Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 27

Cheating relly sucks, when it's thrown in your face, doesn't it??

...proof of global warming...

Okay, is everyone recovered from Christmas? I was a better one than I'd expected. Actually, today was the end of mine, cuz Bro came over while he was on the way to the hospital to see one of the guys that works for him. That guy has been Bro's friend forever. Actually, his wife was Tif's very first babysitter when she was only 2 mnths old! I'll always remember her, cuz one time when I went to her house to pick Tif up, J was in the rocking chair, rocking Tif. I said 'What's the matter? Is my baby crabby??'. J just smiled up at me, and 'shushed' me, and whispered "No, she's sweet...I just woke her up so I could rock her back to sleep." tell me...was that not an "awwww" moment, or what???

So I was sleeping, well, lazing on & off all morning today, and Bro called & said he was gonna stop by for a while. So, yes, I did drag my lazy ass outta bed (it WAS noon, after all!), and I was out here when he got here! He was bringing my presents over from his house, cuz we forgot them. One of mine is a super-cool hand held toy called 20 Q. I love it! I've been sitting here playing it all day!! It's like a thing that asks you 20 questions while you're trying to 'stump' it...and this damn thing wins so much it's almost spooky!!

And he & his family gave me a gift cert for ebay that'll definitely last all year! I just totally love them, did I ever say that? Everybody must, he's got so many friends that were his friends in high school even! Even out in Scottsdale when he called on my b'day (& his anniversary), he was out riding dirt bikes with one of his friends that lives here and out there! And it's someone he graduated with too! much for all the screaming of the parents about the world going to hell in a handbasket because of 'rock & roll'! Yeah, I guess he was kinda a 'hippie' cuz he always kept his hair longer than Mom & Dad wanted...but "tough cookies", which Bro always said when I was around...I was sure even then that it was a euphemism...
And someone else gave me a carton of cigarettes. Which is nice...(not thinking about quitting right at the moment...I wish I was,'s sucky enough now, so why aggravate it??) ...I just looked up after I opened it, and said "He's trying to kill me, isn't he?". Nahhh, I don't think so. I actually got a gift card to Certified from a friend who knows just how much I go there and 'candy shop'!
And, now I've got a real 'grand-dog'! She's 7 weeks old today, and she's teeny! And clumsy! She tries to run across the floor, and trips over her feet, and does somersaults! She's half Jack Russell, and half some other little dog......I'll put pictures on in the next day or so! Tif named her 'Lily' fits her perfectly!
And Santa loaded me up with Twizzlers (a HUGE box of 'em!!), and hot chocolate flavored Hershey kisses!
I got Tif the pink tool set she's wanted for years...she sat here holding it, and said, "Now I wanna go fix something!" lol!
So, what did everyone else get?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

no name....

I swear if I ever see this look on Truman's face, I'll know it's my last 30 seconds on earth, cuz the scary guy behind me with my ginsu knife is gonna filet my throat! I'm not even going to have time to tell him to do it in the bathtub so he doesn't get blood all over the carpet! sheesh!

And, hey, correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks an awful lot like JimmyB's (conservative uaw guy) dog...hmmmmm...wonder what he's having for Christmas dinner?
And this one, well, I'm not even worthy of putting words together to make a caption...

