Friday, January 04, 2008

January 4, already!!!

Holy Mother-of-God, it's January 4th already!! Heheheh...
After that 'light dusting' of snow I woke up to Jan 1st, we got more the last few days, and now have about 4 inches on the ground! Woohoo!! Tif came over yesterday around noon, and was getting all bundled up in all the warm stuff we have here at my house, sweatshirts, extra socks, etc....and she and Aunt Kat & the 6-year old twins went sledding!! How cool!! (no...cold!). Tif came back here a few hours later, and took off the big old snow pants and the extra 4 pair of socks and all, and said they had fun!
I went in to bed after I ate tonight, just to lie down under the covers to get warm and watch the Iowa caucus coverage, and I fell asleep immediately!! Woke up at midnight, and saw that I had missed all the minute-by-minute crap, and all of a sudden, found out that Huckabee had won the Iowa race *big*, and Obama for the Democrats! Those had been the ones I had kinda thought were going to, but the big thing is that Hillary got her ass handed to her on a platter! Hahaha! Not only was she not number one choice, she came in third! after John Edwards! Whom I dislike almost as much as Hillary. I'd be very worried for our country if either of those two EVER make it as far as the general election!! Barack Obama, well, I'd really rather not see him as president, but, he's much better than either Hillary or John Edwards! Both of them just come across to me as a couple of pissed off people...John Edwards is an angry little man, who is trying to get the people pissed off...I just don't know why everybody is trying to get people pissed off at business owners. Who the f*** does everyone think provides jobs for them to work at?? And, by the way, the money for the employees?? If John Edwards sues the shit out of every business he can, are the employees of that business any better off because the company has to close? No, they're out of jobs and income, and how is that going to make people feel better about themselves? You can equate it to killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, if you will. Obama actually has a much better message for the Democrats, he talks about we need to bring America back together, we're WAY too polarized! As opposed to John Edwards, who describes "two Americas". Equating it to 'us & them'! He's SO not a politician...he's a lawyer...and don't ever forget that!
All right...enough about the Democrats...Republicans, well, I do like Huckabee, AND Romney. I also like McCain...I don't think he'll end up going all the way, but, ya know what? I'd like to see him as the Secretary of Defense, no matter who's president! Huckabee seems like a very nice, regular, good guy...they don't come along very often, especially in politicians! But I guess, as far as running the country day to day, I think Romney could do it, mostly because he's a good businessman. You gotta figure, he's run a company, ran the Olympics one year, ran a state and was re-elected by a state full of the loosest Democrats in the country. Not just elected once by them...elected twice!! If that's not someone who can bring two sides together, I don't have a clue who could.
All right...enough politics.
Has anyone ever tried that new V8, V-fusion? It's like a fruit-flavored V-8...I had some this morning & it's really good. They advertise it has the three servings of vegetables that regular V-8 has, but tastes like fruit juice. Which is why I like it...I'm scared of real V-8, it just looks gross! I bought a bottle of it last year, determined to stick it out, and drink it, but every time I opened the refrigerator & looked at it, I just wanted to retch...Tif ended up drinking it on Christmas morning...she's always liked that and tomato juice. EEeeeeeeewwwww! But I'm awful glad she does!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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