Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 3...

This is the total type of architecture I LOVE!! A tall house, 3 or 4 stories + basement, cornices along the edges of the roof...good Lord, I've driven my car past this house/museum a million, billion times!! And, never once, did I EVER want to see the inside of it, but I really would love to now!!
It's a museum that used to belong to one of the founders of the town. Bro & I were talking about it when he called, and he said it's still open a few times a week...but I said, "Yeah...but I doubt if they have an elevator...(I'd hate it if it did, anyway!). I just told him that my whole problem is that I love houses that go up, not across!!
This is the same corner with the neat bushes, they must've just put the, ummm, 'pink thing' in last week.
And this is just a family's house...! It's not a museum or anything, this is actually someone's home!! I love to see stuff like this, rather than all the new flimsy-looking little houses! Can you even begin to imagine how much those windows would cost if they needed to be replaced now??

I called all the doctors, home-care nurses, medical suppliers that worked with me last week to tell them THANK YOU for working together to get that going for me!! And it was really neat, my first doctor from 15 years ago that was the one that prescribed them for me...he called me back about a half hour later to just talk, and told me that when I'm out at the dr's in the same building with him, stop in, he hasn't seen me since I quit driving! Bro's company was the ones who built that place too. He won't do houses, he says people are way too picky about their houses, businesses are much better!

All right...I hafta get offa here...I just heard the commercial that says one in five American adults has herpes...ONE IN FIVE!!!! Holy Mother Of God!!

I'm going to Japan...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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