Saturday, July 30, 2005

old shit (and I DO mean that...)

Doesn't everybody have this key on their computer, or am I just weird?

When I first started working at the store as a cashier, (1985) I made a lot of friends right away, and we always had a great time together, whether working, or going out partying. We all got along really good (with some 'minor' disagreements...possibly more on those later). One Halloween, our head cashier had a big Halloween party for everyone out in her garage. And everybody was dressed like their 'most memorable' customer at the store...pretty mean, I know now that I'm old enough to have a conscience. Because that store was really close to a poor section of town...we had to deal with shoplifters, welfare fraud, etc every day! So here we go...I went to the party as the really old man who s*** his pants all the way through the store (feel bad about it now, but..), no kidding he did! And wiped his butt with the paper grocery ads and left them around the store. So, I was dressed like him, and, since I was in charge of receiving any grocery deliveries at the back door from sales guys (potato chips, Little Debbie cakes, milk, ice cream), I had asked all vendors to donate some treats for the party, the Little Debbie guy came through for me, and, I had a bunch of Little Debbie brownies that I'd drop behind me everywhere I walked at the party! And one of my friends, another cashier, dressed like a gypsy, because some gypsies came in when nobody was watching the front office (zoinks!), and stole about $500.00 from the safe. Another great friend (still see her & talk to her a lot, even though she lives in S Carolina), dressed up like another old man that used to come in a few times a week...he always dragged one of those wire-type carts behind him, and never talked. So she had a cart like that & was dressed like him. Everybody was at the party from the store. I still have a picture of all of us in a group...guess who are right in the front...Kevin & me! Even though we hadn't known each other very long, I STILL had a crush on him, ya know? (one of those love-at-first-sight kinda things...the only problem was that he didn't KNOW it yet!).
So, I don't know if I wrote anything about this before, but, Kev's brother Ken, worked at the store too. I actually met him before I met Kevin! Ken was a stockboy at the store, and we actually had at least one major fight at work...I was in charge one night when we closed (at 9 pm...loooooong ago), and I had the trash ready to go out to the dumpster, and Ken was pissed at me for some reason (I seemed to have that effect on people, didn't I?) and didn't take it out. So, I wrote him up for that, he got in trouble by the manager, blaah, blaah, blaah. Anyway, it's still brought up once in a while! But, the funniest part of this whole thing was....when the old man was in the store walking around with 'poopballs' falling out of his pantslegs, Ken heard about it, & immediately ran to the front of the store & clocked out for his 15 min break! Meanwhile, the assistant store managers were running around with boxes (that were already cut open & empty), putting them over each pile of poop!! Of course, they soon realized "where's Ken??", and break was over!!
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Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday again!

Skipped a day...oh well...I was sitting in bed reading...'Nightmares & Dreamscapes', 100 People Fucking Up America (I KNOW that's not the name, but, reading it, I'm sure it was a misprint), the Dean Koontz paperback I got from eBay way back. Kevin just found it in the back of the bookcase, still in the envelope, from January, 2005 !!
And I was looking at some of the magazines we get in the mail, selling stuff (does everyone get them?) This is the monkey that was in the magazine, so I looked it up on their website (the lighter, and a it was actually in the 'kids toys' section. One it just me, or does this friggin' thing look just evil??????? I think he's the reason some of us are afraid of things that are supposed to be FUN for kids (clowns?)...well can you imagine if your parents would've plopped this sucker down in your toybox?? I think he has a ravenous look on his face, like "yeah, the banana is nice, but I think it's only my appetizer...but you look like a tasty little morsel. I'll wait til you're asleep, then..."
And I was reading the 100 reasons...and he had something in there about someone being all for 'reparations', and I totally disagree with reparations being paid. No, not because I'm white, either, before I get flamed. But...if someone was still around, that had been a slave, yes, give it to them...but, that was 140 years ago, so I really doubt that any of them are still here. Black people have gotten every advantage since then, and many have used them well, and gone far. Farther than a lot of white people. Also, if you think about it...who actually SOLD the slaves to our ancestors? Well, here's a hint...they were bought from Africa! Go to THEM for 'reparations'. No, that's not where the money is, huh? Also, keep in mind that some of the people that would be responsible for paying them would be the American taxpayer...many of which are also black.
Sorry...didn't mean to go off on a 'political rant'.
So, Tiffany came home laughing last night, after being out shopping at Wal-Mart with Aunt Kat & the twins...Tiff bought a box of jellybeans in gross flavors! Yep, that's right...there was vomit flavor, booger flavor, ear wax flavor, sardine flavor, probably mold flavor...etc! The same question that we ask about cat food flavors comes to mind. How in the HELL do they know what vomit, boogers, ear wax tastes like?? We thought Jelly Bellies were weird 20 years ago, with 'jalapeno flavor', but, well, this is a little different, dontcha think?
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

perfect matches?

I always thought it was really stupid when people said 'opposites attract' about couples. I'd kinda laugh to myself and think 'yeah, right!' since I always went out with guys who were as outgoing as me. But, obviously, it never worked.
So, Kevin and I actually started going out because one of our mutual friends was sitting in the break room at work talking to both of us, then Kev went back to his department, and I (watched his ass all the way out of the breakroom) looked at Mike after he left, and said 'I'd give my left TIT to go out with him!' He said ask him out then. I said I'd probably have to get in line, cuz he'd just broken up with his 'ex-girlfriend from hell' about 3 months ago, and everyone wanted him at that store! So we laughed, changed the subject, etc...Mike left the breakroom before I did, and on my way back to my dept, walked past the meat dept, and saw Mike & Kev in there talking. So, Kev called me at home that night & asked me to go out & shoot pool with him! 'And the rest is history', as they say... that I'm a 'grown-up' (sorta), I've met tons of people, and the more I know about them, the more I see that couples that are the happiest, are the ones that don't seem to have ANYTHING in common...except the marriage license!
Mine & Kevin's minor differences weren't even noticed by either one of us a long time ago, just the big ones...I had a daughter, he had no kids; I was super-outgoing, he didn't talk to anyone he didn't know; he didn't drink (just cuz he never wanted to), but I was known around the company (at every store!:-( ) for my 'lushness'. When we went to the company's Christmas party, one of my friends ran over to our table and plopped down a bottle of tequila in front of me and said "Merry Christmas!"; he's the oldest in his family of 3 kids, I'm the youngest in a family of 3 kids; etc...we were talking about this a couple years ago, and Kev said "You complement me, that's why it works." I was just a smartass back though, and I said "I never compliment you! Are you crazy?" haha....
We still don't have much of the same likes...when I used to work at Verizon, I hated the computer, but I loved talking to the customers & fixing their problems; of course, Kevin's there now, & he loves the computer part of it, likes fixing problems, but totally dislikes talking to customers! I even told my supv when I worked there that 'this is a job for Kevin, not me! I hate computers!'. 7 years later I was retired from there on disability, and Kev was there, working for that same guy!! Also, I read books all the time; Kevin reads his X-Box magazine, his Maxim, etc. This was actually one of the first Christmases I didn't get him a Playboy...because I told him it wouldn't be right...those women were only old enough to be his daughters now! He likes the summer sports best (Nascar), I like NFL football...
Alright...that's my theory...what thoughts are out there?
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Monday, July 25, 2005

second of the day...this is the funny one, first one's politics

So, how pissed does Truman look now that I let a stray kitten in and gave her one of HIS toys from HIS toybox??

