory job (that's my opinion). But, yeah, all the advertisements say it's gonna be the next big thing.
Mouse said something about her cats the other day too...she has 5 or 6 + JJ the dog! And the cats are mostly outside cats, but they each have a litterbox in the basement! You can definitely tell she's a total animal lover! Oh damn, it's all I can force myself to do to clean Truman's box every day or two!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday...I get iv steroids m,t,w next week!! WOOOO!!

That's one of the Kitlers I've found, while I was bored & web surfing.
And hasn't EVERYBODY felt like they've been driving on this road a LOT??
That's NOT my hand, I just thought it was an 'interesting' picture...interesting as in 'I almost threw up a little'.

I took everyone's advice, and I have a call in to my dr now, waiting for her to call back & tell me whether I should go get a blood test cuz I'm sleeping so much & I'm so cold. Personally, I think it's the time of year & the stuff going on this time of year...but, I'm not a dr.
Just in case it comes across that Boo & I only laugh, we actually did have one serious conversation, about her theory that, as a civilization, we've invented all kinds of things, especially lately, that are supposed to "save time for you & your family". You know, computers, cell phones, a bajillion cable channels, X-Box, etc. So why all of a sudden, do kids have the attention span of a gnat, and, if you think of it, families are more 'split apart' and doing different things with 'other people', not their families.
Boo & her husband & 4 kids have a house out in the country, & she cans everything all summer, the kids are all in 4-H, they don't have cable, and they all read all the time!! Her 15 yr old son's iq is 2 points higher than mine, for God's sake!! And all 4 kids have college funds, & they all KNOW they're going! I dunno...there's just so many different ways to live, & so many different things to do in life, don't you hear about a life like that & it sounds 'bucolic', and you wonder "why did she do that and I did this?" I know it's not all like it looks from the outside, she worked her way through all her college after she was married by babysitting all day & going to school at night, & there's no big college loan to have to pay off! And while all this was going on, she had their 4 kids! Gaaaahhhhhh...what energy!!
I also let her have a book last year that was called something like "Too Much Is Not Enough", and it was about that kind of stuff too. It talked about new houses now are usually for a family with 1 or 2 kids, but the house has 4 or 5 bedrooms & the same number of bathrooms! I's just stuff to think about. But, for heaven's
sake, THINK before you choose!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sleeping most of the day, still...

I'm not really sure, but if I was walking down the alley at night, this cat would scare the shit out of me!! It looks like a 'cat zombie'!

This picture is titled, appropriately enough, "Forbidden Love".

Is everybody watching "The Moment Of Truth" show tonight?? I am, for sure...I hope a lot of the liars I know are watching it, too!! I'd love to be playing it, actually!
I was talking to Boo tonight, telling her about the people at my front door at 3 am the other night, then we were laughing about the fact that I said maybe they were there to burglarize the house, but, well, when I opened the door and they saw my walker, my wheelchair...they decided "Nahhh...obviously she isn't rich or anything...if we did anything, we'd have to kill her, or we'd really look bad to everyone if they ever found out that we beat her up!" :-/ Then we REALLY started, when she said maybe I should've opened the door and asked "Are you the angels of death? I've been expecting you!" Man, that probably would've freaked them out, and they'dve been gone immediately!! Damn, I love talking to her, we're obviously the same family (looks, etc), and we finish each others' sentences a lot!! But absolutely nobody in the world can make me laugh like her! I've called her crying so hard I can't breathe or talk or anything...30 seconds later, I was laughing my ass off!! We've tried to figure this out know how they're always saying 'middle children are the ones who end up with more problems growing up.'?? So, why is it that , uhhh, lemme see...Boo's the middle, & she's so normal & well adjusted (especially for a kindergarten teacher!) person with a husband & 4 kids, I've ever known! The oldest and youngest are VERY different. Then there's my family...I'm the youngest, and I won't hear anything, because you're not gonna say CRAP I haven't been accused of before! Yes, youngest+only girl = spoiled. Then there's the oldest...Psycho, as you may have seen mentioned in here last year. Then there's Bro...he's the midddle in our family, and everyone knows him! He & his wife have also been married forever, like Boo & her husband, Bro & wife also have 4 kids.There's other families I've known where the 'middle child', seems to have their shit way more together than the others! What's up with this??
I called Kroger's grocery store the other day to find out if they had anyone or knew anyone who would deliver groceries in town. The girl I talked to said they used to have a guy who did that, but he went off on his own, he was really nice, did I want his number? OMG, yes, please! Only because I'm so tired and cold lately, I want nothing to do with even taking the bus anywhere, it's all I can do to get in the shower every day, and into a different pair of sweats! I called him, and he is SO nice! He's retired, about 75, and just does this kind of stuff on like a volunteer-type basis...his wife's also like that too, she spends a lot of time sitting with chemo patients that have cancer...I feel blessed to even know good people like this! We talked on the phone for awhile, then he said for me to make a grocery list for him, and he'd come over & meet me & get the list Tuesday around 11 am! So, I did, he came over the next day, we met & talked, he went over the list & kinda verified everything, then I gave him my debit cd (not the PIN #!), and that worked cuz I know some people that work there, they ALL know him, so he could just put it on as a credit! He even called me on his cell twice from there to tell me he was looking at this, but this brand was cheaper...which would I want?? Do you believe how wonderful this guy is?? And he brought it here & in the house, and even helped me put stuff away, then, all he wanted was $10.00! He said if gas was any cheaper, he'd just do it for free! He actually does this for people at retirement homes around town, etc! I would SO do this if I had a driver's license!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


