Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday night/Monday morning...

Okay, this is the front of the barn in the alley! It does look out of place there, but I'm glad it didn't ever get torn down!
And I just think this is an awesome picture of these trees! It's right down the street from the one up there!
And this used to be (I don't know, maybe it still is) a bed & breakfast, & it's about a mile west from my house! I went at least a mile Friday...I had a lot of fun, met some neat people, saw a cute 18-year old boy with a really grabbable ass...I gotta get out more!!
Anyway, I got some good pictures of neat old houses, lots of really good flowers! Bro called yesterday...he said, "How's the weather there?", and I was like, "You're in Scottsdale, dammit!!!" And actually, our weather here was much better than theirs!! It's only about 80 degrees in the day, and it's been raining around 5 - 8 pm every evening, so it hasn't been totally humid out! Meanwhile, Bro's right outside Phoenix, and it's about 114 degrees there! Bleeaahh! Who cares if he's in an air-conditioned condo with a pool? Do they have any color except brown out there? Sorry, I don't mean to put it down, but...I feel like maybe I got ms so I'd slow my ass down, and take a real look at all the neat stuff here, instead of just wanting to leave this 'boring' town! Of course, he has a motorcycle out there, so it's not like they're just sitting around inside! I know they have a favorite restaurant out there in Cave Creek, called "The Horny Toad", and a few months ago he brought me and Tif t-shirts from there! But, no, I haven't worn it out on my scooter!
Anyway, I did ride about a mile west through town was gorgeous and sunny out when I left around 2:30, but I was about 1/2 mile from here when the 'severe thunderstorm or tornado' siren went off!! It wasn't raining or anything, but it sure was getting windy & cloudy! I probably looked like Mrs Gulch (Wizard of Oz bike woman!) coming home!!
I went past an older guy looking out his front door, and he said "you better hurry up, you'll get wet!". I yelled, I'm not worried about that! I'm worried about getting struck by lightning! LOL! But I made it home before it started raining, got my scooter inside the back door, went to the front door, and it was like one solid sheet of rain!! And I heard later on the weather channel that we got 3/4 inch hail in the north part of the county!~!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

...and what a friggin' start to a new week...

A smowball bush!! I haven't seen one of these since I was a little kid, and we all went to Grandma's farm every Sunday!! Only the one at Grandma's was about twice as big as this one!! And the funniest thing that happened with it was when Boo's older sister got a minibike for her birthday, and she let Boo ride it after a lot of begging by Boo, and she rode it right straight into the bush!!
Here's the promised Japanese maple tree,called a bloodred. Now you can see why I was floored when I saw it!

And I just love the color grouping of these! Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain (it's supposed to! But it was supposed to all day today, too...and you see how it looks!!), I'm going west again, there's plenty of streets down that way, like the Underground Railroad houses are on! 'Course, when I was young (teenager), 'tougher' kids lived in the north & west of town. But, whatever, they were still our friends!
I was down at the Shop & Save grocery store today...stuff is SO cheap there! I mean, their produce, and stuff like Little Debbie snacks, & frozen know, stuff you can get anywhere, anyway. The produce dept looks a lot like the first one I ran! And every time I'm in there, all I can do is think, 'Oh, that shouldn't be there, the colors are all wrong for the rack, in that order'...or...'when they're splitting the case between vegetables & fruits, those are NOT the ones they oughtta use, they should use these, It would look SO much better!' But, no, I don't touch it...I can remember how pissed off I would've gotten!!
Oh, wow, I just turned around and looked out the door, and itis pouring down rain!! Actually, i just heard it thunder, so I'm done on here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what a weekend...

