Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday night...weekends are getting bigger & better!!

Happy Sunday night, everyone!! BIG news flash!!

I'm 93 lbs today!! Karen Carpenter shit gonna happen here!! Ok, ok, 3 lbs in two weeks isn't a miracle, but I didn't mention last week that I lost a, I guess that means I gained four pounds in two weeks, right? Yes, I AM drinking beer (for the grains and nutritional shit in it!~!).
All right...thinking back on the weekend...I'm far too old to have this much fun...far too old! This weekend was Tom's boy's 8th birthday party...only 3 kids rspv'd, but we had a houseful of kids and their parents! It was a great time Saturday night, Tom dragged a haywagon behind his car/truck thing, and gave all the kids a hayride after it got dark, later on, one of the moms drove the car, and Tom & I got to ride with the kids (down the road to the cemetary, for God's sake!), and, no don't even let me hear you think 'oh, a quick roll in the hay, huh?' Before that, all the kids had a blast in the back yard, the train was running (it's electric...has a third rail and all that...which I guess is kinda funny if it's on & it's raining out and Luke the dog forgets where it is...!). So, the train tracks are all over the backyard, curvy & everything, has a couple of crosswalks, even though it's all in the grass, he has a couple places there's wood laid down for people to cross the tracks, and when the train is coming up on them, the lights and "ding-ding-ding" starts going off! And there's a big 'pirate ship' with skull & crossbones flag up on top on the other side of the yard. A good time was had by all last night.
Then today, his boy was digging thru all the presents, and we helped ( it wasn't as much if not more fun for us)...we get his 3 nerf guns put together, and it was backyard time again! You have absolutely NO idea how hard those things are, til you get shot point-blank in the back of the head with the other adult, who just got done stressing how important it was to be careful not to hit anybody in the head!...I dared him to go ahead and pee outside again while I had my gun in my hand!
Sigh...these are the days, not those, ya know? All a matter of timing & smart enough to recognize them...
I just did the stupid thing of turning on the news and just heard them mention the economy & the S & E commission...FUCK this! I liked my weekend without news.
Tif turns 25 Thurs!! Wee-Haawww!! Happy birthday, darlin' baby girl!! That's exciting to me! I asked her what she wants tonight when I called her, and she said she hasn't even had time to think about it, but, if I insisted, gift cards from here and there and everywhere...and cash is always welcome...guess what she's getting from me...
I think either next weekend or the one after it's gonna be the "Rogues Hollow reunion weekend"! ...keep watching!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday night...whatta weekend...(sigh).

...what a just have no idea what it's gonna be like when your only daughter (24 years old!) is getting married in 6 weeks! Just a word of advice...don't listen to this right after her bridal shower! For God's sake, I should have known better!!! I used to bawl when I heard that song in the 80's...but that was very different...I had a 2 year old darling baby girl, and was usually driving home after work & partying at bars up where I worked, an hour north of home...if you're by yourself, locked up in a little car, and it's about 3:15 am, who gives a shit if you cry over a sad song on the radio?? It's almost expected if you're a 21 year old woman!! Shit! But, my God!! I am WAY too old for this shit!! At least I'm the only one here now (except for Truman...and if that little bastard thinks HE'S ever going to run off and get married...we'll have words! naaaaahhhhh...he knows better...he's neutered!).
Okay...I'm better now. The bridal shower today was the best! Lots of people came, she had more presents than I think I've EVER seen! Geez...but, you know what? I think she needed everything she got, since their house is new (for them). We all got a huge laugh, cuz she got EVERYTHING for their kitchen. After a while, she said, "Mom, it looks like they all expect me to be a cook!!" Well, she ought to know HOW! Her junior and senior years in high school were at the vocational school, in culinary arts! And she was the sixth place in the state at cakes (making & decorating..I just was the tester...her red velvet cake was what won the prize!). After she graduated, we went to a meeting about college at The Pennsylvania Culinary Academy. On the way home, she said, "Mom, I don't wanna cook anymore, okay?" Grrrrrrr! Oh well, I hadn't given a deposit or anything, we just chalked it up to narrowing down what to do, and it was fine. A couple weeks later, she decided to go to the State Beauty Academy to be a beautician, and that was great! A couple months after she started there, someone called her from the Barbizon School of Modeling, and they have some of their people (so they say), "scouting" for promising-looking model-types! So we went to an audition of about 2 or 3 hundred people from all over OH. They called her the next day, and wanted her to go...drawback--it was gonna be like $2,000 for tuition to go to school there for a year...bullshit!! She didn't NEED to go to school to learn how to have the Paris Hilton attitude!! Especially to pay THEM to teach it to her~! Sheesh! She could teach THEM!!
So she did hair, manicures, pedicures, etc, and likes it. But, also, had worked in a car dealership and LOVED office work! So, at least she's done all kinds of stuff to find out what fit her best! And I LOVE that!