None of these pictures need any captions, that's for sure!
I've been awake off and on this weekend...I really think it was my shot that just about did me in Friday night.And that's not a way out there play on words, either. No details here, but...just praying to be 'smited', that's all. But after 15 hours of sleep til 4 pm yesterday, I'm ok.
Then, last night, I was awake off and on, reading, when all of sudden, someone's knocking on the front door!! At 3 am!! I came out and asked who it was, cuz there's always accidents happening at the intersection here. A woman answered some stupid name or something, and I opened the inside door to see if she wanted me to call the cops for something. There were two women standing there, about maybe in their 30's, and one was white, one black...the white lady asked for April, and I just looked at her "Who is April??" She looked at me and said "Doesn't she live here??" I said no...then, get this...she asked me if she could come in and use the bathroom!!!! I said, no, sorry, and they walked down the porch steps. WTF?????????? Gaaahhh...for all I know, they were gonna kill me or something, but decided not to cuz I was using a walker & had my wheelchair in the room! Hmmm...maybe they were sent to smite me! I don't live in a 'ghetto' part of town or anything! Weird!
I was thinking about this neighbohood after that last night, and I thought about stuff that's happened over the last, well, since August 1990 when we bought the house. There were our first neighbors next door that were kinda weird, 3 little girls, a mom and a dad. They changed religions, well, religiously! One month it was Methodist, a couple Catholic, Presbyterian, many others I don't even know. One Halloween, their mom wouldn't even let them stay in the house with the blinds down...she took them out to the car with their eyes covered, practically, and went somewhere! 'Course, that was in the middle of the years we were doing the "Haunted Porch", so, maybe that had something to do with WAS loud then, what with all the screming of the kids, whose moms & dads were standing on the sidewalk, saying..."go ON...we'll be right here!!" Keep in mind, we were 5 adults dressed like monsters and witches, and everything.
What would you have felt like if your parents were pushing you up the steps to that?? Kinda like they were dropping you off at the Hansel & Gretel's witch's house? Or maybe the Wicked Witch of the East?
Or there was one of the first summers we were here, one of the cars coming down the street was speeding (like usual) in the day, and Tif & the little boy across the street were out on the sidewalk talking (they were 7), & all of a sudden he ran across the street to his house, and that car hit him so hard, he flew about 50 feet down to the corner! It was awful, but he ended up being ok, just bumps & bruises, no broken bones! He was the luckiest boy in the world that day!
Or when Tif & the girl next door were friends (8-ish), and they were playing outside & yelling & stuff...I looked out, and they had sticks sticking up from the ground in our 2 yards from here to the corner, and they were all proud of themselves, "Look, Mommy!! We planted trees!!" LMAO!!! (but then, I wasn't the one who mowed the lawn...)
Or the time she was about 14 and her best friend stayed overnight, and they were in the living room looking out the front window (it was about 12 or 1), spying on the people across the street who were on their porch having a party, and getting drunk, and started fighting with each other, throwing lawn chairs at each other. I listened to them (Tif & Tara) laughing like idiots at them, then walked into the living room (the light switch is on the wall right at the door), flipped the switch, and said "Hey guys, what's up out there?? To the people across the street, it probably looked like they were on tv!!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Terrorist in store!