Meant to start my steroids at the end of last week, but the new neuro is on vaca....(from what, I ask ya??)...didnt call cleveland, cuz they wouldn't prescribe til they saw me )I have ms, okay? Let me promise you,. any recent changes are NOT going to be good! But I do already have an an appt for the 15th. So, I settled in for a little 'dr shopping' myself. I called my pcp, and talked to a receptionist there I don't even know fakkrissakkes! But I think she heard the desperation (bordering on tears) in my voice to find a dr that knows me, what I've dealt with..that might maybe please prescribe rhe iv Katie starts typing an im to the dr, explaining everything (everything!) She is so sweet! She said she'd call me back as soon as she got a message back, and I hadn't even been off the phone long enough to light a smoke! That was on purpose, I know! Even paranoids are sometimes right, you know. Anyway, she called and said he'd be happy to, his only problem was he didn't know anything about dosage, how to give them....I told Katie, "don't worrry i'll tell you all gotta pen ready? So I gave her the name of the supplier. the girl's name I work with there)she told katie; we've been wondering where she was! Then the supplier called the nurse who comes here once day for an hour a day for 3 days in a row, it took her about 10 minutes to get nurses to come here on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday !!WOOHOO!! These people are some of the best & most professional prople I've ever worked with! I'd tell ya who, but it's an Ohio only in, the guys that deliver the med stuff drive a van for deliveries, and they're always in kind of a hurry, cuz they're on the way to Toledo, or Cincy! Now THAT's a job I would have loved!! God bless these people!, and all the nurses! (& receptionists!). Doctors would be nothing without them., and I resent the drs that don't feel that way! Okay, today was the first day...I'll keep ya posted!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is supposed to be the best day of the year...

Okay...the pictures of the fence on here are from last year too...this is right next to the lake/fountain I had on here the other day...both of these pictures are behind the huge house on stilts, which you really can hardly see from the street when the trees have leaves!
And these are just a cool group of flowers & plants!

...oh well, I ice cream company got somebody to do an equation (looks like a physicist's work, but I doubt if they really spent that much money!) that explains that today is the best day of the year, and why it is!!

Something about it's the longest day of the year, sunny, to combat that stupid seasonal affective disorder, which I'm totally SURE I have, summer solstice, upcoming holiday, and all that! Oh, and there's supposed to be more social interaction, and all that! Don't know if it could really be true, but it's an interesting little 'factoid'!
Actually, they also said that there was a real scientific fact that says that the happiest people in the world are the very young & the very old. Now that one I can understand! And it also said that it showed that the most unhappy people on earth are Americans of the age of 44! Great...there's 6 months to go for can I ever get "lower"??

Yesterday I rode down a different street from the ones I'm usually on, & it's the ONLY fucking time I EVER went out without my camera, and I saw SO much stuff there that I'm going back there today with my camera! I can't BELIEVE I left without it yesterday! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! (that's a Tigger growl). Anyway, I was stopped in front of one house, actually spellbound by how gorgeous this little tree is. Right then a guy pulled up in front of the house, and I asked him what kind it is, and we just sat there and talked about it for awhile, and he said it was a Chinese elm...well, I came home & looked on here & it looks more like a Japanese maple!! I'll put a picture on here when I get's actually called a bloodgood Japanese maple. Because it's so red...unless its branches were used years ago by Japanese warriors to kill people with...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, well, I kinda boogered it up by putting two of the same pictures on here...but what better two to do, huh?
It's SO hard to believe that Tiff & Tru's pictures are from 7 years ago! Why in the world does it hafta go so friggin' fast??

Yeah, I know...I sound like an old lady...I'm having a "melancholy" week here...(don't I sound smart when I use big words like that??)

I have a question for y'all....(and don't I sound like an idiot when I use that??)
Does it seem to anyone else that 'midlife crises' happen to men more often than to women? I'm talking about major midlife crises, where a guy leaves his wife of 20 years for a slut who is nearly his kid's age. I think I hear a lot more of that happening than I do the other way around. I mean, I hear about women having midlife crises, (God, don't I know those happen!) But, for some reason, women seek help in the right ways (counseling, antidepressants if needed...). Guys seem to run...and, more likely than not, it's to a very much younger woman, as if he can make up for 'lost time'. I mean, so young that he's old enough to be her youngest child's GRANDPA! Maybe a big part of that could be that women handle "crises" better, being that they've usually been the ones that have been through all of their kids' major problems from the terrible two's , to the teenage years. I just don't know. I remember mine! It was dealing with the fact that I was actually 40!! But, I got used to it...after all, WTF else can you do?? Except run away to a 20-some year old man...and who wants to do that?? We've already raised our kids...who wants to do it again??
Opinions, please?

