Friday, January 18, 2008


Terrorist in store!

Disturbing ride, huh? My kid wouldn't be riding it, I know that!!

And this cat is doing exactly what I've been doing for the last, oh well, SINCE IT'S GOTTEN COLD OUT!!! grrrrrrr!!!

I'm seriously starting to wonder if I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder!)! Now I'm sleeping about 18-20 hours a day! When I'm not sleeping, well, I'm thinking about it..A few weeks ago, I couldn't get to I can't stay AWAKE!! When me and my friends were in our early 20's, I got maybe 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, because of my working an hour away from home...and, trust me, in the winter it was an hour and a half drive up there!! Cuz in the winter, I'd call the Ohio State Police and ask how 23N was, and, invariably, they'd say "Snow covered and slippery". After the first time I called and got that answer, I put Tif in the car and drove out to 23, and it honestly was not bad at all! So we went back to the apartment, and I got ready for work, and got her dressed for the babysitter's (who only lived a few blocks down the street here in town), and dropped her off there! So I'd get up to work (which was actually closer to Mich than home!), but that was almost always fun!

We all used to say "Heck, no! I'm not tired! I'll sleep when I'm dead!" Didn't EVERYONE at that age say that?? Well, if that's the way it is...put me in a damn box right now. Better yet...cremate least I'd be warm!

Actually, Joe & I were just talking the other night about that a long time ago, they used to attach a bell somewhere above the ground when they buried you, and they'd run a string through a hole in the coffin, just in case you were still alive when you were dead. And I made him promise to bury a cell phone with me. He said, o-kay, but, I bet the reception will be shitty down there....

Okay...I just read back over what I wrote about only sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night cuz I worked so far from home...but, no, honestly, that's not the only reason. I partied, but you all know that. But also, when I was home in the evenings, I'd put Tif to bed around 8:30, and I'd go crawl in my bed, and have a huge Stephen King book, or any other huge book with me, almost always a scary or ghost story-type book! I remember taking Tif downtown with me to the used book store (Brad''s's still there!), and we both used to sit there and pick out the best books! Yeah, that was way before they started doing all this scary talk about all the germs you'd get from stuff like that.....pee-shaww! So I might've been broke, but, Tif always had fun with me, and I always read to her before she went to bed.

About the only time I remember her not having fun with me was when we were at the mall, & she wanted to go to the toy store...we were in a hurry (well, I was in a hurry!), and when I said no, she threw herself on the floor, kicking, screaming, crying. So I laid down right next to her & did the same shit, just not quite as loud. She was about 2 or 3, and she hurriedly stood right up and started pulling my arm..."Mommy, Mommy, come ON!!" HAHA! She remembers that to this day!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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