Disturbing ride, huh? My kid wouldn't be riding it, I know that!!

And this cat is doing exactly what I've been doing for the last, oh well, SINCE IT'S GOTTEN COLD OUT!!! grrrrrrr!!!

I'm seriously starting to wonder if I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder!)! Now I'm sleeping about 18-20 hours a day! When I'm not sleeping, well, I'm thinking about it..A few weeks ago, I couldn't get to I can't stay AWAKE!! When me and my friends were in our early 20's, I got maybe 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, because of my working an hour away from home...and, trust me, in the winter it was an hour and a half drive up there!! Cuz in the winter, I'd call the Ohio State Police and ask how 23N was, and, invariably, they'd say "Snow covered and slippery". After the first time I called and got that answer, I put Tif in the car and drove out to 23, and it honestly was not bad at all! So we went back to the apartment, and I got ready for work, and got her dressed for the babysitter's (who only lived a few blocks down the street here in town), and dropped her off there! So I'd get up to work (which was actually closer to Mich than home!), but that was almost always fun!

We all used to say "Heck, no! I'm not tired! I'll sleep when I'm dead!" Didn't EVERYONE at that age say that?? Well, if that's the way it is...put me in a damn box right now. Better yet...cremate least I'd be warm!

Actually, Joe & I were just talking the other night about that a long time ago, they used to attach a bell somewhere above the ground when they buried you, and they'd run a string through a hole in the coffin, just in case you were still alive when you were dead. And I made him promise to bury a cell phone with me. He said, o-kay, but, I bet the reception will be shitty down there....

Okay...I just read back over what I wrote about only sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night cuz I worked so far from home...but, no, honestly, that's not the only reason. I partied, but you all know that. But also, when I was home in the evenings, I'd put Tif to bed around 8:30, and I'd go crawl in my bed, and have a huge Stephen King book, or any other huge book with me, almost always a scary or ghost story-type book! I remember taking Tif downtown with me to the used book store (Brad''s's still there!), and we both used to sit there and pick out the best books! Yeah, that was way before they started doing all this scary talk about all the germs you'd get from stuff like that.....pee-shaww! So I might've been broke, but, Tif always had fun with me, and I always read to her before she went to bed.

About the only time I remember her not having fun with me was when we were at the mall, & she wanted to go to the toy store...we were in a hurry (well, I was in a hurry!), and when I said no, she threw herself on the floor, kicking, screaming, crying. So I laid down right next to her & did the same shit, just not quite as loud. She was about 2 or 3, and she hurriedly stood right up and started pulling my arm..."Mommy, Mommy, come ON!!" HAHA! She remembers that to this day!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Little kids feel like this around adults a lot!!

I wish I had these!! Truman would even like them!!
Okay, another really fun display I made at that store, was, well, the produce dept is usually in charge of the popcorn, raisins, other dried fruits, etc..I was told to do an end display with boxes of plums, and make it 'interesting', garnering attention.
Now, exactly how interesting & creative can a produce manager BE with boxes?? C'mon!! Sheeshh! But, it was a put it nicely.
So, since it was on the end of an was like a plastic-type 4-stair display. I ribboned the red canisters of SunMaid raisins from top to bottom in the middle, 6pks of individual boxes on each side, the outer edge was white boxes of plums. Looked really nice, but the brilliant marketing ploy made it unforgettable...up & down the outer edges of the display I had 6 packs of white toilet paper. And, it actually sold well too...this was another store that had mostly older customers...
*SICK* *GAG*...I heard that!! That's ok...I'm used to it...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

I guess it's Wednesday already!!

Wouldn't you LOVE to know how old he is today??

