Tuesday, July 26, 2005

perfect matches?

I always thought it was really stupid when people said 'opposites attract' about couples. I'd kinda laugh to myself and think 'yeah, right!' since I always went out with guys who were as outgoing as me. But, obviously, it never worked.
So, Kevin and I actually started going out because one of our mutual friends was sitting in the break room at work talking to both of us, then Kev went back to his department, and I (watched his ass all the way out of the breakroom) looked at Mike after he left, and said 'I'd give my left TIT to go out with him!' He said ask him out then. I said I'd probably have to get in line, cuz he'd just broken up with his 'ex-girlfriend from hell' about 3 months ago, and everyone wanted him at that store! So we laughed, changed the subject, etc...Mike left the breakroom before I did, and on my way back to my dept, walked past the meat dept, and saw Mike & Kev in there talking. So, Kev called me at home that night & asked me to go out & shoot pool with him! 'And the rest is history', as they say...
Anyway...now that I'm a 'grown-up' (sorta), I've met tons of people, and the more I know about them, the more I see that couples that are the happiest, are the ones that don't seem to have ANYTHING in common...except the marriage license!
Mine & Kevin's minor differences weren't even noticed by either one of us a long time ago, just the big ones...I had a daughter, he had no kids; I was super-outgoing, he didn't talk to anyone he didn't know; he didn't drink (just cuz he never wanted to), but I was known around the company (at every store!:-( ) for my 'lushness'. When we went to the company's Christmas party, one of my friends ran over to our table and plopped down a bottle of tequila in front of me and said "Merry Christmas!"; he's the oldest in his family of 3 kids, I'm the youngest in a family of 3 kids; etc...we were talking about this a couple years ago, and Kev said "You complement me, that's why it works." I was just a smartass back though, and I said "I never compliment you! Are you crazy?" haha....
We still don't have much of the same likes...when I used to work at Verizon, I hated the computer, but I loved talking to the customers & fixing their problems; of course, Kevin's there now, & he loves the computer part of it, likes fixing problems, but totally dislikes talking to customers! I even told my supv when I worked there that 'this is a job for Kevin, not me! I hate computers!'. 7 years later I was retired from there on disability, and Kev was there, working for that same guy!! Also, I read books all the time; Kevin reads his X-Box magazine, his Maxim, etc. This was actually one of the first Christmases I didn't get him a Playboy...because I told him it wouldn't be right...those women were only old enough to be his daughters now! He likes the summer sports best (Nascar), I like NFL football...
Alright...that's my theory...what thoughts are out there?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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