Monday, June 16, 2008

monday the 16th

This was originally the old "carriage house" for our old house when I was a kid.
The next one is a bridge (well, a street). It used to go across a little stream connected to the big house across the street. This was where every high school fight used to take place..."Asshole, I'll get you! Meet me under the bridge after school!!"

And this is the backyard that was the continuation of the creek! What a fuckin' backyard that would be to grow up with!!

These are actually pictures from last summer, I haven't been down this way yet this year!
Hey...does everyone remember Furbies?? I got one the Christmas they were popular....okay, okay, Tif got one that Christmas too (but mine was better!). She had a white one, and I had a black one (positive/negative...hehe). Anyway, they WERE quite the talkative little things! I remember once when I had to go out to the dr's office for something. Tif & I both took our Furbies with us, like, you know, if we got bored in the waiting room. We were sitting there for a few minutes, then Tif (or I) turned ours upside down, and they both started blabbing! And, oh my God, were they loud!!
I had another talking stuffed animal too. I can't remember what exactly it was, I think it was called Bubba Bear? Anyway, that thing was hilarious! I bought it with a Wal-Mart card I'd gotten for Christmas...lest you think all I did was get toys for Christmas! Bubba Bear used to talk backwards when you held him upside down, Kev's dad said his voice sounded just like Ross Perot! Thinking of it, actually I DO have a lot of stuffed animals that talk...Eeyore, etc...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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