Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday the 20th...countdown!



...Oh, if it was only THAT EASY this year?? I kinda wish I could photoshop the Hitler pic into a Hitlery pic!! Honestly, the major Democrats are sounding more like the socialist party now....they seem to feel that they know how to spend your money better than you, and that is SO WRONG on SO MANY LEVELS!! You can't have a gun (for God's sake, you'll shoot your eye out!) can't smoke, you might get lung can't sell transfat foods, someone might eat them and get have to post the calorie contents of each food in a fast food place right in front of the customers' faces, so that even if they don't want to see it, "I'll tell them!!". What is it about Democrats that makes them think people need to be 'taken care of' from cradle to grave? Some people think that's fair....WHAT?? What gives them the right to just coast along in life, not working or anything, just 'being taken care of'? Okay, I know that at the minute, I have not much friggin' right to say anything, I'm on disability for life for ms...but before that, I worked my ASS off, even if it was for minimum wage...I had a one-year old daughter to raise and take care of! So when I could tell that minimum wouldn't be enough, what did I do? Not quit and get welfare so I could stay home with my girl (and have more babies?). No...I took over another department and took a transfer so I would make more money. So I'd NEVER have to be sitting at home on welfare while I was healthy enough to work!

People say now "You can't raise a family on minimum wage now!" Excuse me! That is NOT what minimum wage jobs are FOR!! First of all, you should have a better job than that before you have a family to raise! Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances (like divorce...), but..and a lot of times you can work your way up into a good promotion...with hard WORK! never COULD raise a family on minimum wage!! It was never supposed to be there for that! Isn't it supposed to be for teenagers who work part-time after school? Or anybody that works part-time?

I'll get to McCain, Huckabee, & Romney tomorrow...this was just a rant!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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