Okay...some of the funny of the stores I worked at in the early 90's, I was the produce manager, and my 1st assistant and I used to pick on the 2nd one (of course...isn't that what the senior people do?) So, he was pissed off at us for some reason, stomping all over, and I had an idea that I thought would be hilarious. So I got a great big cup of water, and we propped it on the top of the door to the backroom, where we were. A few minutes later, he came stomping through the door, banging it open with his hand (still pissed about something, obviously), and, of course, my plan worked brilliantly (dont EVER doubt my evilness!). 24 oz of water came dumping all over his head, and he was soaked! Of course my assistant S & I started dying laughing, and rolling around on the hard concrete floor (I thought I was gonna pee my pants!)...until he picked up the big plastic container the water had been in, & threw it at my head! Damn! I never thought a thin deli container could hurt that bad! And when you're a manager, and you've done something like that, you can't go tell the boss 'he threw something at me', cuz then your boss will say 'why?'
Oh, and I was thinking about the time Tiff was telling us she was gonna be the 'designated driver' one night. I went with my first thought for that. "yeah, Tiff, let them get all drunk and then drop them off somewhere far away from their house." I never heard about it, so I guess she didn't, but that would have been good!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

disjointed thoughts...that mean nothing..., I just got to sit down this morning, and start reading the book I got Saturday, '100 People That Are Screwing Up America'! And it's actually full of truth, no matter what a lot of people try to say! It kinda got me thinking...which, I think scared the CRAP out of Truman (well, not really, but y'all know what I mean!). He was all curled up on the bed with me, and I started telling him what I think. He's the BEST listener in the fuckin' world! Doesn't interrupt, or say, 'well, but maybe...'.Just listens patiently til I'm done, looking at me with his wise face and deep yellow eyes, like he's thinking "Couldn't agree more, sistah!" Unlike Kevin, who always knows what I mean, and puts it into words!
Okay, here goes...I think there are almost 4 political parties in America. There are, of course, Republicans & Democrats. Then there's "Liberals", which are WAY different than Democrats. Then there are the far right-wing conservatives, which are also different from most of us plain ol' white bread Republicans. No matter if you vote for a Republican or a Democrat, you're either going to get too far either way. How'd we get here? The impression I'm seeing from the Democrats is that they're all PISSED all the time! Why? Because their candidates lost the presidential race twice in a row? I just want to shake people like that and bang their heads together, and say, "Just stop! Play nice, or don't play at all!!" (Tiff's babysitter used to use that line, and it worked really well for her? well, she never had to go as far as banging heads...). Now, if you look back in history (I'm not a political scholar, but, pretend with me, ok?)...President John F. Kennedy, who most Democrats revere, went through the same kind of shit with Fidel Castro that we were going through with Saddam Hussein at the beginning of this crap. Eventually, it escalated, and the Cuban Missile Crisis started...people in my generation don't know much about that, but, from what I see, he handled it exactly the same way George W. Bush handled Saddam. So...why has JFK's party become (pardon me a minute) all of a sudden, a group of pansy-ass, whiny screaming babies?Aren't they ashamed?? It seems like, way back, I doubt if I wouldve been a Republican...because, well I thought someone told me they were all for slavery, didn't want women to be 'uppity', that type of stuff. But, wasn't Lincoln the Republican who was responsible for 'The Emancipation Proclamation'? So, I think the Democrats have let the money pull them a LOT farther to the left. Because I have the feeling that if being a Democrat wasn't as "OUT THERE", as it is now, a lot of people would have to sit down and give it a lot more thought as to who to vote sometimes seems like the Republicans are now what the Democrats used to be...whoa, do I get windy when I'm on a topic I'm interested in, or what?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

thinking...with Kev this morning...

I actually woke up early this morning (7 am!) . Oh yeah. This is Truman...showing exactly how excited he is about the year's first snow a few years ago, on 11/22...
Okay, of course, when I woke up early, the first thing I do is go out to the living room & turn on Fox news. a couple hours later, Kevin came out there too, and when we heard them talking about the unsuccessful homicide bomber in Cairo, who had a nail bomb that went off, and he was the only one hurt...we looked at each other and I said "I wish I was in the ER to take care of him." So, Kevin says "Oops...I spilled the salt!" ;-)
Then, when he was in here on the computer later, I heard them say that John Roberts' past was being dug into very hard, but since they couldn't find anything on him, now they're going after his wife. Because, I guess she must have been a lawyer?, and a few years ago, she did some "pro bono" work for a woman's rights group that was for pro-life. Well, so freakin what? well, they (the Roberts family) are Catholics, and, of course, they are against abortions. So...why were the Democrats so high over John Kerry? He was (supposedly) Catholic too...but why didn't that bother them then?? Oh...I'm sick of thinkling...
So Kevin's been going tanning a couple days a week at the place Tiffany works, and he's so FREAKIN' DARK now, it's not funny!! This morning I was laying in bed with him, and I put my arm up against his stomach, and, GRRRRRRR! It's like we were 13 years ago, reversed! Cuz I used to be able to tan then, but, of course, when you have ms, you can NEVER raise your core body temperature, or you'll have the worst symptoms in the world! So I can't even go outside in the sun! Kevin and Tiffany are now calling me Casper!! I bet they're secretly laughing at me , thinking "Marshmallow". I do have a can of the 'tanning beads', (yeah, I know...tan in a can!), so I'll have to use that again is really good, I've used it before, but I've been lazy about it lately...gotta get back to it! I've actually used almost all the 'sunless tanning' things, and, trust me...the very WORST one I ever tried was that air-brush spray that you can buy in the store, and do at home! Kevin brought me one of those home a few weeks ago, and I stood in the bathtub and let him spray me...and everywhere he sprayed, it kinda just bubbled up! So, of course, I turned on the shower and rinsed it off, before it dried!! So the next day, Tiff(!) offered to take it back for me. So she did, and got the tanning beads spray for me instead.
Oh, speaking of of her old friends' mom's went in to where she works yesterday for a haircut, and told Tiff that Danielle got married. And Tiff came home last night and told us who she married, dying laughing, because she remembered the name they used to call him in school...and, I guess he still looks like that! How mean! Of course, I laughed with her, so I'm no better :-( . I just remmember when Tiff & Danielle were in kindergarten and Danielle lived next door, we looked out the front window one day, and they were out in our front yard sticking sticks straight up in the yard! So I stuck my head out the door and asked what they were doing. They stood up proudly, and announced "We're planting TREES!!" LMAO!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

5 questions from thequeen!

