Tuesday, July 19, 2005

kinda boring day...

This has to be my favorite picture of the 3 of us! This is when we got married at City Hall, and Tiffany was my flower girl!
It's finally not hot here!! I still can't wait til fall, though...that's my totally favorite time of year! Of course, that's when Halloween is, too, and I LOVE that time! We had a "haunted porch" out front one year, and scared the shit out of every kid around! That was in 1992, and we had only lived in this house less than 2 years. I took a day before Halloween, and put those fakey spiderwebs all over the porch. Then Ken & his girlfriend, Kathy & Benji, came over and helped Kevin & I finish. So the next day we all got dressed up, (I had a big scary monster mask, Kev was the grim reaper, Ken made his face look all goopy with liquid latex (that stuff is magic!), Benji was a monster too, & Ken's girlfriend Jill was the bride of Frankenstein, and Ken had part of his dj setup out there too, a microphone hooked up to a giant speaker! And Jill is the BEST 'screamer' ever!! Oh, and Tiff & Kat were down by the front sidewalk stirring a pot of 'witches brew', (water & dry ice), and they were dressed like witches. So, at first it wasn't dark at all, but we had lots of kids come through...cuz we had the porch partitioned off like a maze, with black plastic, so they got scared by a different monster every time they turned a corner! Mix a few screams over the microphone, and the smaller kids couldn't get out of there fast enough! Actually, one of the 'witches' in the yard had to chase them down to give them their candy!! That was some of the most FUN!! And people 3 blocks over heard Jill's screams!
So, a few years later we didn't do it, cuz it was....guess what, snowing!! And Tiff was really disappointed (cuz she & I have sweatshirts that say "The Boo Crew"). So I got my monster mask on, and my black gown(?) on, and we went down the street & saw almost nobody trick-or-treating. But...it worked out perfect! Nobody would believe I was the mom, & they all said they had all this candy to get rid of, so my bag got filled too!
The Halloween after the war started in Afghanistan, we didn't do anything weird like that, but, Kat & Benji brought the twins over (but they weren't even a year old yet). And after all the trick-or-treaters got done, somebody knocked on the door, I opened it, & it was a cop! He said somebody had reported that this house gave him an Afghan bill of money!! We all died laughing!! Turns out some guy down the street did it, cuz his boss had given them out at work!! But, I called the police station the next day, and asked if there was a report of it...there was, so I asked her to mail me a copy, and after SHE got done laughing, she did!

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