Well, this Christmas season is now looking up. *teehee*.
It's all because I had a Festivus miracle tonight!! You know a big part of the Festivus celebration is 'the airing of the grievances' of the year, right? Well, all kinds of 'em got aired tonight during wrapping of Tif's gifts (tifs gifs...haha)...but, it's gonna be a long year til next Festivus...'nuff said...
So...I'm totally done with getting everything ready and organized, as far as who's going where, and when...
The Midget football cheerleaders came over this afternoon, and they each gave me a little poinsettia, which was so sweet! I felt bad cuz I didn't have anything for them. Then they were out in the kitchen looking out the back window at something, and coming back in, I heard Aub open the I yelled, "You can eat everything in there except my peppermint stick ice cream!" All I heard was giggles...
They did come in here & say they were kinda bored (teenagers are ALWAYS bored on Sundays...I was too! Til I got old enough to go get drunk on Sat night and had to stay in bed & recover the next day.). So Aub said she wanted to do my laundry (!), and maybe run the dishwasher. I told her no thanks to both, cuz neither one needed done, and then I told her to sit down, I was afraid she had a fever or bumped her head or something. She said no she didn't, she just wanted to do something. Then she got up and starting running my 'Swivel Sweeper'! I looked at the other one and said 'I should take a picture of her & send it to her mom, huh?' Because I totally remember those days of being a young teenager was nothing but fun to clean...someone else's house, never your mom & dad's!
It was SO windy here today! It sounded like there were people upstairs walking around, banging on the walls! The girls were saying 'someone's up there!' I said no, that's just the wind, don't worry about it. Then there was a big gust of wind, and Aub said, 'I'll go check for ya, I think there is someone there'. I said, "Okay, if you insist. I'll be down here, ready to call 911 if you start screaming." Ha....she came back & said well, you're probably right...
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Huckabee's chances in Iowa...

All right, I KNOW that tongue is so disturbing & wrong...but he could always ask Santa for a needle & thread, so his Mommy can sew his tongue back together!!
Okay, I've been meaning to get to Huckabee for days, and I haven't, just because I've had ZERO energy for the last few days...suffice it to say, it's the worst Christmas I've ever been through...thank God for good friends, you all know who you are!!
I do have an opinion question for everyone here, though...Do you make new year's resolutions? If so...has ANYONE ever kept one longer than a few months at the most?? I resolved a few years ago to NEVER make another resolution...voila! Haven't broken THAT one yet!!
Maybe the damn weather's a big part of my attitude...we HAD a few inches of snow...(that still makes me snicker...a few inches)...and it's gone now (even funnier!). And, yes, of course I still laugh at fart jokes, okay??? Doesn't everybody?? I guess that's what made me a good mom. Well...I guess that'll make me even a better grandma! And, no, not happening!
Has anyone seen 'Final Destination 1 & 2'? I love these movies! They're just creepy!! Or 'Jeepers Creepers'? Now THAT was a creepy movie!! If you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about here...At the time Tif & I rented it to watch, she was working at a video rental store towards the outside edge of town..these 2 or 3 little boys came running in the store, and screamed "WE JUST FOUND A DEAD BODY!!!" True...there was a dead man in the culvert beside the road, and the news from Columbus was up here with their microphones in her face, etc till she called 911! He turned out to be a homeless man who had most likely crawled in there to get warm, which is the saddest thing of all. Then we watched that movie, which would've been bad enough, but then she was driving somewhere a day later, & a truck came up behind her, honking its horn, steadily! Not a beep-beep, but a HOOONNNKKKK-HOOONNNNNKKKK!!
Okay...back to Huckabee...
"Our nation was birthed in a spirit of faith - not a prescriptive one telling us whether to believe, but one acknowledging that a providence pervades our world."
He has some really good stuff like this on his page. Well, I'm not totally sure that link worked, but I think it did.
" In this age of terror, immigration is not only an economic issue, but also a national security issue. Those caught trying to enter illegally must be detained, processed, and deported. As Governor, I ordered my state troopers to work with the Department of Homeland Security to arrest illegals and enforce federal immigration law. "
That's one of my biggest problems here in America...illegal immigration!! Why the HELL doesn't it matter to the people in charge of this country?? LEGAL immigration is great, wonderful, I'm flattered that I live in this great country that so many are fighting to get into, not out of!!
"Second Amendment rights belong to individuals, not cities or states. I oppose gun control based on geography."
I know many disagree with me on don't need to have a gun to agree with this...I just want to be able to get one if I so decide!
"Our massive deficit is not due to Americans' being under-taxed, but to the government's over-spending."
Hear, hear, MIKE!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday the 20th...countdown!