On a side note....when a guy tells you he has his whole house wired with security cameras that record everythihng on a hard-drive when nobody's home...maybe you oughtta believe him, and not be such a skeptic!! Holy mother-of-God!! You know, it's kind of embarrassing to be sitting in the living room on the first floor, enjoying the steak & baked potato that your boyfriend made for ya for dinner with him & his son...and hear from upstairs "I SAW that!!" when all I did was drop a bite of steak on the floor for Luke! Well, turns out that he was up there putting his boy to bed, and turning off the cameras, and I showed up REAL CLEAR! Arrrrgggghhhh!!

And on that note, everyone....have a great week! I see the new neurologist tomorrow morning...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

90 lbs as of sunday, sept 14!!

...and, yeah, that IS a big deal for means I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks!! And I'm always eating now!!

Okay, I'm not going to be all about news now, even though, yeah, I AM a news whore...simply this is all I can echo...

Today was kinda neat, kinda "bittersweet", if I may be a bit melodramatic here. Tom & I went to his dad's house today, and he was putting something on the back of his car, and I was sitting there watching him (tried to help, but he said no...), and looking at the backyard, and I said "You realize, don't you, that I spent most of the summer when I was 20, laying out in this yard, trying to get a tan, with you?" (his dad still lives there, in the same house, and I still think he's the best...probably cuz he was never my dentist, most everybody else's in town, though!) He said of course he I remember that he had a motorcycle, and he taught me how to ride, and we went riding down that street, acting like absolute idiots? OMG...yeah...detours in life, and all...they're there for a reason, even though we don't know why...

Oh, I almost forgot this! It's also one of J Geils best!!

Okay, an explanation...the toilet at the top was made in town in 1923...that's unbelievable!! Now, talk about antiques!!

And, unfortunately, I DO have some politics/economy I have to get off my chest...#1--why does ANYBODY think it's a good idea to raise taxes on ANYBODY right now?? They may SAY it's only on the's kinda like "trickle-down economics" in reverse. First of all, it's gonna be on businesses. Who exactly do you think the taxes are going to be paid by? Maybe, ummmmm, the consumers, in higher prices?? Holy crap! You do NOT think the business is going to eat that cost, do you?? Actually, "businesses" don't pay for anything. They're not a living, breathing entity on their own! Any more than "the government" is! Some people just say "Well, the government is paying for it!" Ahem.....let me enlighten you. The money "the government" is paying out is OUR TAXES!! The more they spend at the top, the more we at the 'bottom' pay in taxes, to feed it!! And I beg to differ with the idea that we should make up for DUMBASSES mistakes with OUR taxes!!
All right...done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, September 15, 2008

monday stuff...

Songs of the day...
Whitesnake - Slow An' Easy...also, gotta laugh at the fact that two of the songs on this album are "Slide It In" and "Spit It Out"..whatta crackup! I did see them in the 80's...I think...yeah, I did...David Coverdale...mmmmm...anyone see a recurring theme here? (long hair..)]
Wallflowers - One Headlight
Third Eye Blind - Jumper
Loverboy - Notorious, Lovin' Every Minute Of It, This Could Be The Night
Matchbox 20 - Long Day
Melissa Etheridge - Similar Features, Chrome Plated Heart
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Janet Jackson - (yeah you read that right!) - Escapade, Black Cat
J Geils - Do You Remember When, River Blindness, Angel In Blue

Meanwhile...I sit here reading about the DJIA dropping 500+ points today...
About time the government said "NO" when someone asks for a bailout (which really is a handout for mismanagement!!). Yeah, I'm sorry for the employees (there but for the grace of God...), but this shit HAD to stop someplace!!
In other news...Pink Floyd member Richard Wright dies at age 65
...that really is too bad...Most of us don't know who he is, but, he will be missed by a lot of PF fans.
Okay, I guess I'm done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
~oh, I forgot the most important J Geils song..."Love Stinks"....~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

...another weekend in the, not of 'debauchery', just FUN, remember?