This cat is FAR braver than I would ever be!!
Can ya tell, I totally LOVE cats? I like them much better than dogs. Not saying I don't like's just that compared to cats, well, they're so needy! Truman is the perfect balance between a cat & dog. He has none of the "needy", but he's 'social', he doesn't hide under the bed from someone that comes to the door, he comes out to see them, and then just lies on the floor watching them!!
Was thinking today about Tif & R's new house...It's on a street named after a melon, in a great part of town, & I just remembered the time I had to come up with a huge display for the front of the store. Which is usually the most important display area. It was one of the smaller stores up north I was at, I remember the fierce 'confrontation' I had with the store manager about what I wanted to put there. I was getting one of the local farmers to deliver me 200 Pandora melons, from the town they're grown in, about 20 miles north of there. They're awesome! They're basically a cantaloupe, but it's about the size of your head!! So, of course, I got my way, and put a big bin of those up front, with cases of beer all around it, and a sign that said something about..."where the beer & cantaloupe play...".And it sold like crazy, I might admit! Ha! I showed him! ;-D
I was just watching 'Seinfeld' and it was the one where they were each volunteering to work with old men & women. I love the one Jerry was with! He was SO crotchety!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday night

Hey everybody! Did you all have a great weekend? Mine was pretty good. I didn't go anywhere, it was too cold out. I did stay here and take care of the bills & everything on the computer...then I got down to the real business of the weekend...SHOPPING! with my ebay gift certificate, of course! I hafta quit buying so many books...or get some big tote things to put 'em in!
I was watching 'Jon & Kate + 8' earlier, but it just drives me in the world could you EVER do it, with two 5 year old twin girls, & six 3 year olds (assorted flavors) boys & girls! And here I think it was tough raising Tif on my own! This week they showed them taking all the kids to Disney World...just exhausting to watch, I guess.

I could see many moms getting wedding invitatiions like this for their sons, couldn't you?

click on invitation to enlarge!

Now I've got a much better and calmer tv show on (lol)...'In Search Of The Swamp Thing', on The History Channel. I LOVE this channel! Almost as much as Nick At Nite...

I was talking to Joe last night, before he went to work at the bar (yes, this is what he does on know, when he's not teaching school during the week (this is why I love him, though, he's done this for 16 or so years at the same place!). I was thinking about going out and hanging out there, but, I just could NOT make myself get warm all day!! I just sat here in front of the register (heat's always set at 74 degrees in the winter!) in my sweatshirt & sweatpants, with a little ceramic disc heater beside me!! All I can think of is how lucky I must be to have really thick hair, since the top of the head is where you're supposed to lose a lot of heat.

I was laying down, trying to sleep last night, but I couldn't...nothing! I HATE not being able to go to sleep at night! Oh. And just as soon as I get halfway asleep, here comes Truman, "STOMP, STOMP" up the bed. Well, ok, that may have been a mild exaggeration. Well, I DID try to get his picture on here, but it wouldn't go down here, it automatically went to the top!
Oh yeah...I got the best book in the mail from ebay last week! It's a James Patterson, 'You've Been Warned'. And it was just about the best book I;ve EVER read! In fact, it was 375 pages long...I started reading at 9 pm, fell asleep from midnight to 2, and on all night til 4 pm the next day! And I was done in 24 hrs!
All right...gotta go...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday night!!

...Def Leppard time!! All albums & a row!!

I've seen them twice, once in 88-ish?, and once more when I was me...80's was a WHOLE lot more fun!!
The Hello Kitty rifle kinda looks like something I would've ordered, doesn't it??
Tif & her fiance (that's still tough to get used to writing!) came over last night so she could give me my ms shot (avonex once-a-week, for the ms) in my arm..she must have picked the exactly perfect place on my arm, cuz I was talking to her & R about her trip to Charles Penzone to get her nails done, and I didn't even feel the needle! Or, maybe it was because she was telling me she's thinking about going down there to get a job doing nails! She's very good at it, but they don't do them where she is, but she did train for that too! Anyway, so she started telling me about the woman who came out of one of the rooms in back...she'd been there for a "Brazilian bikini wax. OW!! That is not just a run of the mill bikini wax..this goes, like, from your pubic bone, down and back up to, like the , well, uhhh, small of your back? Holy SHIT!!! I couldn't freakin' think about doing that!!! Maybe that's why I didn't feel the shot, I was too horrified to feel it! And then R & I started thinking about 'Eeeewww, what if you have to give one?' Damn! Well, better than getting one, I guess...IMHO!
Seriously, when S came here from Australia, we were comparing pros & cons of waxing your legs. I came down on the side against it...'why do I want more pain? I get a needle in my arm once a week, that's enough!' She just laughed at me, and told me 'don't be a twit!'...then she went and got her kit out of her suitcase for waxing her legs, and pushed me over to the edge of the bed..."Sit there!". She's getting all the strips of wax ready, meanwhile, I'm sitting there, mumbling under my breath, $@#$$@#%%$^... She ducked back in the room from the bathroom..."Pardon?"..."Nothing at all, S, not important..."
She did about 6 inches down the side of my leg below the knee, and it was the most unimaginably painful thing I EVER did! Having a baby was a walk in the park compared to this!! Yeah, I whined & told her to hospitality only goes so far!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

sunny...but kinda cold...