...Oh, if it was only THAT EASY this year?? I kinda wish I could photoshop the Hitler pic into a Hitlery pic!! Honestly, the major Democrats are sounding more like the socialist party now....they seem to feel that they know how to spend your money better than you, and that is SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS!! You can't have a gun (for God's sake, you'll shoot your eye out!) can't smoke, you might get lung can't sell transfat foods, someone might eat them and get have to post the calorie contents of each food in a fast food place right in front of the customers' faces, so that even if they don't want to see it, "I'll tell them!!". What is it about Democrats that makes them think people need to be 'taken care of' from cradle to grave? Some people think that's fair....WHAT?? What gives them the right to just coast along in life, not working or anything, just 'being taken care of'? Okay, I know that at the minute, I have not much friggin' right to say anything, I'm on disability for life for ms...but before that, I worked my ASS off, even if it was for minimum wage...I had a one-year old daughter to raise and take care of! So when I could tell that minimum wouldn't be enough, what did I do? Not quit and get welfare so I could stay home with my girl (and have more babies?). No...I took over another department and took a transfer so I would make more money. So I'd NEVER have to be sitting at home on welfare while I was healthy enough to work!

People say now "You can't raise a family on minimum wage now!" Excuse me! That is NOT what minimum wage jobs are FOR!! First of all, you should have a better job than that before you have a family to raise! Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances (like divorce...), but..and a lot of times you can work your way up into a good promotion...with hard WORK! never COULD raise a family on minimum wage!! It was never supposed to be there for that! Isn't it supposed to be for teenagers who work part-time after school? Or anybody that works part-time?

I'll get to McCain, Huckabee, & Romney tomorrow...this was just a rant!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday night/Tues morning

Ever look back on your life and know that you zigged when you shoulda zagged? *sigh* I'm old that my social security number begins with a zero..and all that it mandatory to feel like shit for a couple hours on every birthday past 40??

And that's really wrong to feel like that, cuz I really had a good birthday! Joe brought me the coolest lighthouse picture today, & made me a cool card from Wolf to Jacky, Tif knitted me a scarf that's gorgeous! And an ebay gift certificate, a Hello Kitty pajama set, a tv, other stuff that''s cool...and the very coolest thing....


Tif's bf took her to the winter wonderland at the Col zoo tonight (they had 3 million lights all over...very cool!), and he proposed to her there!! And, of course she said YES!! They came back here afterwards, and I don't think I've ever seen a bigger, happier, goofier smile on any guy's face in my life!! And his sister was there, hiding in the bushes videotaping the whole proposal!! She's gonna make dvd's for all of us for Christmas!

Maybe that's why I felt so crappy for a I know the big "G-word" (as in grandma) is one step closer...I'm so scared of that!

"...I wanna go back. Back to the rocking horse...back to where it all began...T-t-t-take me back to the rocking horse. Back to the rocking horse...and start all over again..."

Hell, that song used to make me cry when I was 22...precognition, perhaps?

Anyway...Bro called me from Arizona tonight to tell me happy birthday. And I got to tell him and his wife happy 31st anniversary! They got married on my 12th birthday! That was SO cool! I remember Bro asking me before they scheduled it if I minded that, and I said, "NO~!! That'd be neat!!" I never understood why it would bother me!? And...Tif's bf...ok, fiance!...his mom & dad's anniversary is today, too!

Do you ever hear your grandma's voice in your head, saying a favorite quote? I do..."Too soon old, too late smart."

All right, gotta go...