Okay, here are the 5 questions from "queenie" (aka-Denise!) + the rules...
1) Leave me a comment saying interview me please.2) I will respond by asking you five questions. ( not the same as you see here.)3) You will update your blog/site with the interview questions.4) You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.5) When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Okay, questions from queen (queen questions? say that 5 times fast!)...
1) If you could be a stupid law that is still on the books, which law would you be? and why?2) Aside from scaring little kids at Halloween ( woo hoo) What is your favorite past time?3) If you got to name a new state, what would you name it? And what would be the states bird, flower, and flag?4)Who is your hero? Why?5) Where did you meet your lovely husband? (somewhere along the way I missed the story)
#1... You cannot eat a doughnut and walk backwards on a city street. This IS actually a law still on the books in my city! And if I WAS that law, well, I'd just have no choice but to commit suicide...(or maybe homicide on whoever wrote me!)
#2... My favorite past time is usually curling up in bed (get your minds out of the gutter, people!), reading a great book! I could stay there for days, only getting up for food & bathroom breaks! I just ordered one from Amazon yesterday, 'The One Hundred People Who Are Screwing Up America'. Tells you MY politics, huh?
#3... My state would be called 'Perfect', USA...would be northeast S Carolina, and have some beach. And I'd call it Perfect, because I'd be the governor, the only senator, the only judge & jury on MY state's supreme court....ergo, it would be 'perfect' ...for me, anyway! Also, if, at any time, I decided I didn't want you in my'd be banished! The state bird would be the screech owl, state flower would be the red rose (my garden would be the only one able to legally grow it), and the flag would be the picture of me, Kevin, & Tiffany at our wedding, with the picture of Truman I have on here earlier, curled up on the dining room chair, looking dignified down at the bottom.
#4...My hero is actually Nancy Reagan, after thinking it over a while. I could only pray to be as devoted & dignified as she was at President Reagan's funeral. And for her to be as supportive of him as she always was, before & after his sickness!
#5...I met Kevin when I was 20 (he was 19), & worked at the same store as him. I always thought he was cute (yes, & hot),but he had a girlfriend, so I did nothing else (I was scared of her!...see my long ago post!). I transferred to a different town here in OH, but still lived here,& talked to him at his store here (he was the meat manager, I was the produce manager!). 5 years later I transferred back to this store, we dated for 4 months, then got married! And never looked back. Engaged for 62 1/2 hours!! Kevin always said we didn't get engaged to think about getting married, we knew what we wanted. & 15 years later, well...
Okay...that's been more thinking than I've done in 3 days put together, so I need to go watch some funny tv shows, like Everybody Loves Raymond!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

kinda boring day...

This has to be my favorite picture of the 3 of us! This is when we got married at City Hall, and Tiffany was my flower girl!
It's finally not hot here!! I still can't wait til fall, though...that's my totally favorite time of year! Of course, that's when Halloween is, too, and I LOVE that time! We had a "haunted porch" out front one year, and scared the shit out of every kid around! That was in 1992, and we had only lived in this house less than 2 years. I took a day before Halloween, and put those fakey spiderwebs all over the porch. Then Ken & his girlfriend, Kathy & Benji, came over and helped Kevin & I finish. So the next day we all got dressed up, (I had a big scary monster mask, Kev was the grim reaper, Ken made his face look all goopy with liquid latex (that stuff is magic!), Benji was a monster too, & Ken's girlfriend Jill was the bride of Frankenstein, and Ken had part of his dj setup out there too, a microphone hooked up to a giant speaker! And Jill is the BEST 'screamer' ever!! Oh, and Tiff & Kat were down by the front sidewalk stirring a pot of 'witches brew', (water & dry ice), and they were dressed like witches. So, at first it wasn't dark at all, but we had lots of kids come through...cuz we had the porch partitioned off like a maze, with black plastic, so they got scared by a different monster every time they turned a corner! Mix a few screams over the microphone, and the smaller kids couldn't get out of there fast enough! Actually, one of the 'witches' in the yard had to chase them down to give them their candy!! That was some of the most FUN!! And people 3 blocks over heard Jill's screams!
So, a few years later we didn't do it, cuz it was....guess what, snowing!! And Tiff was really disappointed (cuz she & I have sweatshirts that say "The Boo Crew"). So I got my monster mask on, and my black gown(?) on, and we went down the street & saw almost nobody trick-or-treating. worked out perfect! Nobody would believe I was the mom, & they all said they had all this candy to get rid of, so my bag got filled too!
The Halloween after the war started in Afghanistan, we didn't do anything weird like that, but, Kat & Benji brought the twins over (but they weren't even a year old yet). And after all the trick-or-treaters got done, somebody knocked on the door, I opened it, & it was a cop! He said somebody had reported that this house gave him an Afghan bill of money!! We all died laughing!! Turns out some guy down the street did it, cuz his boss had given them out at work!! But, I called the police station the next day, and asked if there was a report of it...there was, so I asked her to mail me a copy, and after SHE got done laughing, she did!
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Monday, July 18, 2005

Especially for....

...the queen of panic...

Okay, that was fun...