You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves, because I know all of you laughed at this!!

I LOVE this kitten!! (probably cuz it's all gray, like Truman~!). One of these days I'll get off my butt and get some more pictures of him up!
And who hasn't thought about doing this to their kid at one time or another?

Okay, I liked that green, but it's not easy to read...

Music for today...right now it's Metallica 'Enter Sandman', next it's 'Wherever I May Roam', and 'The Unforgiven', then Queensryche, 'Silent Lucidity'...yeah, like you give a rat's ass, right? lol!

Another store I worked at an hour north (in my favorite town in Ohio!), had a bunch of people I got along well with too. Didn't know them at first, but it didn't take long to become friends. It was just like a little store, and we knew that most of our customers were older people...I loved most of them! Our store was like the only one that would deliver groceries for them if they needed it. And we knew when it was 'Golden Buckeye' day, we did most of our business on Wednesday, and deliveries! One of the older men used to be a city councilman, and was looked up to by everyone there, cuz he was retired, and did all kinds of stuff he & his wife had always wanted to...not travel, but stuff like him making salsa (good stuff...he was the best!), and flying a plane...just all kinds of neat stuff he'd never had time to do before! Once, after Thanksgiving, I was walking past the breakroom, and everyone in there was laughing about something..everyone but the store manager...he'd been a total asshole since I started working there and got along with everyone & he didn't!...He had been one of my bosses here in town, and we got along here...I dunno what happened to make him a jerk! Anyway, they called me over to the breakroom, and there were about 5 of 'em sitting there. The meat manager there said, "c'mon, it's breaktime, I'm sick of turkeys. And he patted his knee and said, "You can sit here, since there's no chairs left". I started over there, cuz he was a nice old guy (actuallly, he was probly only in his 50s!..but I was only in my late 20s!)...then I looked a little closer...and saw something sticking out under his apron...I was like, "Dave!!", and everyone laughed even louder! Dave had a freakin' turkey neck sticking out under there!! And anyone who knows what a turkey neck looks like, knows exactly what that would look like sticking out close to a guy's crotch!! I was laughing so hard at it, I had to sit on the floor, so I didn't pee my pants!

That was also the store I volunteered to wear the Easter Bunny cosume, and do 'the Easter Bunny thing' at the front of the know, kids sat on my lap and got their picture taken, and a handful of Easter candy. Now THAT was a fun day!

A lot of it was fun because my mom & dad brought Tif up to the store, they said they had to get some stuff...even though it was an hour away, they almost always came to where I worked to shop at.

Now it's Ozzy Osbourne...'Crazy Train, 'I Don't Know', Goodbye To Romance' (how approriate). & 'Mr Crowley'

So when they walked in the door of the store (Tif was 9 at the time), of course she wanted to sit on the EB's lap first...and she had no clue I was going to do that! Surpeised the hell out of her while she was sitting there, and I said, "Tiffany!! How ARE you??? And what do you want in your Easter basket this year besides fruit-flavored candy????" Cuz she HATED to get chocolate candy..(yeah, she didn't take after me, that's for sure!)...anyway, I almost thought she was gonna be the first kid to pee on MY LAP!! Naahhh, she was fine when I told her it was just me!! lol!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, January 07, 2008


Mmmm...please don't try this toothpaste thing at home...

I am SO loving this weather, in north central Ohio, on January 7!! It's 64 degrees out right now, cloudy with a little sun! I even heard a couple motorcycles go down the street a while ago! I know it's a 'false spring'...sure as hell doesn't make me enjoy it any less, though! I'm even feeling good enough to play Bon Jovi's 'Slippery When Wet'! And I finally figured out why it was playin' songs in the wrong order, or on different albums...I finally was really looking at the Windows Media Player...DOH!! The shuffle was on!! I am such a dolt!! If there's anything in the world that I'm truly an anal beast about, it's the songs not being in the 'right' order, as in, the way they were on the first album I ever heard them on!! Is anyone else like that, is it just me being weird? Probably me being weird, cuz I'm not, nor will I ever be, the kind of person who keeps their house perfect, dvds alphabetized, cds categorized in order of genre (no, windows media player does that for me, as long as i put it in the right place)! I remember the album when I first got frustrated about the songs 'weren't in the right order'! It was when I heard 'Run Through The Jungle' by Creedence. A different song came on after it than I'd been expecting, because when Joe & his brother and I went to Myrtle Beach on vacation for a week once in, like, 1988, we drove there in Joe's car, and I totally remember we listened to Creedence Clearwater Chronicle all the way pretty much! lol!! Good time, right, Wolf?