Friday, December 14, 2007

...politics... I'm really, totally done shopping! I swear! hehehe...Tif came over and took me to WalMart yesterday. I wanted to get something else for Mom. So I got her a really warm, like down-filled throw, since she always talks about being cold there. And then we went past an end display of stuffed reindeer(s) in rocking chairs with big goofy grins, and you squeezed their hands, and they'd rock and the guessed it...'Grandma Got Run Over...' played! We were like two little teeny kids, squeezing each one's hand til we had all of 'em rocking & singing. Fun! So then we had to buy one, of course! Then we came back here, had McDonalds, and Tif went out to the nursing home cuz she had painted Mom's fingernails last week and all the other women wanted her to do theirs too...and Tif took the reindeer, so Mom'll have it for awhile before Christmas.
I've been watching the presidential debates the last couple days on tv, and, the first one on Wednesday, was the Republicans, and it was, well, the most boring thing since 'un-sliced bread'! The moderator was this woman who acted like a strict, uptight librarian or first-grade teacher! She absolutely held them strictly to the time limit they'd been much so that I almost expected to see her pull out a ruler & smack the person on the hand if they went over it! And I guess there were rules for stuff she wouldn't ask about (Iraq, etc)! WTF?? And...Alan Keyes was in it! Comic relief, I guess...Seriously, I didn't even know he was running! Did anyone else? I thought the best part was when she asked them to raise their hand if they thought there was global warming happening, and Fred Thompson said 'I'm not doing any hand-raising...will you give me the time to talk about this?' And she said no, and he said, well, I'm not doing it. hahaha! Unruly child! (I bet that's what she was thinking anyway! She looked disapproving...). But, anyway...
In my opinion, Mitt won the debate, with Mike Huckabee coming in a close second. Maybe I'm biased cuz I like both of them, but...McCain did do good at pointing out that he had the most experience (?...yes...and that sucks, poor guy) dealing with enemies...but, in my opinion...these enemies aren't even close to the ones he had to deal with, one-on-one! Most don't even have a country, they have a religion, they don't care where they practice it!
As for the Democrats' debate me, that was even more boring! Some had some good stuff to say, but, mostly, you could tell it's down to Hillary vs Obama...Obama has Oprah on his side...Hillary has her mom & daughter. And, you hafta be realistic...if it gets any tougher for her, we'll see a commercial on tv for her with Bill Clinton.
So...we're supposed to get a whole bunch of snow tomorrow...our area is supposed to get 5 to 8 inches of snow...hehehehe...don't guys always promise 8 inches? (promises, promises...)...sorry...I have a gutter mind...
I just can't wait for real snow!! That's always my best birthday present!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, December 10, 2007

2nd post today...

Rickshaws against global warming!

Did I not have a blog about how good this would be for the weight problem a long time ago??? Put "rickshaw in the 'search blog' space! Here's the link to the news story!

Monday the 10th...

...and the countdown goes on...

Let this be a lesson...karma kills!
Okay, well, it's really shitty outside today...foggy, icy rain, just a total yuk day! I just's 33 degrees out. It's days like this that make me glad I'm not a mail delivery person! lolol!
Speaking of mail, I got 2 of the things I ordered today...they're really great! Don't you love it when something you ordered gets to you on time, if not earlier than expected, and it's absolutely perfect for the people you got it for? I also got a special announcement of the Barry Manilow concert coming up in Cleveland. But, dammit, I'm not gonna make it...I honestly DO wish I could...I still like him! *shrug*.
Does anyone ever wish there were still the old Bugs Bunny cartoons on every Saturday morning? I even used to rent those instead of movies at the video store, cuz I laughed harder at those than anything!
I called Mom this afternoon. She's doing well, still hates doing physical therapy, but does it every day, which is great. And I had to giggle, cuz a nurse came in and gave her a menu for the next 3 weeks, and she was looking at it to see what looked good. Kinda reminded me of, like, when you're a little kid in school, and the lunch menu gets passed out for the next week, and everybody looks it over to see when they want to buy, and when they're having something gross and you know you're gonna bring a peanut butter sandwich instead!
She said some of the stuff looked good...and then said she's eating more..."that either means they're cooking better, or I'm hungrier, I guess" hahahaha!! I think she's getting much better at 'smart-assness', don't you? Yeah, I'm taking the credit for that!
But she is still a "high-maintenance" woman, which I'm definitely not! She was telling me that she always sits with 2 or 3 other women at lunch & dinner, and one or the other of them is always sending something back to the kitchen. What?? I can see doing that at a restaurant, but I think I'd be a little bit 'wary' of sending food back cuz I want it done different if the people doing the cooking worked side-by-side with the people that were in charge of taking care of my health day in and day out!! And, no, I didn't mention that...I'm not gonna 'upset the apple cart' here! :-\
But, yes, she's doing well, and we're all looking forward to Christmas at Bro's!
Hey, I don't think I ever said anything more about the SMC stuff that I got suckered into signing up for. Well, I sent the whole thing of stuff back UPS within 10 days (I had 30 days to change my mind about it!). And I did everything the recording said I had to, sent the box to this address, wrote a letter and sent it to that address...then I got a letter in the mail that said I needed to send my return ship # and all that stuff, they would keep billing $40 a month until they got it! That pissed me off! Like they hadn't already made it hard enough to get out of it already! So I called Visa, and told the cust svc rep I talked to about it, and he said 'let me try to call them for you'. I gave him the "returns" phone number, and told him good luck trying to get someone to talk to. I sat there on hold with him for about ten or fifteen minutes while he tried, and he came back on, and was pretty jerked at them himself by then! So he said he was taking all the charges off my bill, starting back in August when they started, and that would take care of it, I shouldn't hear from them again, and if I did, call him back! That's all it more snail mail, no more email...take THAT Tom Bosley!!
Geez, I had something last night that I was gonna write about, but I have absolutely no idea what it was. I was up most of the night reading the MSN Money webpage that had a message board about the worst Christmas presents people ever got...there were 3,xxx messages there!! Most were funny, some were sad...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dec 6...