You Are a Freedom Rocker!
You're stuck in the 70s - for better or worse Crazy hair, pot soaked clothes, and tons of groupiesYour kind showed the world how to rock! Is that freedom rock?... Well turn it up man!
It really was fun....but how could I be a '70's rocker, when I wasn't born until 1964? And, trust me, my parents didn't encourage rock music anytime! My Dad is & was a Dave Brubeck fan...he LOVES 'elevator music'! My older brother, Doug, gave me his 8-track player (remember those?) when I was 8 or 9 and he was 19 or 20, and he gave me my first 2 tapes...Jethro Tull, and Aerosmith (the original that had 'Dream On', 'Mama Kin', 'Walking The Dog'), and I listened to that nonstop, until I finally got a stereo (record player!) for Christmas when I was 11 or 12. Then my brothers gave me their old 'Magical Mystery Tour' and other Beatles albums. Yeah, my mom & dad loved that (not), and my dad got me a couple of 'elevator music' albuns, 1 was supposed to have 'The Fool On The Hill' on it...I put it on, all excited...and found out it was instrumental, and very 'elevatorish'! I took it off the record player & just sat in my room crying. Wow, you should all feel honored, I've never told ANYBODY that! Anyway, when I was 12, I was hanging out with Kim, and we rode double on my bike to the closest record store and browsed around for awhile...I had money from babysitting and I bought my OWN very first album...'High Voltage', AC/DC! So Kim & I rode home on my bike (oh, this is funny too..on the ride home, we stopped & bought 'Slush Puppies', remember those too? Kim was riding on the back of my bike, she had a blue slush puppie, and all of a sudden I heard her yell "shit!". I stopped, turned around, and a bird flying over us had shit in her blue slush!! Oh, funnie!!). So when we got the album (yes, ALBUM, not cd!) home, we ran upstairs, and played it nonstop too! And Mom, to this day, hates AC/DC!! She just about hit the ceiling when she was here, and I told her that my internet friend in Australia loves them too, and has even seen them in concert down there, at a bar, where she said they started out before they became famous!
Okay, I'm going to go on with stupid shit and questions...
31. Why, when a guy treats his wife/girlfriend like shit, and somebody points out the obvious, she'll dissolve in tears, and say, "But I LOVE him!!"
32. Why do parents not discipline their children? A lot of parents seem to be afraid that their kids will get mad at them. Hmmmm...I don't ever remember my parents or my friends' parents being concerned about that, and, in our (not-so-humble) opinion, we're all okay. Okay, well, maybe some of us are psychopaths, but not all!
33. There seem to be so many more women who are really scared when they're pregnant, that they'll do something to hurt the baby they're pregnant with. I don't know if that has anything to do with the better medical knowledge, or what. It seems like the more you know, the more there is for some people to be afraid of, and knowledge is power, not something to scare you!! Yes, there are things to be nervous about when you're having a baby, but the vast majority of problems come when you're trying to raise them!!
34. Speaking of raising kids...why do adoptive parents have to go through such a long, difficult process, when parents who give birth don't have to answer one single question before they take their baby home?
35. When I was looking for another job in 1993, someone asked if I would babysit for a living. Heck no! I would be in charge of spending money for my department at the store, $10,000 a week, but what if something happened to that child? Money doesn't even compare!
Ok...I quit, I'm tired...but I do have to watch Greta VanSusteren at 10.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

stupid useless knowledge that's taking up all my brain space...

Okay, here goes...
#1. I still remember EVERY single phone number I've had in my life....even my 2 best friend's numbers in kindergarten!
#2. The band called '3 Dog Night' is actually named after a cold night in the old Australian outback...when it was really cold in the 'long ago' there, the 'nomads' there used to sleep with dingos "the dingo ate your baby', yeah, that kind...and when it was really cold out, it was a three dog night!
#3. The 'funny bone' is not a bone at all, but a nerve in your upper arm. And, I don't know if this has anything to do with the name, but the bone in your upper arm is called the 'humerus'.
#4. And the back of your skull is called the 'occipital lobe'.
#5. I've always been good with grammer & spelling.
#6. People are now buying bigger houses. Not so much for their kids, because we're having smaller families, but because we're buying too much 'stuff', and we need someplace to put it.
#7. Most illegal immigrants can easily get a legal driver's license...which ought to be wrong...they've already broken one law by being here illegally, and aren't we just asking them to break one more? And who knows how many else they could do?
#8. Our kids are being abused at an alarming rate, whether by sexual predators, or their family members. Why aren't these people in prison? And the family members who have their children taken away because the parents abuse them...well, why are they given first chance to have the kids back? Why should the kids not go to a family that wants them, and doesn't think they're 'in the way'?
Okay...some of these are NOT things I know, but things I'd like answers to.
#9. Why do some think that a 'partial-birth abortion' isn't murder? I honestly think there should be a 'cut-off' time that you can have an abortion, like maybe 3 months. After that, it could possibly be a 'viable fetus', and could be saved if it was born.
#10. I worked with a family of Italian people, and the Mama of the family (of 8 sons!) told me that the secret to good spaghetti sauce is chicken broth in it. And that is VERY true!! Even though it doesn't sound like it 'fits' in traditional 'spaghetti sauce', it helps the taste!
#11. I was told by a produce driver once that most, if not all, produce companies are owned by Italians or Jewish people. And, thinking that over, he was right, in my experience!
#12. Most people are essentially 'nice'.
#13. But some older people think they know everything, and insist "their way is better" and young people know nothing.
#14. Sometimes they're right.
#15. But, lots of older people have neat stories to tell, but nobody to tell them to.
#16. What God do radical Islamists pray to (not to be confused with the Muslims, who live among us, and want the same things we want)?
#17. Because no God I know of, whether it's Jesus Christ, God, Allah, whatever you call God, WANTS people to kill anyone! People would be punished for that.
#18. Why have more wars in the history of the world been fought in the name of religion?
#19. And exactly what is right about the term "holy war"?
#20. Does anybody that kills in God's name honestly think that if God really wanted those people dead, he NEEDS their help?
#21. I remember when Tiff & I actually DID see a ufo! I thought it wasn't real at first, but the next day they found the 'Heaven's Gate' cult members dead, because they had said they were going to go with the ufo to the Hale-Bopp comet, which was also in our area at the time.
#22. Do our personalities come from 'nature or nurture'? Because I, like many people, have friends who were raised in the worst possible situations, and they are wonderful, caring people, and raise their kids great!
#23. Why do guys waste so much of their energy when they're cleaning something, bitching about it? Women instinctively seem to know that bitching gets nothing done,DOING does it!!
#24. Why did the Supreme Court vote that the 'eminent domain' laws meant the government could take your land and pay you 'a fair market price' (according to them), and then sell it to a developer so they could build some stores to bring in tax revenue?
#25. Did anyone think that it was going to cause a horrible problem if you or your kids were hit by sunlight back in 1994, when we had the full solar eclipse in the middle of the day? Of COURSE, you didn't want your kids going to the window, and looking at the sun, but, why did some schools (Tiff's elementary school!) cover the windows? Which is the reason I went to work at 2 am (an hour north), and got home at noon, so she could learn something about science! We had gone to a planetarium the week before, & got the things to watch it with....if I had been a science teacher, that would have been the lesson of a lifetime!!
#26. Why doesn't anybody ever sue the ACLU, because they're taking the freedoms away from the Christians in this country? Not to mention the fact that they also support 'NAMBLA'. (you know, the website for child porn...the national man/boy love association).
#27. Diabetes has to be one of the worst diseases to live with every day. I thank God I and nobody in my family has it.
#28. Does nobody in the music or movie industries have ANY knowledge of their own anymore? New movies are usually remakes of old (War Of The Worlds [much better heard & imagined], Bewitched, The Dukes Of Hazzard, etc.). And all of the music Tiff listens to (some rap, some pop), USED to be our generation's REAL music! But now it's been redone...
#29. I think the group Nirvana was the downfall of this generation...nuff said...oh, and Kurt Cobain wasn't a hero....
#30. Why can't we all just get along? ;-) People are always different from you, and they always WILL be, so, mind your own business!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday, woohoo!!