Okay, now I'm just opening the library and being all it's Bruce Hornsby, 'Mandolin Rain & The Way It Is'...then it's gonna be Joe Jackson, 'Is She Really Goin Out With Him? and Steppin Out'...How pathetic...

I'm just missing the good times I had at the store up know, the place where the girl working in the meat department told the woman who came back to visit after she'd gone to New England, that I'd had a car accident on the way to work a month ago & got killed. Laugh my ass off?? You bet, cuz I was hidden 5 feet away around the corner, and she didn't even know I was alive, fakkrissakes!! And, no, we never saw her again, ergo, she'll never know that I didn't die!! Now that's some funny shit, I don't care WHO you are!!

Now it's Phil Collins..."I Don't Care Anymore'! Good time for it! Now it's all cloudy out!! It just fits!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jan 6

No, I didn't train HIM!

Oh...what a wonderful grandma I'll make, huh?

I've trained him well, huh?

Today's kinda a 'blahhh' day. Just how weird is this? It's 51 degrees out right now, and it's 4 days after we had 4 inches of snow!! Ugly! It wouldn't be all that bad, but I know this isn't 'spring' yet...I think this is what old people call "strawberry spring". And that's anything but good!
I'm so convinced that it's gonna be winter forever, that the only album to listen to is "Long Cold Winter" by Cinderella! Yup, it's an 80's album, the best songs are, of course, Long Cold Winter, and 'If You Don't Like It, I Don't Care". The rest of it's good, though, too!
"Gypsy Road" is playing now....boy, does that bring back a whole TON of good (drunk) memories! When I worked in the store an hour north of here, we'd all go out and get drunk as hell on Saturday night and Tuesday night, (department managers had Sundays and Wednesdays off for the most part...except for inventory time, which was a whole 'nother story!).
So a bunch of us used to go hit all the bars up there in the 3 towns that were fairly close to each other...15 miles or so...and yes, I admit it, I drove kinda drunk, but, thank God, I never had an accident. And, no, if I...

Oh my God!! This is so fuckin' freaky! My computer just switched over and the next song that's playing is "One Lonely Night" by REO Speedwagon!! And now it's "Tearin' Down The Walls" by Poison!! All of these songs are downloaded on my hard drive, but, still!! All right...I think I've got it now...just playin AC/DC album "High Voltage"! That was the VERY FIRST album I EVER bought, when I was in 8th grade (how ancient do I sound now? and it was a real "ALBUM", vinyl and all!! No cd's back then, you had a choice of cassettes, or albums, and I still had some 8-tracks from Bro!).
Anyway, we'd all go out and get drunk, then end up at my (well, mine & Mouse's boyfriend's house...really, his mom & dad's house where he lived with his brothers & sisters! and his mom & dad!). And we'd sit in the kitchen and watch that show on MTV where there was a hot guy that played rock videos late on weekends, I forget what it was!
If it was a Tuesday night, we'd just be out partying all night and sleep at one of the person's houses up there..(it's amazing that all of us were in our 20's and, up there, most people still lived with their mom & dads, who never cared that we came rolling in drunk & noisy!). And I'd be driving home the next morning, and I'd pass one of the supervisors from my town, going to work in one of the towns north, with his big ol' cup of was a divided highway, but we kinda got in the habit of raising our drinks to each other, me, my can of Coke, him, his huge coffee! haha!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, January 04, 2008

January 4, already!!!

