Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!!

Yup, I know, I know, It's like I'm obsessed with this barn. But, for heaven's sake, wouldn't you be? I mean, sheesh, it was there when I was a kid walking past it on the way to school (& I'm sure it was there well before that!! And this is on an alley surrounded by nice middle-class two story houses! How neat!!

I love that plant/bush up there...that could almost be my hair (but my hair's not GREEN!), when I need a haircut!!
Here's my haunted house again!!
And I have absolutely NO idea what this is, all I know is it caught my eye...any help, nea??

Okay, that's a day in the life of..(yawn). I know you're all doing that (HA!).

I did do something different yesterday, though. I met my new local neurologist here in town. Do you all believe this shit, he is the ONLY neurologist in town! There's like a billion heart dr's, kidney drs, oncologists, nookie-lookie drs, pediatricians, etc...but exactly ONE brain dr!! Maybe that's because there aren't very many brains in this city!!??? Holy crap!! Anyway, I actually like him a lot....he did a very thorough neurological exam...after asking me "What's the date? Who's the president? ad nauseum...Anyway, after he asked all the questions, and did the hit my knee with the rubber hammer thingy, and poke me all over my bare feet with a pin to make sure I had feeling in 'em...then he did something no dr ever did as a test. He had me close my eyes, & bent my big toe "either up or tell me which". Now THAT was different! But it was surprisingly hard! But, like I said, he was very thorough!! He's not an ms specialist, for sure, I got the feeling he'd been reading up on it the night before! And that's good! Cuz my psych wants me to see him every 3 months. And he got the name of my current ms dr, & wants to work with her too! I think that's great for a dr to WANT to do!! Too many don't!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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