Sunday, September 14, 2008

...another weekend in the, not of 'debauchery', just FUN, remember?

25 cents to get in...ten dollars to get the hell out!!

..."Oh, for the love of poodles!"...(new expression picked up from a kids show on PBS!)...Does anybody love seeing the Steelers open a can of whup-ass on the Browns as much as I do on Sunday night?? Troy P%#$#-whatever-his-name-is just intercepted a pass on the 2-yard line to 'thwart' a Browns touchdown!! (besides that, he has great hair!). WOOHOO!!

More coincidences...every single time I'm in the car with Tom, there's a Steely Dan song on the radio at some time...tonight it was "FM"...God, how old does that make me feel?

Actually, his 7 y.o. son told me Friday that he likes me cuz I'm "young and hip", honestly! (This while his dad was out of the car, getting us all ice cream cones before we went to the park!!) I said "Are you saying he's 'old and crusty'? lolololol! Then he said "How old are you, anyway?". I just looked at him and said "25"...he nodded solemnly and said "Works for me!". Holy mother of God, now what have I done????? Actually, I'm within 6 years of Tom's age (younger, not older!! I might talk a good game, but...)....well, if he believes me, who am I to burst his bubble?

Anyway...more songs...

Rickie Lee Jones -- Chuck E's In Love

L A Guns -- Sex Action & Show No Mercy

Rush -- Tom Sawyer

Ted Nugent -- Spit It Out & Scream Dream

George Michael -- Faith & Careless Whisper

Eagles -- Sad Cafe & Those Shoes

Well, other than that, I've actually done a lot of running around and taking care of shit that I had to do. You know, neurologist appointments, etc. Then Tom's dad pointed out that there's a new neurologist in town, and handed me a pamphlet he had from the hospital, & I should see her, I other one specializes in sleep disorders, and she does stuff that includes ms...she's from Ukraine (which I heard a smartass muttering about in the background from Tom while I was talking with his dad...), but...whatever, I'll make an appt. I'm not looking for a f*ng cure, but, on this shit-ass hand I was dealt...the more, the merrier? Whatever...on to a new week...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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