Holy Mother-of-God, it's January 4th already!! Heheheh...
After that 'light dusting' of snow I woke up to Jan 1st, we got more the last few days, and now have about 4 inches on the ground! Woohoo!! Tif came over yesterday around noon, and was getting all bundled up in all the warm stuff we have here at my house, sweatshirts, extra socks, etc....and she and Aunt Kat & the 6-year old twins went sledding!! How cool!! (no...cold!). Tif came back here a few hours later, and took off the big old snow pants and the extra 4 pair of socks and all, and said they had fun!
I went in to bed after I ate tonight, just to lie down under the covers to get warm and watch the Iowa caucus coverage, and I fell asleep immediately!! Woke up at midnight, and saw that I had missed all the minute-by-minute crap, and all of a sudden, found out that Huckabee had won the Iowa race *big*, and Obama for the Democrats! Those had been the ones I had kinda thought were going to, but the big thing is that Hillary got her ass handed to her on a platter! Hahaha! Not only was she not number one choice, she came in third! after John Edwards! Whom I dislike almost as much as Hillary. I'd be very worried for our country if either of those two EVER make it as far as the general election!! Barack Obama, well, I'd really rather not see him as president, but, he's much better than either Hillary or John Edwards! Both of them just come across to me as a couple of pissed off people...John Edwards is an angry little man, who is trying to get the people pissed off...I just don't know why everybody is trying to get people pissed off at business owners. Who the f*** does everyone think provides jobs for them to work at?? And, by the way, the money for the employees?? If John Edwards sues the shit out of every business he can, are the employees of that business any better off because the company has to close? No, they're out of jobs and income, and how is that going to make people feel better about themselves? You can equate it to killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, if you will. Obama actually has a much better message for the Democrats, he talks about we need to bring America back together, we're WAY too polarized! As opposed to John Edwards, who describes "two Americas". Equating it to 'us & them'! He's SO not a politician...he's a lawyer...and don't ever forget that!
All right...enough about the Democrats...Republicans, well, I do like Huckabee, AND Romney. I also like McCain...I don't think he'll end up going all the way, but, ya know what? I'd like to see him as the Secretary of Defense, no matter who's president! Huckabee seems like a very nice, regular, good guy...they don't come along very often, especially in politicians! But I guess, as far as running the country day to day, I think Romney could do it, mostly because he's a good businessman. You gotta figure, he's run a company, ran the Olympics one year, ran a state and was re-elected by a state full of the loosest Democrats in the country. Not just elected once by them...elected twice!! If that's not someone who can bring two sides together, I don't have a clue who could.
All right...enough politics.
Has anyone ever tried that new V8, V-fusion? It's like a fruit-flavored V-8...I had some this morning & it's really good. They advertise it has the three servings of vegetables that regular V-8 has, but tastes like fruit juice. Which is why I like it...I'm scared of real V-8, it just looks gross! I bought a bottle of it last year, determined to stick it out, and drink it, but every time I opened the refrigerator & looked at it, I just wanted to retch...Tif ended up drinking it on Christmas morning...she's always liked that and tomato juice. EEeeeeeeewwwww! But I'm awful glad she does!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!! out with the old, in with the new...

Okay, who's hung over today??? HAH Nyaahh, nyahh, nyahh, nyaah!! had to be said, I'd lose my 'smartass license' if I didn't, you know that!

Now, just look at that bottom picture! Talk about an 'AWWWWW' moment!!
Not so much for the middle one...
I may not drink anymore, but I do know what always worked for my hangovers in the 80's when I had to get to work in the morning, and I lived an hour away. Chew 3 Extra-Strength Excedrins, drink a can of Coke, and eat a handful of white grapes. Bingo!! Not only is your badass headache gone, you have vitamins in your system, and you're wide awake!! That's okay, you don't need to pay me...I'm a giver.
Geez, I'm in an amazingly good mood for "international hangover day"!! Obnoxious, too...
Well, I was up all night watching the "Twilight Zone" marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel! That was FUN! All kinds of the old black and white shows, some I've seen, a bunch I haven't. As a matter of fact, I just looked, and it's on until 10 tonight! Cool!
Truman woke me up today at 9 with a "Happy New Year" lick on the nose. What a 'swe' pea' he is! There's even about an inch of snow on the ground, so the gray and brown stuff is hidden...for a week or so. Better than nothin', I guess. So that's my yearly allotment of snow enjoyment. It's now 2008, and I'm ready for spring and scooter-riding around and taking pictures now.
So, what did everyone else do last night? Something fun...and exciting, I hope. You all know I live my life vicariously through you, so you have a big responsibility!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
OH, NO....I almost forgot!!