Monday, June 16, 2008

monday the 16th

This was originally the old "carriage house" for our old house when I was a kid.
The next one is a bridge (well, a street). It used to go across a little stream connected to the big house across the street. This was where every high school fight used to take place..."Asshole, I'll get you! Meet me under the bridge after school!!"

And this is the backyard that was the continuation of the creek! What a fuckin' backyard that would be to grow up with!!

These are actually pictures from last summer, I haven't been down this way yet this year!
Hey...does everyone remember Furbies?? I got one the Christmas they were popular....okay, okay, Tif got one that Christmas too (but mine was better!). She had a white one, and I had a black one (positive/negative...hehe). Anyway, they WERE quite the talkative little things! I remember once when I had to go out to the dr's office for something. Tif & I both took our Furbies with us, like, you know, if we got bored in the waiting room. We were sitting there for a few minutes, then Tif (or I) turned ours upside down, and they both started blabbing! And, oh my God, were they loud!!
I had another talking stuffed animal too. I can't remember what exactly it was, I think it was called Bubba Bear? Anyway, that thing was hilarious! I bought it with a Wal-Mart card I'd gotten for Christmas...lest you think all I did was get toys for Christmas! Bubba Bear used to talk backwards when you held him upside down, Kev's dad said his voice sounded just like Ross Perot! Thinking of it, actually I DO have a lot of stuffed animals that talk...Eeyore, etc...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!!

Yup, I know, I know, It's like I'm obsessed with this barn. But, for heaven's sake, wouldn't you be? I mean, sheesh, it was there when I was a kid walking past it on the way to school (& I'm sure it was there well before that!! And this is on an alley surrounded by nice middle-class two story houses! How neat!!

I love that plant/bush up there...that could almost be my hair (but my hair's not GREEN!), when I need a haircut!!
Here's my haunted house again!!
And I have absolutely NO idea what this is, all I know is it caught my eye...any help, nea??

Okay, that's a day in the life of..(yawn). I know you're all doing that (HA!).

I did do something different yesterday, though. I met my new local neurologist here in town. Do you all believe this shit, he is the ONLY neurologist in town! There's like a billion heart dr's, kidney drs, oncologists, nookie-lookie drs, pediatricians, etc...but exactly ONE brain dr!! Maybe that's because there aren't very many brains in this city!!??? Holy crap!! Anyway, I actually like him a lot....he did a very thorough neurological exam...after asking me "What's the date? Who's the president? ad nauseum...Anyway, after he asked all the questions, and did the hit my knee with the rubber hammer thingy, and poke me all over my bare feet with a pin to make sure I had feeling in 'em...then he did something no dr ever did as a test. He had me close my eyes, & bent my big toe "either up or tell me which". Now THAT was different! But it was surprisingly hard! But, like I said, he was very thorough!! He's not an ms specialist, for sure, I got the feeling he'd been reading up on it the night before! And that's good! Cuz my psych wants me to see him every 3 months. And he got the name of my current ms dr, & wants to work with her too! I think that's great for a dr to WANT to do!! Too many don't!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

...a hot as in HOT!!!!!

These people have the most amazing trees in their backyard! This would be a perfect Christmas tree, wouldn't it??

And I have absolutely no idea what these bushes are, but, they 'sure do look purty, don't they?' (Walton's quote)

This was the "penny candy store" that we always stopped at on the way home from middle know...we always had "leftover lunch money"
This is just a pretty bush on the corner of the street/alley I go down when I go west!
I think this is next door to that huge house I had on here the other day...