How gross is this?? Pardon me while I retch...'s everybody doing with their Christmas shopping? At the risk of feeling waves of hatred radiating worldwide over my computer...I'm pretty much done! least I got one box of stuff from today. Pretty good...ordered Dec 3, here Dec 6! Can't ask for any more, well, yeah, free shipping...oh, yeah, I got that too! You can usually find something to help out somehow shipping, % off, lots of stuff, lots of stores!
Has anyone out there ever been a big loser on an investment or anything? Not a bet, or a gamble (well, I guess the stock market is one way to gamble...), but, like, say you've been investing in this one stock faithfully for years and years, and you thought you knew the product better than almost anyone on earth...then all of a sudden one evening, you open your eyes and find out it's tanked. Gone, finished, completely closed down, liquidated. isn't that a pisser? Been investing the better years of your life in this stock, and now it is no more? And here you thought your future was safe & secure, and now you're on your ass and have to figure out what else to do now.
Okay...just thinking...also decided tonight with Joe that we belong on the island of misfit toys...he's a 'Joe-in-the-Box'...I'm the little red wagon with square wheels...I guess we're making progress..remember when we were 'Jaded & Bitter'? But it was a whole helluva lot more fun as Jacky & Wolf!...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


How freakin' flattering is this to read when you're getting old, and all?? Christmas shopping is, for the most part, finished!! It was different...I had to 'budget' a lot this year, which, well, hasn't been done much in the last 20 years, but, I really don't think the people I'm getting gifts for give much of a shit how much anybody spends on, I know they don't, that's the blessing of being able to choose the people in your life!! Except for your family, but I've, for the most part, been very lucky in that regard...I hafta remember that every family in the world has a psycho in somebody's opinion, and, who knows, the rest of my family just might regard me as the psychotic one!!
Anyway, I'm going to put links to some of the places you can buy almost anything funny at...and, what's better at Christmastime than laughing? Or anytime, for that matter... This place has a lot of neat stuff, their big selling point is "nothin' over $20!" This is where I got my upside down Christmas tree!
This is a great place to get the "things you never knew existed"! I am so hooked on catalogs I get in the mail, from these to Victoria's Secret! Because, no matter how much they have in the book, there's five times as much on their websites, and there's usually a lot of stuff that's not in the book! Plus special web deals!
And this is my very FAVORITE!! They have the very best sweatshirts in the world, tlp, you agree, don't you? Cuz I happen to know that last year she bought everybody shirts, even herself...hers was the one that said "I'm not bossy, I just know what you should be doing". I just the moment, they have 873 different designs that you can buy, most of them you can choose as a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, which is the BEST!! Some of the best are "Yet despite the look on my face, you're still talking"...I see that on Christine...and, "Heavily medicated for your protection""Forget the need an exorcist!"...I don't know anyone who couldn't use that one! And, for heaven's sake, where else can you find a Hillary Clinton nutcracker that cracks nuts between her legs?? I bet someone'll be selling those on ebay in the future! This place has a lot of stuff, not usually fun, goofy stuff, but every once in a while, there's something around the house in there that's neat, like the Vidalia Onion Slicer!
This has more stuff for around your house, too, but it's fun to browse around in! I think it has the Vidalia Onion Chopper too. By far, What On Earth is the best!! Oh, I forgot...there's always
I always buy "Burt's Bees" brand stuff from here, that stuff is really good! And one of the funniest things they have is in the 'lip gloss' category...Chicken Poop lip gloss!
Okay, I guess I hafta go do something around here...oh! We got snow last night...maybe an inch or so.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday night/Monday morning...first one in December!

