Wednesday, January 09, 2008

sunny...but kinda cold...

You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves, because I know all of you laughed at this!!

I LOVE this kitten!! (probably cuz it's all gray, like Truman~!). One of these days I'll get off my butt and get some more pictures of him up!
And who hasn't thought about doing this to their kid at one time or another?

Okay, I liked that green, but it's not easy to read...

Music for today...right now it's Metallica 'Enter Sandman', next it's 'Wherever I May Roam', and 'The Unforgiven', then Queensryche, 'Silent Lucidity'...yeah, like you give a rat's ass, right? lol!

Another store I worked at an hour north (in my favorite town in Ohio!), had a bunch of people I got along well with too. Didn't know them at first, but it didn't take long to become friends. It was just like a little store, and we knew that most of our customers were older people...I loved most of them! Our store was like the only one that would deliver groceries for them if they needed it. And we knew when it was 'Golden Buckeye' day, we did most of our business on Wednesday, and deliveries! One of the older men used to be a city councilman, and was looked up to by everyone there, cuz he was retired, and did all kinds of stuff he & his wife had always wanted to...not travel, but stuff like him making salsa (good stuff...he was the best!), and flying a plane...just all kinds of neat stuff he'd never had time to do before! Once, after Thanksgiving, I was walking past the breakroom, and everyone in there was laughing about something..everyone but the store manager...he'd been a total asshole since I started working there and got along with everyone & he didn't!...He had been one of my bosses here in town, and we got along here...I dunno what happened to make him a jerk! Anyway, they called me over to the breakroom, and there were about 5 of 'em sitting there. The meat manager there said, "c'mon, it's breaktime, I'm sick of turkeys. And he patted his knee and said, "You can sit here, since there's no chairs left". I started over there, cuz he was a nice old guy (actuallly, he was probly only in his 50s!..but I was only in my late 20s!)...then I looked a little closer...and saw something sticking out under his apron...I was like, "Dave!!", and everyone laughed even louder! Dave had a freakin' turkey neck sticking out under there!! And anyone who knows what a turkey neck looks like, knows exactly what that would look like sticking out close to a guy's crotch!! I was laughing so hard at it, I had to sit on the floor, so I didn't pee my pants!

That was also the store I volunteered to wear the Easter Bunny cosume, and do 'the Easter Bunny thing' at the front of the know, kids sat on my lap and got their picture taken, and a handful of Easter candy. Now THAT was a fun day!

A lot of it was fun because my mom & dad brought Tif up to the store, they said they had to get some stuff...even though it was an hour away, they almost always came to where I worked to shop at.

Now it's Ozzy Osbourne...'Crazy Train, 'I Don't Know', Goodbye To Romance' (how approriate). & 'Mr Crowley'

So when they walked in the door of the store (Tif was 9 at the time), of course she wanted to sit on the EB's lap first...and she had no clue I was going to do that! Surpeised the hell out of her while she was sitting there, and I said, "Tiffany!! How ARE you??? And what do you want in your Easter basket this year besides fruit-flavored candy????" Cuz she HATED to get chocolate candy..(yeah, she didn't take after me, that's for sure!)...anyway, I almost thought she was gonna be the first kid to pee on MY LAP!! Naahhh, she was fine when I told her it was just me!! lol!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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