Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Okay...I've been writing mostly about things that happened "ago", when I was a whole person, before the ms reared its ugly head, and I gave up my driver's license in 2000. Because what I do now is sit at home, and I can't even leave the house by myself, for God's sake! At least I was diagnosed in late 1994, and kept working & driving until 1998! Grrrrrr!!
Alright...this just happened a couple nights ago...I can't figure out whether to laugh, or be worried...HELP!! Kevin said I was tossing and turning and kicking in bed the other night, which is really odd for me, cuz I sleep on my stomach and never move! So he woke me up enough to shove me over off his side of the queen-sized bed, and I told him quit, I'm in the middle of a dream. He said he asked me what I was dreaming about, and I mumbled something about the 'evil western society'! Holy crap!! Nobody embraces this 'evil western society' more than me! I won't even go camping at a campground! And I want to be 'wealthy', not rich!! So Kevin came in the other room last night while I was watching tv, and told me about that (I didn't even REMEMBER it!), and then he said he may have to call the FBI...because he thinks maybe this means I'm a "sleeper cell"!! HAHA! Then today he told me I had all the covers over on my side of the bed...and I told him "I KNOW that! You have got to quit pushing the covers over to MY side!" He just said ya, that's what it must fault again...I said, "I'm glad you know that..."
And this is my best, best friend! I'm really glad he puts up with me! A lot of guys don't, they leave shortly after their wife has been diagnosed with ms, because she won't be able to work after that, or take care of the kids or the house! I AM so glad I didn't know about this before I had Tiffany! Actually, one of the neurologists I saw at first looked at my mri brain scan, and said it looks like I've had this since I was a teenager! Wow. Glad I never knew, until I was 29! A month before I turned 30...happy birthday to me...I did actually have to go to an eye doctor back in, like, 1987, because I totally lost all of my peripheral vision, and that scared the shit out of me! Because that was when it was just me & Tiffany, and I HAD to have a job, and I had the job an hour north of here, as a department manager. So I went to the eye doctor, and he did all kinds of tests, like the one where they dilate your pupils, and the light kills you! And he didn't find anything, he said it was probably from stress. Which I could believe...but the vision came back a week later, and I never thought about it again. But now that I've read everything I can find about it, that seems like it was the first symptom. So I never had another symptom until fall of 1994, and my doctor sent me to a list of specialists...I looked at it with Kevin, and pointed to the neurologist and said, "I bet, unfortunately, that's the one that'll find what's wrong." sucks being 'psychic'.
Anyway, I'm done remembering that shit...

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