Tuesday, September 02, 2008

great weekend!!

Well, seriously, it was a blast at the 25th reunion Saturday night!! Nope, I didn't hang out with most of the people in school, but...who gave a shit at this point? It was great to see all of them again, and catch up with what they're doing now...at least 150 people made it there!!
That picture at the top is our group that went from kindergarten through fifth grade together at the same elementary school...half a block from where I live now! Pisses
me off, though..everybody else gained weight...I freakin' lost it! Tom said I better start eating twice as much as I do now, cuz I look like Karen Carpenter...grrrrr! I'm trying, dammit!! No, it really was a good time...one of the girls in the picture is a microbiologist in California, one of the guys is now a documentary filmmaker in Chicago for National Geographic, one is a corporate lawyer, also in Chicago, and the list goes on...but I'm still here...half a block from the school (sigh). Oh well...somebody has to keep an eye on this town, or it would fade away and disappear!! And, well, Nancy was going to deliver the line about the 10th grade dance, but, nooooooo. She didn't have a freakin chance to...because Tom caught that in my blog before we left!! Dammit! Oh well, it would've been a good idea...and, you know what?? As we were getting ready to leave around 1, we ran into a girl wearing the same exact shirt I was! We got a good laugh out of that, cuz we always used to trade clothes in school, ya know? Then, on the way out the door, I looked at Tom & told him I'm glad we're going, it would just shame Lisa and me if everybody saw us wearing the same outfit!! How humiliating...lol! Remember when we were young, we always thought it was neat to wear the same outfit as your best friend to school? Or, well, maybe that was just our thing. Also on the way to the door, a guy walked by that I had a HUGE crush on in high school, but we'd never even talked, but he turned around and walked to the door with me, and was talking with me the whole time...weird, but neat! Hell, I never even would've thought he knew my name (we didn't exactly hang in the same social hierarchy!). And while we were still in sitting around a table, one of my friends and I were talking and I happened to look over at her husband and Tom...they were having what looked to be a deep conversation...I said "Ann, I think there's a love connection being made over there, ya know?" lol! It DID look like that! But, actually, they'd both been dj's at some of the same radio stations over the years, so they were talking about some of the guys they used to work with (gossiping, in other words!). It turns out that Tom knew almost as many people there as I did! Geez! Toldja he knows everybody! We even went somewhere today...and went past a garbage truck, and he leaned out and said hi to the guy hanging on the back, cuz he knew him! Sheesh! If we tried, we could own this town!!
But, yeah, we went to cookouts over the weekend, ate ice cream, all the obligatory 'holiday stuff'. Then, as you can see, we went wandering in cemetaries, and taking pictures of gravestones...yeah, I know...but we like doing this stuff. Then we went back to his house, and he's repairing some of the antique clocks for that lady's store. He's amazing when it comes to old and antique clocks, he knows all about them...I'm learning what a regulator clock is, a winchester clock, a Jungen (sp?)...he collects clocks and has about 50 (including a lot of cuckoo clocks, all set like a couple minutes apart!) all over his house!
That gravestone up there is the one Tom pointed out and said "Look..there's the grim reaper..."
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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