Sunday, July 17, 2005

stupid useless knowledge that's taking up all my brain space...

Okay, here goes...
#1. I still remember EVERY single phone number I've had in my life....even my 2 best friend's numbers in kindergarten!
#2. The band called '3 Dog Night' is actually named after a cold night in the old Australian outback...when it was really cold in the 'long ago' there, the 'nomads' there used to sleep with dingos "the dingo ate your baby', yeah, that kind...and when it was really cold out, it was a three dog night!
#3. The 'funny bone' is not a bone at all, but a nerve in your upper arm. And, I don't know if this has anything to do with the name, but the bone in your upper arm is called the 'humerus'.
#4. And the back of your skull is called the 'occipital lobe'.
#5. I've always been good with grammer & spelling.
#6. People are now buying bigger houses. Not so much for their kids, because we're having smaller families, but because we're buying too much 'stuff', and we need someplace to put it.
#7. Most illegal immigrants can easily get a legal driver's license...which ought to be wrong...they've already broken one law by being here illegally, and aren't we just asking them to break one more? And who knows how many else they could do?
#8. Our kids are being abused at an alarming rate, whether by sexual predators, or their family members. Why aren't these people in prison? And the family members who have their children taken away because the parents abuse them...well, why are they given first chance to have the kids back? Why should the kids not go to a family that wants them, and doesn't think they're 'in the way'?
Okay...some of these are NOT things I know, but things I'd like answers to.
#9. Why do some think that a 'partial-birth abortion' isn't murder? I honestly think there should be a 'cut-off' time that you can have an abortion, like maybe 3 months. After that, it could possibly be a 'viable fetus', and could be saved if it was born.
#10. I worked with a family of Italian people, and the Mama of the family (of 8 sons!) told me that the secret to good spaghetti sauce is chicken broth in it. And that is VERY true!! Even though it doesn't sound like it 'fits' in traditional 'spaghetti sauce', it helps the taste!
#11. I was told by a produce driver once that most, if not all, produce companies are owned by Italians or Jewish people. And, thinking that over, he was right, in my experience!
#12. Most people are essentially 'nice'.
#13. But some older people think they know everything, and insist "their way is better" and young people know nothing.
#14. Sometimes they're right.
#15. But, lots of older people have neat stories to tell, but nobody to tell them to.
#16. What God do radical Islamists pray to (not to be confused with the Muslims, who live among us, and want the same things we want)?
#17. Because no God I know of, whether it's Jesus Christ, God, Allah, whatever you call God, WANTS people to kill anyone! People would be punished for that.
#18. Why have more wars in the history of the world been fought in the name of religion?
#19. And exactly what is right about the term "holy war"?
#20. Does anybody that kills in God's name honestly think that if God really wanted those people dead, he NEEDS their help?
#21. I remember when Tiff & I actually DID see a ufo! I thought it wasn't real at first, but the next day they found the 'Heaven's Gate' cult members dead, because they had said they were going to go with the ufo to the Hale-Bopp comet, which was also in our area at the time.
#22. Do our personalities come from 'nature or nurture'? Because I, like many people, have friends who were raised in the worst possible situations, and they are wonderful, caring people, and raise their kids great!
#23. Why do guys waste so much of their energy when they're cleaning something, bitching about it? Women instinctively seem to know that bitching gets nothing done,DOING does it!!
#24. Why did the Supreme Court vote that the 'eminent domain' laws meant the government could take your land and pay you 'a fair market price' (according to them), and then sell it to a developer so they could build some stores to bring in tax revenue?
#25. Did anyone think that it was going to cause a horrible problem if you or your kids were hit by sunlight back in 1994, when we had the full solar eclipse in the middle of the day? Of COURSE, you didn't want your kids going to the window, and looking at the sun, but, why did some schools (Tiff's elementary school!) cover the windows? Which is the reason I went to work at 2 am (an hour north), and got home at noon, so she could learn something about science! We had gone to a planetarium the week before, & got the things to watch it with....if I had been a science teacher, that would have been the lesson of a lifetime!!
#26. Why doesn't anybody ever sue the ACLU, because they're taking the freedoms away from the Christians in this country? Not to mention the fact that they also support 'NAMBLA'. (you know, the website for child porn...the national man/boy love association).
#27. Diabetes has to be one of the worst diseases to live with every day. I thank God I and nobody in my family has it.
#28. Does nobody in the music or movie industries have ANY knowledge of their own anymore? New movies are usually remakes of old (War Of The Worlds [much better heard & imagined], Bewitched, The Dukes Of Hazzard, etc.). And all of the music Tiff listens to (some rap, some pop), USED to be our generation's REAL music! But now it's been redone...
#29. I think the group Nirvana was the downfall of this generation...nuff said...oh, and Kurt Cobain wasn't a hero....
#30. Why can't we all just get along? ;-) People are always different from you, and they always WILL be, so, mind your own business!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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