Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday night...weekends are getting bigger & better!!

Happy Sunday night, everyone!! BIG news flash!!

I'm 93 lbs today!! Karen Carpenter shit gonna happen here!! Ok, ok, 3 lbs in two weeks isn't a miracle, but I didn't mention last week that I lost a, I guess that means I gained four pounds in two weeks, right? Yes, I AM drinking beer (for the grains and nutritional shit in it!~!).
All right...thinking back on the weekend...I'm far too old to have this much fun...far too old! This weekend was Tom's boy's 8th birthday party...only 3 kids rspv'd, but we had a houseful of kids and their parents! It was a great time Saturday night, Tom dragged a haywagon behind his car/truck thing, and gave all the kids a hayride after it got dark, later on, one of the moms drove the car, and Tom & I got to ride with the kids (down the road to the cemetary, for God's sake!), and, no don't even let me hear you think 'oh, a quick roll in the hay, huh?' Before that, all the kids had a blast in the back yard, the train was running (it's electric...has a third rail and all that...which I guess is kinda funny if it's on & it's raining out and Luke the dog forgets where it is...!). So, the train tracks are all over the backyard, curvy & everything, has a couple of crosswalks, even though it's all in the grass, he has a couple places there's wood laid down for people to cross the tracks, and when the train is coming up on them, the lights and "ding-ding-ding" starts going off! And there's a big 'pirate ship' with skull & crossbones flag up on top on the other side of the yard. A good time was had by all last night.
Then today, his boy was digging thru all the presents, and we helped ( it wasn't as much if not more fun for us)...we get his 3 nerf guns put together, and it was backyard time again! You have absolutely NO idea how hard those things are, til you get shot point-blank in the back of the head with the other adult, who just got done stressing how important it was to be careful not to hit anybody in the head!...I dared him to go ahead and pee outside again while I had my gun in my hand!
Sigh...these are the days, not those, ya know? All a matter of timing & smart enough to recognize them...
I just did the stupid thing of turning on the news and just heard them mention the economy & the S & E commission...FUCK this! I liked my weekend without news.
Tif turns 25 Thurs!! Wee-Haawww!! Happy birthday, darlin' baby girl!! That's exciting to me! I asked her what she wants tonight when I called her, and she said she hasn't even had time to think about it, but, if I insisted, gift cards from here and there and everywhere...and cash is always welcome...guess what she's getting from me...
I think either next weekend or the one after it's gonna be the "Rogues Hollow reunion weekend"! ...keep watching!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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