Saturday, July 30, 2005

old shit (and I DO mean that...)

Doesn't everybody have this key on their computer, or am I just weird?

When I first started working at the store as a cashier, (1985) I made a lot of friends right away, and we always had a great time together, whether working, or going out partying. We all got along really good (with some 'minor' disagreements...possibly more on those later). One Halloween, our head cashier had a big Halloween party for everyone out in her garage. And everybody was dressed like their 'most memorable' customer at the store...pretty mean, I know now that I'm old enough to have a conscience. Because that store was really close to a poor section of town...we had to deal with shoplifters, welfare fraud, etc every day! So here we go...I went to the party as the really old man who s*** his pants all the way through the store (feel bad about it now, but..), no kidding he did! And wiped his butt with the paper grocery ads and left them around the store. So, I was dressed like him, and, since I was in charge of receiving any grocery deliveries at the back door from sales guys (potato chips, Little Debbie cakes, milk, ice cream), I had asked all vendors to donate some treats for the party, the Little Debbie guy came through for me, and, I had a bunch of Little Debbie brownies that I'd drop behind me everywhere I walked at the party! And one of my friends, another cashier, dressed like a gypsy, because some gypsies came in when nobody was watching the front office (zoinks!), and stole about $500.00 from the safe. Another great friend (still see her & talk to her a lot, even though she lives in S Carolina), dressed up like another old man that used to come in a few times a week...he always dragged one of those wire-type carts behind him, and never talked. So she had a cart like that & was dressed like him. Everybody was at the party from the store. I still have a picture of all of us in a group...guess who are right in the front...Kevin & me! Even though we hadn't known each other very long, I STILL had a crush on him, ya know? (one of those love-at-first-sight kinda things...the only problem was that he didn't KNOW it yet!).
So, I don't know if I wrote anything about this before, but, Kev's brother Ken, worked at the store too. I actually met him before I met Kevin! Ken was a stockboy at the store, and we actually had at least one major fight at work...I was in charge one night when we closed (at 9 pm...loooooong ago), and I had the trash ready to go out to the dumpster, and Ken was pissed at me for some reason (I seemed to have that effect on people, didn't I?) and didn't take it out. So, I wrote him up for that, he got in trouble by the manager, blaah, blaah, blaah. Anyway, it's still brought up once in a while! But, the funniest part of this whole thing was....when the old man was in the store walking around with 'poopballs' falling out of his pantslegs, Ken heard about it, & immediately ran to the front of the store & clocked out for his 15 min break! Meanwhile, the assistant store managers were running around with boxes (that were already cut open & empty), putting them over each pile of poop!! Of course, they soon realized "where's Ken??", and break was over!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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