YAY!!! We're on the way to being #1 again!!! It's been an awesome football weekend!! Not only are the Buckeyes going to the national championship game, the Pittsburgh Steelers kicked the shit out of the Cincy Bengals...sorry, x! *teehee*! And last night the Blue Jackets beat the Calgary Flames 4 - 3...does it get any better than this?? Yay for winter sports!! Nascar just doesn't do it for me...
I got a case of those Clementines today (tangerines)...I love those! I wait all year for those!! They're so easy to peel...they were called 'zipperskins' when I was a produce manager, in another life...
And almost no seeds! I've already eaten 3, but only 1 had seeds in it...
I'm watching the TLC tv show, 'Jon & Kate + 8'. Holy crap, I'm SO glad I never saw anything like this before I had Tif when I was 18! For those who've never seen this, it's about a couple that has 6-year old twins, and 3-year old sextuplets!! All it does is make me thank God I stopped with one!! I remember Mom following me down the hallway at the hospital from the delivery room to the recovery room, and her saying "It's a girl!! I bet she treats you like you treated me!!" (of course, my mom wouldn't say anything 'bitey' like that under normal circumstances, but...). And I told her right that minute "She's gonna be an only child!!" She just kinda said, 'Oh, Libby, everyone says that at this point!' Ha! Let me ask Tif an only child?? Come on! It's not bad enough that it was more physical pain than I had ever felt in my life, but, ya still hafta raise the baby!!?? Geez...I still, to this day, 24 years later, well, my ribs ache when it's cold & rainy, cuz her feet were tucked up under them! Actually...they feel like that now, cuz it's been nothing but raining today, and it's in the upper 40's/lower 50's now! And it thundered earlier, which is so much crap! I WANT SNOW!!
I'm not in the mood to write about much serious stuff today...I think that qualifies me as a "fluff blog" This has actually been a "fluff weekend" here at home too! I meant to make egg salad today, cuz I love that stuff...did I make it? Hell no! All I've been doing is eating junk food, & reading, and watching tv. I seriously ate a whole f*n bag of Bugles overnight last night! Also, 1/2 pint of 'Moose Tracks' ice cream!! I really need to eat a lot of the pints of ice cream in the freezer, cuz...I need to make room for the peppermint stick ice cream that I always have on my birthday this month! Gahhhh...oink, oink!
Bro called me this afternoon to tell me that they're going to make sure they get me out to his house on Christmas Day, any time of the day I want out there, he's having Christmas dinner, and he said I should come out as early as possible for the whole Christmas morning stuff! He is SUCH an awesome brother/dad/husband/uncle! And he said he wanted to tell me not to get them anything...I said "Not even towels or something?", and he's like "NOTHING! I mean it! All we want is for you to be here!" Oh...what in the world have I done to deserve him? I know his kids have always felt like this about him too....he's just fun to be around! All four of his kids stay at his house on Christmas eve, isn't that cool? They're 30 down to 16. The 16-year old still lives at home, but the others all have their own houses in town. Last year Christmas eve, they were getting ready to sack out, and even though there's like 5 or 6 bedrooms, they're laying in the back half of the living room under the pool table!! (which is ENORMOUS!). Oh, and Bro & wife's 32nd anniversary is on my birthday, the 17th. And, you know what? I'll put money on it that Bro's wearing a pair of Teva sandals, the tire tread kind, on Christmas, because he was wearing a pair on Thanksgiving!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!