Wow, I don't have a clue why I'm so freakin' happy about that, it's not like it's any different from any other day for me...but it is for Kevin, know, when Daddy's happy, everybody's happy....or something like that...
So, I don't know what's wrong with me today, but I went to bed at 3 am and now I've been up again since 7 am! this picture is our cat, Truman. Truthfully, he's just yawning, but it makes him feel better if I say he's roaring, so...that's what he's doing (wink, wink). So, I just put another on here that shows him in a more dignified pose. He'll be happier with that up here...

So, I was watching Dr Phil this morning (I love that show!), and he had a husband and his wife on there that, the husband told his wife what to do, and how to do it...everything! Even told her she brushed her teeth wrong, she took a shower wrong...oh my God!! And then he was talking, and she tried to say something, and he said "Shut up! I said shut your suckhole!!" Holy crap! It was hilarious, but sad (like your blog, Christine, but she is just weak, which I know you aren't!). I told Kevin if he EVER said that to me, and he wasn't joking, I'd actually get my wheelchair down the front steps outside, and wheel myself down the street to the CLOSEST lawyer's office, and take EVERYTHING he'd ever even THINK of owning!! And you have no idea how pathetic & weak I could look, with Tiffany pushing my wheelchair to the front of the courtroom! Kevin's sister, Kat called today, and I was telling her about it, and I swear, she almost choked on whatever she was eating! She said she can't wait til Benji gets home from golfing (yes, that's what he does when he's not working...which he does from home...except when he has to travel to California, New York, wherever!) to tell him! We were trying to figure out what a woman could say to a man that would be that insulting. We came up with nothing, so any help from 'my personal peanut gallery' would be appreciated! Not to use seriously, but as a comeback, since we BOTH know we'll hear that soon! (as a joke, of course).

So, Kat was telling me about some things Tiff's told her she wants for her wedding, and Kat told her last night "you've got a caviar taste on a bologna budget!". That's a good way to put it, I've only told her she has a champagne taste on a beer budget. And Tiff's done nothing lately but look through bridal magazines! Kat's the one she usually does that with, anyway, cuz Kat's her maid of honor. Kevin told me today when he called from work (yes, he calls me on his 2 breaks & lunch everyday, I think to make sure I haven't "done something stupid" and fell down, had a seizure, let the friendly neighborhood axe murderer know.) anyway, he said, all you have to do is nod & smile, and listen to what she says...someday she'll realize she isn't gonna get a ten thousand dollar wedding. :-)

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Truman's look-alike ...

i found this picture on the internet, & it looks just like Tru would've looked like as a kitten!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

later Thursday...
Here's a test I found...I answered it from my standpoint in the late 80's...I was 68% slut :-(
Also, I watched a great movie yesterday again..."Mr Destiny". I haven't seen that in forever, but it's one of the BEST!!

Thursday blog.,..

Okay...I've been writing mostly about things that happened "ago", when I was a whole person, before the ms reared its ugly head, and I gave up my driver's license in 2000. Because what I do now is sit at home, and I can't even leave the house by myself, for God's sake! At least I was diagnosed in late 1994, and kept working & driving until 1998! Grrrrrr!!
Alright...this just happened a couple nights ago...I can't figure out whether to laugh, or be worried...HELP!! Kevin said I was tossing and turning and kicking in bed the other night, which is really odd for me, cuz I sleep on my stomach and never move! So he woke me up enough to shove me over off his side of the queen-sized bed, and I told him quit, I'm in the middle of a dream. He said he asked me what I was dreaming about, and I mumbled something about the 'evil western society'! Holy crap!! Nobody embraces this 'evil western society' more than me! I won't even go camping at a campground! And I want to be 'wealthy', not rich!! So Kevin came in the other room last night while I was watching tv, and told me about that (I didn't even REMEMBER it!), and then he said he may have to call the FBI...because he thinks maybe this means I'm a "sleeper cell"!! HAHA! Then today he told me I had all the covers over on my side of the bed...and I told him "I KNOW that! You have got to quit pushing the covers over to MY side!" He just said ya, that's what it must fault again...I said, "I'm glad you know that..."
And this is my best, best friend! I'm really glad he puts up with me! A lot of guys don't, they leave shortly after their wife has been diagnosed with ms, because she won't be able to work after that, or take care of the kids or the house! I AM so glad I didn't know about this before I had Tiffany! Actually, one of the neurologists I saw at first looked at my mri brain scan, and said it looks like I've had this since I was a teenager! Wow. Glad I never knew, until I was 29! A month before I turned 30...happy birthday to me...I did actually have to go to an eye doctor back in, like, 1987, because I totally lost all of my peripheral vision, and that scared the shit out of me! Because that was when it was just me & Tiffany, and I HAD to have a job, and I had the job an hour north of here, as a department manager. So I went to the eye doctor, and he did all kinds of tests, like the one where they dilate your pupils, and the light kills you! And he didn't find anything, he said it was probably from stress. Which I could believe...but the vision came back a week later, and I never thought about it again. But now that I've read everything I can find about it, that seems like it was the first symptom. So I never had another symptom until fall of 1994, and my doctor sent me to a list of specialists...I looked at it with Kevin, and pointed to the neurologist and said, "I bet, unfortunately, that's the one that'll find what's wrong." sucks being 'psychic'.
Anyway, I'm done remembering that shit...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

old funny stuff...

