Sunday, January 20, 2008


None of these pictures need any captions, that's for sure!
I've been awake off and on this weekend...I really think it was my shot that just about did me in Friday night.And that's not a way out there play on words, either. No details here, but...just praying to be 'smited', that's all. But after 15 hours of sleep til 4 pm yesterday, I'm ok.
Then, last night, I was awake off and on, reading, when all of sudden, someone's knocking on the front door!! At 3 am!! I came out and asked who it was, cuz there's always accidents happening at the intersection here. A woman answered some stupid name or something, and I opened the inside door to see if she wanted me to call the cops for something. There were two women standing there, about maybe in their 30's, and one was white, one black...the white lady asked for April, and I just looked at her "Who is April??" She looked at me and said "Doesn't she live here??" I said no...then, get this...she asked me if she could come in and use the bathroom!!!! I said, no, sorry, and they walked down the porch steps. WTF?????????? Gaaahhh...for all I know, they were gonna kill me or something, but decided not to cuz I was using a walker & had my wheelchair in the room! Hmmm...maybe they were sent to smite me! I don't live in a 'ghetto' part of town or anything! Weird!
I was thinking about this neighbohood after that last night, and I thought about stuff that's happened over the last, well, since August 1990 when we bought the house. There were our first neighbors next door that were kinda weird, 3 little girls, a mom and a dad. They changed religions, well, religiously! One month it was Methodist, a couple Catholic, Presbyterian, many others I don't even know. One Halloween, their mom wouldn't even let them stay in the house with the blinds down...she took them out to the car with their eyes covered, practically, and went somewhere! 'Course, that was in the middle of the years we were doing the "Haunted Porch", so, maybe that had something to do with WAS loud then, what with all the screming of the kids, whose moms & dads were standing on the sidewalk, saying..."go ON...we'll be right here!!" Keep in mind, we were 5 adults dressed like monsters and witches, and everything.
What would you have felt like if your parents were pushing you up the steps to that?? Kinda like they were dropping you off at the Hansel & Gretel's witch's house? Or maybe the Wicked Witch of the East?
Or there was one of the first summers we were here, one of the cars coming down the street was speeding (like usual) in the day, and Tif & the little boy across the street were out on the sidewalk talking (they were 7), & all of a sudden he ran across the street to his house, and that car hit him so hard, he flew about 50 feet down to the corner! It was awful, but he ended up being ok, just bumps & bruises, no broken bones! He was the luckiest boy in the world that day!
Or when Tif & the girl next door were friends (8-ish), and they were playing outside & yelling & stuff...I looked out, and they had sticks sticking up from the ground in our 2 yards from here to the corner, and they were all proud of themselves, "Look, Mommy!! We planted trees!!" LMAO!!! (but then, I wasn't the one who mowed the lawn...)
Or the time she was about 14 and her best friend stayed overnight, and they were in the living room looking out the front window (it was about 12 or 1), spying on the people across the street who were on their porch having a party, and getting drunk, and started fighting with each other, throwing lawn chairs at each other. I listened to them (Tif & Tara) laughing like idiots at them, then walked into the living room (the light switch is on the wall right at the door), flipped the switch, and said "Hey guys, what's up out there?? To the people across the street, it probably looked like they were on tv!!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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