Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what a weekend...

Meant to start my steroids at the end of last week, but the new neuro is on vaca....(from what, I ask ya??)...didnt call cleveland, cuz they wouldn't prescribe til they saw me )I have ms, okay? Let me promise you,. any recent changes are NOT going to be good! But I do already have an an appt for the 15th. So, I settled in for a little 'dr shopping' myself. I called my pcp, and talked to a receptionist there I don't even know fakkrissakkes! But I think she heard the desperation (bordering on tears) in my voice to find a dr that knows me, what I've dealt with..that might maybe please prescribe rhe iv steroids.so Katie starts typing an im to the dr, explaining everything (everything!) She is so sweet! She said she'd call me back as soon as she got a message back, and I hadn't even been off the phone long enough to light a smoke! That was on purpose, I know! Even paranoids are sometimes right, you know. Anyway, she called and said he'd be happy to, his only problem was he didn't know anything about dosage, how to give them....I told Katie, "don't worrry i'll tell you all that...you gotta pen ready? So I gave her the name of the supplier. the girl's name I work with there)she told katie; we've been wondering where she was! Then the supplier called the nurse who comes here once day for an hour a day for 3 days in a row, it took her about 10 minutes to get nurses to come here on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday !!WOOHOO!! These people are some of the best & most professional prople I've ever worked with! I'd tell ya who, but it's an Ohio only company...as in, the guys that deliver the med stuff drive a van for deliveries, and they're always in kind of a hurry, cuz they're on the way to Toledo, or Cincy! Now THAT's a job I would have loved!! God bless these people!, and all the nurses! (& receptionists!). Doctors would be nothing without them., and I resent the drs that don't feel that way! Okay, today was the first day...I'll keep ya posted!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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