Tuesday, July 15, 2008

busy week ALREADY!!

In other business, commissioners:
approved a request from the engineer's office for $1,000 to repair a outlet pipe needing repair in the Grave Creek Ditch. The pipe was discovered when a beaver dam in the ditch was removed. Original funding for the project was approved July 1 for $4,500.

Hello...this is my town...the top two pictures are of one of the little tables Tif went over to Mom's & picked up for me...that's my girl!

The things underneath is the first picture of President Harding that I could find, of Harding & Al Jolson, and a bunch of other people on his front porch...this is the house I grew up behind, and learned to ride my first 2 wheeled bike in the parking lot...it was purple, of course!!

And the article is out of our paper. This refers to Grave Creek! Remember I wrote about working in a great groc store that was built right over Grave Creek...and I had an Indian ghost that lived in my back produce room~! ...a beaver dam, for God's sake!! Do other towns have meetings about a beaver dam?? hahahahahahahaha!!

This week started with a dr appt Monday afternoon with a "woman's dr", if ya know what I mean. But he's really neat! He has you come back and sit in his office & just talk for about a half hour, then you go to a different room for your exam. After that, I left and went across the parking lot to my first dr, who actually prescribed the steroids for me this last time! I went in and met the receptionist that helped me there & told her thanks, then she said she'd tell the dr I was there, she knew he'd want to see me. So in about 5 minutes she came & got me, and the dr gave me a big old hug, and told me I looked really good! Which everybody is always happy to hear...Then he told all the nurses & receptionists how we started to know each other, how he got me to the right dr to find out what was wrong with me (ms)...but it was really great! And he wants me to stop out anytime! Hmmm...maybe he'll give me a job?? hahahahahahaha...

Then yesterday, Boo & her mom came down from Tiffdin & took me up to see my ms dr at Cleveland Clinic, so all that crap's outta the way for another year! She loves it that I got a neuro in Marion! And she's looking forward to working with him! woohoo!! After the appt, we went to McDonalds, and when we went to get in the minivan, I went and got in wrong, and ended up on my stomach, laying across the backseats! With my legs hanging out the door, and we were all just about peeing our pants while they discussed how to get me in, whether to push me from behind, or pull me from the other side...then Boo got the brilliant idea of just leaving my legs hanging out & tying a flag to them!~! God!! What a family I have!! But right when that seemed to be the #1 decision, a black lady walked up to the van, and without a word, she picked me up and sat me correctly in my seat! And then she said a prayer for me, and that was just wonderful! Then she stroked my hair, and told me how beautiful it is (!?), and then she just walked away & none of us could figure out where she went or where she came from! Honestly, I think she was an angel! So, that's where I've been this week...getting back out there!

I'll try to write more in a day or two...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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