25 cents to get in...ten dollars to get the hell out!!

..."Oh, for the love of poodles!"...(new expression picked up from a kids show on PBS!)...Does anybody love seeing the Steelers open a can of whup-ass on the Browns as much as I do on Sunday night?? Troy P%#$#-whatever-his-name-is just intercepted a pass on the 2-yard line to 'thwart' a Browns touchdown!! (besides that, he has great hair!). WOOHOO!!

More coincidences...every single time I'm in the car with Tom, there's a Steely Dan song on the radio at some time...tonight it was "FM"...God, how old does that make me feel?

Actually, his 7 y.o. son told me Friday that he likes me cuz I'm "young and hip", honestly! (This while his dad was out of the car, getting us all ice cream cones before we went to the park!!) I said "Are you saying he's 'old and crusty'? lolololol! Then he said "How old are you, anyway?". I just looked at him and said "25"...he nodded solemnly and said "Works for me!". Holy mother of God, now what have I done????? Actually, I'm within 6 years of Tom's age (younger, not older!! I might talk a good game, but...)....well, if he believes me, who am I to burst his bubble?

Anyway...more songs...

Rickie Lee Jones -- Chuck E's In Love

L A Guns -- Sex Action & Show No Mercy

Rush -- Tom Sawyer

Ted Nugent -- Spit It Out & Scream Dream

George Michael -- Faith & Careless Whisper

Eagles -- Sad Cafe & Those Shoes

Well, other than that, I've actually done a lot of running around and taking care of shit that I had to do. You know, neurologist appointments, etc. Then Tom's dad pointed out that there's a new neurologist in town, and handed me a pamphlet he had from the hospital, & I should see her, I other one specializes in sleep disorders, and she does stuff that includes ms...she's from Ukraine (which I heard a smartass muttering about in the background from Tom while I was talking with his dad...), but...whatever, I'll make an appt. I'm not looking for a f*ng cure, but, on this shit-ass hand I was dealt...the more, the merrier? Whatever...on to a new week...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

...lovin' every minute of it..

Oh, wow, no, that's
NOT very nice at all, is it???..."polite & soft-spoken"?? Sheesh...
<--- This is our current economy...
I'm not doing much of anything this week, just...well, and there's...ummmm...lemme think...well, and there's....uhhhh...okay! I haven't done shit this week, and it feels good!! I've decided to embrace my God-given slothfulness...for a while, anyway...
Oh!! I DID unload & reload the dishwasher yesterday...(big deal...usually I use plastic stuff, anyway...). Oh, I DID clean Truman's cat box today...woopee...
Actually, what I've been doing a lot of is going through my few leftover memory cells that refused to die in the 80's, and remembering some of the music & groups I liked. And luckily, most of the songs I like are here in my Windows media center music. I know I have, like, 7,000 songs on here, and I don't listen to them enough!
Steely Dan..."Hey Nineteen" and "Babylon Sisters"?
Crosby, Stills, & Nash..."Southern Cross"
Murray Head..."One Night in Bangkok"
Right Said Fred..."I'm Too Sexy"
Night Ranger..."When You Close Your Eyes"
Queensryche..."Silent Lucidity"
Aldo Nova..."Fantasy"
Skid Row..."18 and Likin' It" of the best...memories of North
...and it goes on and on...
Today, I made it a point to get to the Jer-Zee on my scooter for a strawberry milkshake & a couple of shredded chicken 'sammidges' before they close for the year! Mmmmmmmm...I'm gonna miss them all winter!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, September 08, 2008

permanent vacation..., I know, it's matter what it feels like...I'm just enjoying the ride, remember? Kinda like "I'm only here for the beer", I'm not that crass and unfeeling! Come on!

