Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday night/Monday morning...

Okay, this is the front of the barn in the alley! It does look out of place there, but I'm glad it didn't ever get torn down!
And I just think this is an awesome picture of these trees! It's right down the street from the one up there!
And this used to be (I don't know, maybe it still is) a bed & breakfast, & it's about a mile west from my house! I went at least a mile Friday...I had a lot of fun, met some neat people, saw a cute 18-year old boy with a really grabbable ass...I gotta get out more!!
Anyway, I got some good pictures of neat old houses, lots of really good flowers! Bro called yesterday...he said, "How's the weather there?", and I was like, "You're in Scottsdale, dammit!!!" And actually, our weather here was much better than theirs!! It's only about 80 degrees in the day, and it's been raining around 5 - 8 pm every evening, so it hasn't been totally humid out! Meanwhile, Bro's right outside Phoenix, and it's about 114 degrees there! Bleeaahh! Who cares if he's in an air-conditioned condo with a pool? Do they have any color except brown out there? Sorry, I don't mean to put it down, but...I feel like maybe I got ms so I'd slow my ass down, and take a real look at all the neat stuff here, instead of just wanting to leave this 'boring' town! Of course, he has a motorcycle out there, so it's not like they're just sitting around inside! I know they have a favorite restaurant out there in Cave Creek, called "The Horny Toad", and a few months ago he brought me and Tif t-shirts from there! But, no, I haven't worn it out on my scooter!
Anyway, I did ride about a mile west through town was gorgeous and sunny out when I left around 2:30, but I was about 1/2 mile from here when the 'severe thunderstorm or tornado' siren went off!! It wasn't raining or anything, but it sure was getting windy & cloudy! I probably looked like Mrs Gulch (Wizard of Oz bike woman!) coming home!!
I went past an older guy looking out his front door, and he said "you better hurry up, you'll get wet!". I yelled, I'm not worried about that! I'm worried about getting struck by lightning! LOL! But I made it home before it started raining, got my scooter inside the back door, went to the front door, and it was like one solid sheet of rain!! And I heard later on the weather channel that we got 3/4 inch hail in the north part of the county!~!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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