Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday night!!

...Def Leppard time!! All albums & a row!!

I've seen them twice, once in 88-ish?, and once more when I was me...80's was a WHOLE lot more fun!!
The Hello Kitty rifle kinda looks like something I would've ordered, doesn't it??
Tif & her fiance (that's still tough to get used to writing!) came over last night so she could give me my ms shot (avonex once-a-week, for the ms) in my arm..she must have picked the exactly perfect place on my arm, cuz I was talking to her & R about her trip to Charles Penzone to get her nails done, and I didn't even feel the needle! Or, maybe it was because she was telling me she's thinking about going down there to get a job doing nails! She's very good at it, but they don't do them where she is, but she did train for that too! Anyway, so she started telling me about the woman who came out of one of the rooms in back...she'd been there for a "Brazilian bikini wax. OW!! That is not just a run of the mill bikini wax..this goes, like, from your pubic bone, down and back up to, like the , well, uhhh, small of your back? Holy SHIT!!! I couldn't freakin' think about doing that!!! Maybe that's why I didn't feel the shot, I was too horrified to feel it! And then R & I started thinking about 'Eeeewww, what if you have to give one?' Damn! Well, better than getting one, I guess...IMHO!
Seriously, when S came here from Australia, we were comparing pros & cons of waxing your legs. I came down on the side against it...'why do I want more pain? I get a needle in my arm once a week, that's enough!' She just laughed at me, and told me 'don't be a twit!'...then she went and got her kit out of her suitcase for waxing her legs, and pushed me over to the edge of the bed..."Sit there!". She's getting all the strips of wax ready, meanwhile, I'm sitting there, mumbling under my breath, $@#$$@#%%$^... She ducked back in the room from the bathroom..."Pardon?"..."Nothing at all, S, not important..."
She did about 6 inches down the side of my leg below the knee, and it was the most unimaginably painful thing I EVER did! Having a baby was a walk in the park compared to this!! Yeah, I whined & told her to hospitality only goes so far!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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