But seriously...are we the only state that has 'Oktoberfests' in the first freakin' week of September?? Yup...we ARE a state of morons!!

These pix are from the Waterfire next to the Oktoberfest in Columbus this weekend...we also were at the Popcorn Festival here in town a lot..especially Saturday night, because...Molly Hatchet was playing!! I went to the Flirting with Disaster concert in the early 80's...they looked better then...'course I'm sure I did, too...gaaahhh..youth is wasted on the young, dontcha know?

Tom shot a raccoon on his front porch at 5:30 am Sunday...I was asleep and didn't even hear him shoot it...I'm a very sound I was 3 rooms away, in the back of the house (my room!). I guess that's another of the joys of country living, besides being able to pee outside if that's where you are and you feel like it...if you're a guy, anyway!

I really am gonna get the weight back...I didn't do much of anything except eat this weekend, then on the way back to town last night, made Tom stop so I could get a big mac (them too~!!), and I crawled in bed last night with a bunch of good old long-lost friends...a BIG box of donut holes!!

This is what I envision when I think of Molly Hatchet! Now THAT was good times!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

great weekend!!

Well, seriously, it was a blast at the 25th reunion Saturday night!! Nope, I didn't hang out with most of the people in school, but...who gave a shit at this point? It was great to see all of them again, and catch up with what they're doing least 150 people made it there!!
That picture at the top is our group that went from kindergarten through fifth grade together at the same elementary school...half a block from where I live now! Pisses
me off, though..everybody else gained weight...I freakin' lost it! Tom said I better start eating twice as much as I do now, cuz I look like Karen Carpenter...grrrrr! I'm trying, dammit!! No, it really was a good of the girls in the picture is a microbiologist in California, one of the guys is now a documentary filmmaker in Chicago for National Geographic, one is a corporate lawyer, also in Chicago, and the list goes on...but I'm still here...half a block from the school (sigh). Oh well...somebody has to keep an eye on this town, or it would fade away and disappear!! And, well, Nancy was going to deliver the line about the 10th grade dance, but, nooooooo. She didn't have a freakin chance to...because Tom caught that in my blog before we left!! Dammit! Oh well, it would've been a good idea...and, you know what?? As we were getting ready to leave around 1, we ran into a girl wearing the same exact shirt I was! We got a good laugh out of that, cuz we always used to trade clothes in school, ya know? Then, on the way out the door, I looked at Tom & told him I'm glad we're going, it would just shame Lisa and me if everybody saw us wearing the same outfit!! How! Remember when we were young, we always thought it was neat to wear the same outfit as your best friend to school? Or, well, maybe that was just our thing. Also on the way to the door, a guy walked by that I had a HUGE crush on in high school, but we'd never even talked, but he turned around and walked to the door with me, and was talking with me the whole time...weird, but neat! Hell, I never even would've thought he knew my name (we didn't exactly hang in the same social hierarchy!). And while we were still in sitting around a table, one of my friends and I were talking and I happened to look over at her husband and Tom...they were having what looked to be a deep conversation...I said "Ann, I think there's a love connection being made over there, ya know?" lol! It DID look like that! But, actually, they'd both been dj's at some of the same radio stations over the years, so they were talking about some of the guys they used to work with (gossiping, in other words!). It turns out that Tom knew almost as many people there as I did! Geez! Toldja he knows everybody! We even went somewhere today...and went past a garbage truck, and he leaned out and said hi to the guy hanging on the back, cuz he knew him! Sheesh! If we tried, we could own this town!!
But, yeah, we went to cookouts over the weekend, ate ice cream, all the obligatory 'holiday stuff'. Then, as you can see, we went wandering in cemetaries, and taking pictures of gravestones...yeah, I know...but we like doing this stuff. Then we went back to his house, and he's repairing some of the antique clocks for that lady's store. He's amazing when it comes to old and antique clocks, he knows all about them...I'm learning what a regulator clock is, a winchester clock, a Jungen (sp?)...he collects clocks and has about 50 (including a lot of cuckoo clocks, all set like a couple minutes apart!) all over his house!
That gravestone up there is the one Tom pointed out and said "Look..there's the grim reaper..."
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!