Wednesday, January 23, 2008

sleeping most of the day, still...

I'm not really sure, but if I was walking down the alley at night, this cat would scare the shit out of me!! It looks like a 'cat zombie'!

This picture is titled, appropriately enough, "Forbidden Love".

Is everybody watching "The Moment Of Truth" show tonight?? I am, for sure...I hope a lot of the liars I know are watching it, too!! I'd love to be playing it, actually!
I was talking to Boo tonight, telling her about the people at my front door at 3 am the other night, then we were laughing about the fact that I said maybe they were there to burglarize the house, but, well, when I opened the door and they saw my walker, my wheelchair...they decided "Nahhh...obviously she isn't rich or anything...if we did anything, we'd have to kill her, or we'd really look bad to everyone if they ever found out that we beat her up!" :-/ Then we REALLY started, when she said maybe I should've opened the door and asked "Are you the angels of death? I've been expecting you!" Man, that probably would've freaked them out, and they'dve been gone immediately!! Damn, I love talking to her, we're obviously the same family (looks, etc), and we finish each others' sentences a lot!! But absolutely nobody in the world can make me laugh like her! I've called her crying so hard I can't breathe or talk or anything...30 seconds later, I was laughing my ass off!! We've tried to figure this out know how they're always saying 'middle children are the ones who end up with more problems growing up.'?? So, why is it that , uhhh, lemme see...Boo's the middle, & she's so normal & well adjusted (especially for a kindergarten teacher!) person with a husband & 4 kids, I've ever known! The oldest and youngest are VERY different. Then there's my family...I'm the youngest, and I won't hear anything, because you're not gonna say CRAP I haven't been accused of before! Yes, youngest+only girl = spoiled. Then there's the oldest...Psycho, as you may have seen mentioned in here last year. Then there's Bro...he's the midddle in our family, and everyone knows him! He & his wife have also been married forever, like Boo & her husband, Bro & wife also have 4 kids.There's other families I've known where the 'middle child', seems to have their shit way more together than the others! What's up with this??
I called Kroger's grocery store the other day to find out if they had anyone or knew anyone who would deliver groceries in town. The girl I talked to said they used to have a guy who did that, but he went off on his own, he was really nice, did I want his number? OMG, yes, please! Only because I'm so tired and cold lately, I want nothing to do with even taking the bus anywhere, it's all I can do to get in the shower every day, and into a different pair of sweats! I called him, and he is SO nice! He's retired, about 75, and just does this kind of stuff on like a volunteer-type basis...his wife's also like that too, she spends a lot of time sitting with chemo patients that have cancer...I feel blessed to even know good people like this! We talked on the phone for awhile, then he said for me to make a grocery list for him, and he'd come over & meet me & get the list Tuesday around 11 am! So, I did, he came over the next day, we met & talked, he went over the list & kinda verified everything, then I gave him my debit cd (not the PIN #!), and that worked cuz I know some people that work there, they ALL know him, so he could just put it on as a credit! He even called me on his cell twice from there to tell me he was looking at this, but this brand was cheaper...which would I want?? Do you believe how wonderful this guy is?? And he brought it here & in the house, and even helped me put stuff away, then, all he wanted was $10.00! He said if gas was any cheaper, he'd just do it for free! He actually does this for people at retirement homes around town, etc! I would SO do this if I had a driver's license!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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