Well, since nothing's going on around here today (thank GOD!!), I guess I'll just have to dig around in my memory for funny shit that happened, "ago". Cuz I don't even feel like thinking about anything serious today, much less writing about it!! Well, some stuff I wrote about awhile ago, about when Tiff was 6 and Kevin & I had just gotten married and before we bought this house OMG, we bought tihs house 15 years ago next month! So, we had bratwurst for dinner, and Kevin & I were clearing off the table, and I got an evil idea while Tiff was in the living room. I went in the bathroom and threw a cooked bratwurst in the toilet...a few minutes later, Tiff went in there to go to the bathroom (just as I thought...she wouldn't look in the toilet before she sat down), the next thing we heard was "Mommy!! I pooped a bratwurst!!" She's gonna kill me if she knew I wrote that! Then, once when Kevin's cousin & her family came up from Florida, and stayed at his mom & dad's house with their kids, Tiff was really close with Tricia (their daughter...same age), and they went outside after we all ate to jump on the trampoline in the backyard (& wouldn't that be a pretty sight if someone got sick!). So "Uncle Ken" & Kevin & I grabbed a couple of flashlights (hiding them under our shirts), & went outside, looking cautiously around. The girls noticed that, and started laughing and pointing..."HAHA! Look at the big babies!". Ken said "No...we're just looking for the jackal we heard was running around here." They freaked out for a second, then realized it was only Uncle Ken saying that, if it was dangerous to be out, Grandma & Grandpa wouldn't have let anyone out of the house. So, they went on jumping while we walked around to the front of the house. Then we walked up beside it so we could see the backyard, and Ken took 2 penlite flashlights, and held them up beside each other & turned them on, and yelled "Oh no, there's the jackal!" and all Tiff & Trish (about 10 yrs old) could see when they looked was the 2 lights that looked like eyes! Oh man, you never heard anybody scream like that ..."Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle Ken...!" Notice, they didn't call the women! Good thing, cuz I was rolling on the ground laughing, trying not to pee my pants!! And the one 4th of July that Tiff & her friends were outside playing with sparklers (about 9 years old), and Kevin & I decided to celebrate too, so I grabbed a handful of those little paper thingys that you don't light, you just throw them down hard, and they pop. I took them into the bathroom and put them under the toilet seat (ya, again with the toilet humor!) She came in a few minutes later and ran to the bathroom to pee, sat down, and all we heard was "POP" "POP" "POP" "POP"!! And "Mom! DAD!!" She yelled for 'dad' louder cuz she knew it was me that did it! But, lemme ask you? Is it not our job to do our best to embarrass our daughters, before they're teenagers, and they do it to us? N'est pas? I told my mom about the time I held up a box of 'fresh scent' douche in Wal-Mart, and yelled to her, about two aisles away, "Is this the flavor you wanted?"...My mom said "that's horrible! I never would've done that to you!" And I was thinking...'maybe THAT was the had zero sense of humor...' but, no, I did NOT say that!
Well, I'm ready for some tv, so I'm outta here!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, July 11, 2005


Well....the wedding reception...uhhhh....from what I heard, was a debacle...I have no other way to put it. All I know is my little 'Tiffany Pooh-Bear' got in a couple fights there, and someone called the cops on everybody outside fighting.....I did get outside confirmation that Tiff didn't start the fight...but she damn sure participated in it...her 'fiance' told her if she didn't quit being like that, he wasn't going to stick around for it. He used to be a punk-ass kid, with tattoos, great big holes in his ears from punk ear-piercing, but he's trying to close them up now, he's got at least one job at all times, mostly 2... he's getting out of that shit, and now she's being the punk-ass! Holy CRAP!! She doesn't need that shit! She got drunk and made an ass of herself that night, which we've all done at one time or another, DON'T jump into fights!! Anyway, there's a lot more, but I don't wanna get into it. At least nobody got arrested, nobody pressed charges. But I'm sure it was embarrassing for Kat, who was the dj, and I know Kev was floored when he got home and found out that when he saw the cops at the place the reception was, and I told him that his "little girl" was in the middle of the reason they were there!! Aww, damn. And today a guy came to the front door with a paper in his hand, and I was shaking as I went to the door...but, actually, it's a subpeona for her to be a witness in a case in September, that she and all her classmates called the cops about back when they were in school, because a guy was wandering the alleys up by their school, and he pulled his pants down and flashed them!! And he did this 3 or 4 different times!! And...this guy is married with kids, and lives on the next street over...quite a way from the downtown area! I told Tiff she had her cell phone in her hand, she should've taken a picture of him doing it!!
Anyway, I had some funny shit to write about today, but I can only remember one thing. The first time we gave Tiff a cell phone for Christmas one year, Kevin clipped it to a low branch on our (fake, of course) Christmas tree, and called it after she got done opening her other stuff! Now THAT was funny, cuz she had no clue what it was, or where it was!
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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Well, today was one of Tiff's friends weddings, and Tiff was in charge of the guest book. She was a little disappointed because she wasn't a bridesmaid, but she got over that, cuz she wasn't THAT good of a friend of hers. So, they'll have fun today. Kat (Kevin's sister) is the dj for the reception, Ken used to be a dj, and he passed all of his equipment to her for Christmas a few years ago when he decided he wanted to quit doing that, so she has all the lights, microphones, dj stands, computer music on her laptop, a lot of people are having her do their receptions, graduations, etc, and she loves it now! She's even done class reunions too. So, Tiff was running around here today getting ready to go. She & her friend had an argument yesterday on the phone, and Tiff wasn't even sure she wanted to go, much less do anything in it! Kat tried to call J for a week before she got a call back to set up the reception! And J was being a total bitch to Tiff on the phone yesterday! Tiff asked her what exactly J wanted her to wear (you know, the color, pants, skirt, dress, etc...), J said, very snottily, mind you, "I don't know why you're stressing about this. You're not really doing anything.". And when Tiff's called her before, to ask where exactly the church was, cuz the invitation didn't have directions on it, just the road (a long road, out in the country!), J told her "It's on that road, just like on the invitation!". When she found out Tiff was engaged, she never said congratulations, she said "Are you sure you want to do that?" Grrrrrrrr!!! I liked this girl, before she got engaged to her boyfriend! (a year ago). They've been friends since 10th grade or so...and J has dated this same guy since, like, 6th grade, and Tiff's been there for her every time this guy's gone out on J, but she's still her friend, even though a lot of J's other friends told her they won't go to her wedding to him. So....I guess maybe I didn't have TIME to be a 'bridezilla', we decided to get married on Wed night, & got married at city hall Friday!
Tiff was also talking about her own bachelorette party, and I said 'whattya mean? I didn't have one!!' Tiff just turned around and looked at me 'you didn't have time!' Kevin didn't have a bachelor party either, for the same reason...but, for our 10th anniversary, I gave him a great big bundle of one dollar bills, and arranged for some of his friends to come over and take him to a cool strip club in Columbus that weekend. So, I told him that was his 'belated' bachelor party! All I got was what my mom & Tiff, & Kev's mom did to our apartment while we were on our weekend honeymoon. You know, change labels on cans of food, short-sheet the bed, and, the #1 thing...cover the toilet (under the toilet seat) with Saran Wrap, so of course you couldn't see it, and your pee went all over the floor....
So, I remembered today about when Tiff was like one or two years old...I'd bring home a box of Lucky Charms for breakfast, and she'd run around the apartment yelling "Yucky Tarms, Yucky Tarms!!" And we still, to this day, call them that..but only in front of her;-) . And when I'd pick her up at the babysitters, after they'd had a big day playing, she'd of course, not want to leave, she'd want to stay and play (PWAY!!), and she'd cry while I was holding her, talking with the babysitter in the yard, and we could still see the other kids playing, I'd whisper to the babysitter 'she's just t-i-r-e-d.....' And Tiff would scream "I'm not TIRED!!" That spelling had to have come from my mom!! haha! But, we saw both of Tiff's babysitters (separately) at stores a few years ago, and I & Tiffany got to go up and give them both hugs, and tell them 'thanks!'.That was really neat! Her very first babysitter's husband works for my brother at his construction company, & I still see her sometimes. She babysat when Tiff was really a baby, 2 or 3 months old. And she actually used to wake Tiffany up so she could rock her to sleep!! But her kids had already BEEN babies, and she missed that!
Okay, outta here....
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Friday, July 08, 2005


