Friday, December 14, 2007

...politics... I'm really, totally done shopping! I swear! hehehe...Tif came over and took me to WalMart yesterday. I wanted to get something else for Mom. So I got her a really warm, like down-filled throw, since she always talks about being cold there. And then we went past an end display of stuffed reindeer(s) in rocking chairs with big goofy grins, and you squeezed their hands, and they'd rock and the guessed it...'Grandma Got Run Over...' played! We were like two little teeny kids, squeezing each one's hand til we had all of 'em rocking & singing. Fun! So then we had to buy one, of course! Then we came back here, had McDonalds, and Tif went out to the nursing home cuz she had painted Mom's fingernails last week and all the other women wanted her to do theirs too...and Tif took the reindeer, so Mom'll have it for awhile before Christmas.
I've been watching the presidential debates the last couple days on tv, and, the first one on Wednesday, was the Republicans, and it was, well, the most boring thing since 'un-sliced bread'! The moderator was this woman who acted like a strict, uptight librarian or first-grade teacher! She absolutely held them strictly to the time limit they'd been much so that I almost expected to see her pull out a ruler & smack the person on the hand if they went over it! And I guess there were rules for stuff she wouldn't ask about (Iraq, etc)! WTF?? And...Alan Keyes was in it! Comic relief, I guess...Seriously, I didn't even know he was running! Did anyone else? I thought the best part was when she asked them to raise their hand if they thought there was global warming happening, and Fred Thompson said 'I'm not doing any hand-raising...will you give me the time to talk about this?' And she said no, and he said, well, I'm not doing it. hahaha! Unruly child! (I bet that's what she was thinking anyway! She looked disapproving...). But, anyway...
In my opinion, Mitt won the debate, with Mike Huckabee coming in a close second. Maybe I'm biased cuz I like both of them, but...McCain did do good at pointing out that he had the most experience (?...yes...and that sucks, poor guy) dealing with enemies...but, in my opinion...these enemies aren't even close to the ones he had to deal with, one-on-one! Most don't even have a country, they have a religion, they don't care where they practice it!
As for the Democrats' debate me, that was even more boring! Some had some good stuff to say, but, mostly, you could tell it's down to Hillary vs Obama...Obama has Oprah on his side...Hillary has her mom & daughter. And, you hafta be realistic...if it gets any tougher for her, we'll see a commercial on tv for her with Bill Clinton.
So...we're supposed to get a whole bunch of snow tomorrow...our area is supposed to get 5 to 8 inches of snow...hehehehe...don't guys always promise 8 inches? (promises, promises...)...sorry...I have a gutter mind...
I just can't wait for real snow!! That's always my best birthday present!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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