Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I guess it's Wednesday already!!

Wouldn't you LOVE to know how old he is today??

This cat is FAR braver than I would ever be!!
Can ya tell, I totally LOVE cats? I like them much better than dogs. Not saying I don't like's just that compared to cats, well, they're so needy! Truman is the perfect balance between a cat & dog. He has none of the "needy", but he's 'social', he doesn't hide under the bed from someone that comes to the door, he comes out to see them, and then just lies on the floor watching them!!
Was thinking today about Tif & R's new house...It's on a street named after a melon, in a great part of town, & I just remembered the time I had to come up with a huge display for the front of the store. Which is usually the most important display area. It was one of the smaller stores up north I was at, I remember the fierce 'confrontation' I had with the store manager about what I wanted to put there. I was getting one of the local farmers to deliver me 200 Pandora melons, from the town they're grown in, about 20 miles north of there. They're awesome! They're basically a cantaloupe, but it's about the size of your head!! So, of course, I got my way, and put a big bin of those up front, with cases of beer all around it, and a sign that said something about..."where the beer & cantaloupe play...".And it sold like crazy, I might admit! Ha! I showed him! ;-D
I was just watching 'Seinfeld' and it was the one where they were each volunteering to work with old men & women. I love the one Jerry was with! He was SO crotchety!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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