Another really great time we had on a vacation,a real one this time...for a week! Not just a weekend! We packed up my little green Geo Metro (a 2-door...and, it was only a 3-cylinder!!). I loved that car, it was so good on gas, and it was just a good car to drive! Plus it was absolutely the very first brand new car I had ever had any say in picking it out, and stuff (you know...I want this, I don't want that, I want this color, I don't like that color). And I drove it off the lot with Kev in the passenger seat & Tiff in the backseat! With, like, 12 miles on the odometer!! And I picked green, to match mine & Tiff's eyes! I had originally wanted dark purple, but, we asked about that, and it turned out that would cost a couple thousand to get one painted that color. And I said 'nahhhhh...I'm just a cheapskate!'. (besides, it wouldn't have matched our!
So we got in the car & headed to South Carolina, Kevin & I in the front seats & Tiffany in the back, just about buried under the stuff we couldn't fit in the back/trunk! So Kev & I were talking to each other a lot, ya know, look at that, look at that,when I looked back to see what Tiff thought about something...she had her headphones of her cd player on and was just be-boppin' to herself ('Mmmmm-Bop' by Hanson!). So we stayed overnight one night on the way there, at just a regular motel (motel 6 or something like that), and Tiff was all tired & bitchy by then, and she was like 'Eeeeeeeewwwwwww....I don't wanna sleep HERE!' I KNEW she'd been around my mom & dad too much! Of course, she WAS 13 or 14 by then, soooooo...
We got to the place in Myrtle Beach we'd had reservations at for about a month, and it was THE BEST! We had a 2 bedroom suite on the 7th floor with a kitchen! And it was right on the beach, with a balcony! So we let Tiff have the front room looking out on the ocean, with the balcony & sliding glass doors and all. We were poking around, and all of a sudden Tiffany yells, "Mom!! It's a STORK!!" My first thought was "Oh, dear God, please let it keep going?" But then we went in her room & looked and it was a great big pelican, and there were a bunch of them hanging around! lol~!! We did everything that week! Played mini-golf, went to the Hard Rock Cafe (I don't think it's even there anymore), the Nascar Cafe (that either...), everywhere! But I think Tiffany's highlight of the trip was going to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum! Some of it was gross, but Tiff would say "Neat! Mom & Dad, c'mere! Look!!" And we walked down the midway a lot!! (and spent a lot of money on the stupid games!). I actually thought about having my bellybutton pierced there, but decided not to when I got a glimpse of the people doing it! (no, I brilliantly waited til we were here...and a guy named 'Fester' did it!!). So, we were there at least a week, then stopped in Darlington (Kev's a Nascar freak, remember?). OMG, I HATE that town, it's just a disgusting, dirty, skanky little town. We rode around and I finally begged 'please, get us outta here?'. Kev did, but said I should probably go at race time, I wouldn't BELIEVE how big it is then! This whole vacation, from central OH to Myrtle Beach, all over down there, & back cost in gas? less than $50.00, do you believe that shit??? This was, I think, 1994!!
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different template...

Well, this is SO much better!! I HATE pink, and I have absolutely NO idea why I picked that out the first time. Well, I guess it's cuz I had no idea what I was doing! I LOVE lighthouses, this fits me. A few years ago(well, more than a few...I think it was a couple summers after I was diagnosed with ms), Kevin & I took Tiffany and went up to Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie, and that was one of the best days I ever had! The Coast Guard was there, and they had the lighthouse open, and were letting people walk up, and through the lighthouse. And Kevin isn't a huge fan of heights, so...Tiff and I walked up the 90-100 steps to the top, and stood on the top, and waved down to Kevin while he took our pictures! You know it was 'a few years ago', if I walked up that many steps without falling back down them! That was a memorable day! After we were in Marblehead, we went over to Port Clinton, and went on the beach and fed bread to the seagulls...then across the street and played in the park...then went and got ice cream cones from a Dairy Queen, and as we were standing there, we saw a Stealth plane fly over! I can't believe we saw it, it really WAS almost invisible. If you looked away for 1 second, you lost sight of it! I took Tiff up to Port Clinton a lot that summer. We had a blast! And she was only about 9 or 10, and the teenage attitude hadn't showed up yet! We laughed all the time, and I remember telling her, "This is great, I love it, Tiffany! And I'm especially enjoying it, because you'll probly decide you hate my guts in a few years!" And she died laughing, and said, "Oh, Mommy, no way!"
Holy crap!
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Thursday, July 07, 2005