So, how's everyone's weekend been? Mine's kinda biting the big one cuz it's too hot & humid out now...I really don't like to try to go anywhere when it's TOO cold, but...I guess this is why I love October so much! I used to like extreme weather before ms...but, now.. pee-shaw!
Hey, I have an 'opinion question' for everyone, okay?
Say you've been 'addicted to' a certain kind of candybar for, like, the last twenty years. Well, all of a sudden, this different kind of candybar (a high fat one!) just seems to JUMP OUT in front of you, screaming, "Eat ME!". This one isn't exactly a brand new one or's actually been around for awhile, say, since your DAUGHTER was born. But all of a sudden, it's right the fuck in front of you, no matter where you go. You stick with your old favorite for a few weeks/months, whatever...then all of a sudden you decide to grab the 'new one', and take a huge bite! And, from now til forever THAT one's your favorite!! You go out to your car, and grab any leftover trash from your 'former' favorite, drive to a dumpster and get rid of, if that was a PERSON, with feelings and all...HOW could you do that?? (hypothetical ethical situation of course...
Just asking for helpful opinions....

Thursday, June 05, 2008


These people ALWAYS have the prettiest flowers all over the place!! They're the ones that have a ton growing alongside their house in late summer & early fall! I asked this guy if it was okay that I took these, & he said, Go ahead! Lots of people do!!

And this is one of my many favorite houses in this area....a few houses west of the "haunted house", ya know? The only thing is, someone different must be living there in the last year or two, cuz all the vines are cut down...but, they'll be back, I see one starting already at
the bottom left of the picture! Good! They belong there!!

And the next two pictures are of one of the houses about a block down the street from the house I grew up in....HUGE, huh? (lol)

This is funny! There's a fly in here, and Truman's jumping around after it, and when Lily was downstairs, she was jumping around and snapping at it!

I didn't even leave the house today, just stayed here and did a couple loads of laundry. Ya know what? I have absolutely no problem doing laundry (no attitude)...but it's not DOING the's folding and hanging it when it's done!!

~~~~~~~~ "When it comes to the past, we all stack the deck." ~~~~~~~
Another truism from that book. And no, I'm not done with it yet! I'm only about 3/4 through..I really had no idea how long it was!!
I don't know if I said this before, but, my cousin, Boo, is 'da bomb'!! I LOVE her! She called Sunday night, and asked if I ever got up to see my ms dr at the Cleveland Clinic...I told her no, cuz everybody had to work the Friday before Memorial Day, which I totally understand, cuz if they missed that day, theyd lose their holiday pay, which I wouldn't ask ANYONE to do! She said, call Mon am & make an appointment, I'm taking you while school is out! (she's a kindergarten teacher). So the only one I could get for the afternoon is July 15th...called her Mon night, and she said that's perfect! So...I'm there! Keep in mind...she lives an hour northwest of me, so she'll drive down here, pick me up, and we'll go two & a half hours northeast to Cleveland (she lives in the direction of Toledo)! How awesome is she?? Her kids are growing up just like her & her husband...just plain NICE! (4 kids!)..and I bet she's great with the kindergarteners! Yeah, she's the one that fell through the cellar door at Grandma's with me, soaped Grandma's windows with me (inside, & on the second floor, mind you!...yeah, we'd never get caught!), and all kinds of other stuff when I was in my early 20's...she's a couple years younger).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Now, check this out, it's a blue-ass sky, isn't it?? Of course, it'd look better without a telephone pole in front of it....

That reminds me of the time I was trying to get dsl from Verizon, and I was on the phone with hundreds of people for a few days...cuz they were telling
me that they needed to get to my main phone line first in order to do it, and it was so far underground they were having a hard time getting down to it...I said, "Huh, that's funny. then what are all the wires in the air connected to my house?"

Now I have Time Warner for my cable, internet, & phone, and couldn't be happier!

I totally LOVE trees and bushes that are colors besides green...I like green, but, these stand out!!

That new SK book is a knockout!! It's nothing to do with monsters (not yet, anyway, and I'm 300 pgs in...more about psychic ability). It has a guy saying something about a slut buttering a loaf that used to belong to another woman...ahahaha! And he also talks about the fact that we lie to ourselves so well, we ougghta do it for a living! I love this guy! I want to move to Duma Key and live next door to him! He's always got a 'truism' for every situation!

But the one I thought about & decided on today, is that NOBODY'S life ends up the way we pictured...absolutely NOBODY!! And if anybody here disagrees with that because their life has...write & let me meet you!! Because you are a one-of-a-kind!!

Well, it's time to go back to my book and get ready for bed...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!