Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday night/Tues morning

Ever look back on your life and know that you zigged when you shoulda zagged? *sigh*

So...now I'm 43...so old that my social security number begins with a zero..and all that crap...is it mandatory to feel like shit for a couple hours on every birthday past 40??

And that's really wrong to feel like that, cuz I really had a good birthday! Joe brought me the coolest lighthouse picture today, & made me a cool card from Wolf to Jacky, Tif knitted me a scarf that's gorgeous! And an ebay gift certificate, a Hello Kitty pajama set, a tv, other stuff that''s cool...and the very coolest thing....


Tif's bf took her to the winter wonderland at the Col zoo tonight (they had 3 million lights all over...very cool!), and he proposed to her there!! And, of course she said YES!! They came back here afterwards, and I don't think I've ever seen a bigger, happier, goofier smile on any guy's face in my life!! And his sister was there, hiding in the bushes videotaping the whole proposal!! She's gonna make dvd's for all of us for Christmas!

Maybe that's why I felt so crappy for a while...now I know the big "G-word" (as in grandma) is one step closer...I'm so scared of that!

"...I wanna go back. Back to the rocking horse...back to where it all began...T-t-t-take me back to the rocking horse. Back to the rocking horse...and start all over again..."

Hell, that song used to make me cry when I was 22...precognition, perhaps?

Anyway...Bro called me from Arizona tonight to tell me happy birthday. And I got to tell him and his wife happy 31st anniversary! They got married on my 12th birthday! That was SO cool! I remember Bro asking me before they scheduled it if I minded that, and I said, "NO~!! That'd be neat!!" I never understood why it would bother me!? And...Tif's bf...ok, fiance!...his mom & dad's anniversary is today, too!

Do you ever hear your grandma's voice in your head, saying a favorite quote? I do..."Too soon old, too late smart."

All right, gotta go...


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