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Hey...hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!
I've just been thinking back over all the coincidences between Kevin & myself, and there are so many, it's almost scary!
Kevin and I were both at the same middle school, at the same time, he was in the 6th grade when I was in the seventh, etc. because, of course I'm a year older. Then when I got into the 10th grade of high school, I absolutely hated it! Why? Well...I took French I in 9th grade. I did okay in it, but wasn't all into it and everything. And I had accelerated math in 9th grade too, and that was the same, did well, but not excited about it. So, I didn't choose to take French II, but when I got to 10th grade, guess what! Yes, it was on my schedule! So, I didn't say anything, I took it, and hated it. I also took geometry that year, but, I just plain didn't get it. So I purposely flunked the middle-of-the-year test in that class, and was able to get out of that class...when I started the 11th grade, I came in and my schedule had French III and geometry II! Man, I just about hit the ceiling! *(this is a really long road, but I SWEAR it's going somewhere meaningful!)* So, I went home and told Mom I WAS NOT going to go back to that school! Then I went out and got enrolled in the Career Center school in our town, enrolled in the data processing class, and that was good! And I didn't know this, but Kevin went there the next year (I was a sr, he was a jr!), but I never once even saw him! Of course, he was in a totally different part of the building, taking the meat-cutting class, but still...I swear, I saw almost everyone out there over the years! Except Kevin, of course! Believe me, I would've remembered him...(& his cute little butt! lol). I met him after I had graduated & gotten married (to the wrong person, of course! teenage girls, sheesh!), had Tiffany, & left the *hole, & got a job. So, my best friend at the time was sitting at the front of the store with me...I said "Who's that??" Joe said "It's just Kevin *" and I told Joe "Man! I am IN LOVE!!" Joe just rolled his eyes at me (good practice for when Tiff got to be a teenager, huh?). So, I worked with Kev at that store for a year or so, til I transferred to the other one. And, by then, Kevin & I had become good friends, and he told me I was going to hate that other store...I didn't believe him. Then, after I transferred to 2 or 3 other stores over the next 4 years (at the company's request this time). Then I got transferred back home, and Kevin was still at this store, so I totally developed a big bad crush on him, but kept it quiet, cuz I was scared of his heifer girlfriend he'd had since high school. So, that's how it all went...
So here's like, what is the weirdest coincidence I ever noticed....the 'ex-girlfriend from hell's' mom (or, 'the heifer's mom'!), ex-husband's cousin!! I almost fell over when Kevin & I put that together! Also...I prefer to think of these as coicidences, but maybe we were just being stalked, but...before we were married, Kevin had given her a part part time job as his meat dept demo person, so later on, she had that to put on her resume. God knows, she needed something! She always quit jobs after a month or two cuz she was so whiny & thought they should always give her the hours she wanted! Anyway...after Kev and I had been married for about 5 years, I got the job as produce manager of a brand new store in this town that had just been built! And it was the dream job!! The new meat manager that had been hired to work there was Kevin's boss at the place we used to work at, and that was neat! Then, we had a meeting of all employees at that store a week before we opened it, and guess what...ex-girlfriend from hell was working there too, as the meat wrapper!! Soooo....I worked there anyway, for like another few years (heifer quit or was fired sometime in there, don't remember...), the store closed, I found another job at a store an hour north, worked there for 9 months, came back & took the job at the phone co. Then realized HER SISTER had just gotten hired there! So, after I'd been there about 3 years, I found out that HEIFER GOT HIRED!! OMG!! This was getting too pathetic...but I still stayed for another year, til I had to retire on SS disability! OK...I'm tired...thinking too much, I guess...
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Monday, July 04, 2005

ooooohhhhhh, i'm SO PISSED!!!!

OMG!!! I just had a whole post done on here, then was checking for spelling (bad habit I picked up in school, ya know...), then hit a key wrong or something, and it was gone forever. Oh well, hope the cyber-genie enjoys it...
Anyway, we didn't do a lot this weekend, well, Tiff & Ricky & everybody else did. They all went camping at a campground about a half hour away from here, and we went over & hung out with all of 'em for a couple of hours. Kevin's mom & dad, and about 25 people from everywhere (their extended family), & Kat & her husband and their 4 year old twins, & Ken...we had a great time! That's why I love my in-laws (yes, I do!)...they aren't all 'bitey', and 'hatey' with each other...they actually are like me! Give people the benefit of the doubt before they jump down your throat. old idea...that nobody tries anymore. BTW, Ken & Kat are Kev's younger brother & sister. And I have this crazy theory that if there are 3 kids in the family, the oldest one is the most serious & responsible, and not outgoing at all, and the younger ones are the outgoing & fun, 'i don't care' type...that's what I've seen in Kev's & my family, and it's been like that in a lot of others I've known. So, maybe that's why Kev & I get along so well....I'm the youngest of 3, he's the oldest of 3 (he did get the smartass mouth that I love, too)...his sister's the youngest of their family with the 2 older brothers, I'm the youngest of 3 with 2 older brothers...and, yes, we all fit the profile! Because my closest older brother (he was only 11 when I was born! my oldest brother was 13 when I was born!) taught me how to burp really super-loud when I was probly 7 or 8....and I've carefully honed and mastered the skill since then, and passed my 'legacy' on to my daughter, Tiffany Leigh! Because that's all I've got to leave her, until I quit getting rejection slips from publishers or magazines! But here's the strange of the other cashiers that worked at the store with us,(this is the first place I worked, and Kevin worked in the meat department), whenever we used to go to the back of the store to take a break, we'd wait til the metal swinging doors off the sales floor closed, and then have a huge burping contest! We'd be about 25-30 feet into the backroom, and you could STILL hear us on the sales floor! And, of course, we were a couple of 19 & 20 year old girls, not skanky looking or anything...very innocent...haha. And that's how Kev & I first met...I always say he was just SO impressed with that, he just couldn't resist me! Of course, Dorko, I know you'll recognize this..that was when he was still with his first girlfriend, the 'flying heifer'! Phew! I must have just dazzled him with my unique talents! Oh...and maybe the fact that I was about 100 lbs lighter..(shhhh).
Okay...time for bed....g'nite, all!
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Friday, July 01, 2005

later Thurs...

...sorry...I got cut off by my stupid keyboard., we haven't had time to talk together, but Tiff came home after work with one of her friends and her friend's baby (no, Tiff is definitely not pregnant..[phew]), and a little bit later Ricky came over too, so I told him congratulations, & nice ring, and all that. Then they left, and I'm still sitting here, trying to get my mind around it. Thankfully, Tiff said they're not planning to get married til August 06...phew, again! Good, she didn't take after me...Kevin and I were engaged for exactly 62 1/2 HOURS! But, at least we worked together & were good friends for 5 years first! Tiff & Ricky have been going out since last September...well, it could be a LOT, he IS younger than her, by a year, and that actually runs in the family...I'm a litte over a year older than Kev, his sister is 4 years older than her husband, and they've been together 13 years, married for 8, and Kev's brother is 37, and his girlfriend (ladyfriend?) is 41. And we actually like Ricky a lot, he's nice, treats her good, sometimes they've just sat here and watched movies with us...he just has the young guy mindset. You know, they always know everything, etc...but at least he never tries to boss her around. I STILL think she shouldn't get married until after she has gotten her own apartment, lived on her own, all that...say, 25 years old or so...but...what do I know? I'm only her mom, after all. Oh, and today when they were all here, Tiff asked me to show them all our dvd, you know, the one I gave Kev for our 15th anniversary, that shows the news clip from when we were on tv at the mall in Columbus with the news, and the news gut asked Kev what he was getting me for Valentine's Day, and Kev whispered to him...that we were getting married for Valentine's Day, and I didn't hear that, but the guy ran over to the camera & told everyone ELSE in central Ohio!!
Okay, it's starting to storm and I need to get off here...
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