Monday, September 08, 2008

permanent vacation..., I know, it's matter what it feels like...I'm just enjoying the ride, remember? Kinda like "I'm only here for the beer", I'm not that crass and unfeeling! Come on!

But seriously...are we the only state that has 'Oktoberfests' in the first freakin' week of September?? Yup...we ARE a state of morons!!

These pix are from the Waterfire next to the Oktoberfest in Columbus this weekend...we also were at the Popcorn Festival here in town a lot..especially Saturday night, because...Molly Hatchet was playing!! I went to the Flirting with Disaster concert in the early 80's...they looked better then...'course I'm sure I did, too...gaaahhh..youth is wasted on the young, dontcha know?

Tom shot a raccoon on his front porch at 5:30 am Sunday...I was asleep and didn't even hear him shoot it...I'm a very sound I was 3 rooms away, in the back of the house (my room!). I guess that's another of the joys of country living, besides being able to pee outside if that's where you are and you feel like it...if you're a guy, anyway!

I really am gonna get the weight back...I didn't do much of anything except eat this weekend, then on the way back to town last night, made Tom stop so I could get a big mac (them too~!!), and I crawled in bed last night with a bunch of good old long-lost friends...a BIG box of donut holes!!

This is what I envision when I think of Molly Hatchet! Now THAT was good times!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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