Monday, July 04, 2005

ooooohhhhhh, i'm SO PISSED!!!!

OMG!!! I just had a whole post done on here, then was checking for spelling (bad habit I picked up in school, ya know...), then hit a key wrong or something, and it was gone forever. Oh well, hope the cyber-genie enjoys it...
Anyway, we didn't do a lot this weekend, well, Tiff & Ricky & everybody else did. They all went camping at a campground about a half hour away from here, and we went over & hung out with all of 'em for a couple of hours. Kevin's mom & dad, and about 25 people from everywhere (their extended family), & Kat & her husband and their 4 year old twins, & Ken...we had a great time! That's why I love my in-laws (yes, I do!)...they aren't all 'bitey', and 'hatey' with each other...they actually are like me! Give people the benefit of the doubt before they jump down your throat. old idea...that nobody tries anymore. BTW, Ken & Kat are Kev's younger brother & sister. And I have this crazy theory that if there are 3 kids in the family, the oldest one is the most serious & responsible, and not outgoing at all, and the younger ones are the outgoing & fun, 'i don't care' type...that's what I've seen in Kev's & my family, and it's been like that in a lot of others I've known. So, maybe that's why Kev & I get along so well....I'm the youngest of 3, he's the oldest of 3 (he did get the smartass mouth that I love, too)...his sister's the youngest of their family with the 2 older brothers, I'm the youngest of 3 with 2 older brothers...and, yes, we all fit the profile! Because my closest older brother (he was only 11 when I was born! my oldest brother was 13 when I was born!) taught me how to burp really super-loud when I was probly 7 or 8....and I've carefully honed and mastered the skill since then, and passed my 'legacy' on to my daughter, Tiffany Leigh! Because that's all I've got to leave her, until I quit getting rejection slips from publishers or magazines! But here's the strange of the other cashiers that worked at the store with us,(this is the first place I worked, and Kevin worked in the meat department), whenever we used to go to the back of the store to take a break, we'd wait til the metal swinging doors off the sales floor closed, and then have a huge burping contest! We'd be about 25-30 feet into the backroom, and you could STILL hear us on the sales floor! And, of course, we were a couple of 19 & 20 year old girls, not skanky looking or anything...very innocent...haha. And that's how Kev & I first met...I always say he was just SO impressed with that, he just couldn't resist me! Of course, Dorko, I know you'll recognize this..that was when he was still with his first girlfriend, the 'flying heifer'! Phew! I must have just dazzled him with my unique talents! Oh...and maybe the fact that I was about 100 lbs lighter..(shhhh).
Okay...time for bed....g'nite, all!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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