Monday, July 07, 2008

HOT Monday!!

Holy CRAP!! NOW we're getting the summer weather! It's around 90 degrees, & humid, and the air quality index REALLY sucks!! I purposely waited till 5 pm yesterday to take off on my scooter, cuz I really don't wanna fall off my scooter and die in front of anyone! Damn! Could you even imagine how embarrassing THAT would be? It's bad enough when you have nothing wrong with you, and you slip on ice....first thing you do is to turn around and see if anyone was looking, right?? And that's from someone who is never self-conscious, just imagine if you got embarrassed by things you do inadvertantly!!

I had meant to ride down to the street with the houses with a lot of underground railroad stuff built in them, I've even heard there are tunnels under the ground from them, and the big old church on the best corner in town, I remember, somebody told me last summer that there's one place that actually has an elevator, for, ummm, Franklin Roosevelt to use when he was here, but so far, that's hearsay from a guy I met walking around my old house, and he was REALLY, I know, I listen to anybody! Listen to everything, believe maybe a third...I do know that there's a Franklin Street right there too...and the Harding home is right across the street, and Harding was elected president in 1921, Franklin Roosevelt in 1932...have no clue what one has to do with the other, but...

I made it 3 blocks before I gave up and came home. It was TOO freakin' hot, even at 5 pm!! I felt the top of my head once I got home, and it felt like my hair was on fire!! I told Bro that today, and he said "that would not have been good!"...I said, 'well, if anybody would've been around, I'dve tossed them my camera, & yelled GET A PIICTURE!!' Spontaneous human combustion! I'd be in the encyclopedia! (not to mention The National Enquirer...). So, no new pix this weekend, but I still have some from last week.
But I've been staying in air conditoning, and drinking TONS of ice water! They said on the news last night that anyone with a 'compromised immune system' should stay in for the next few days. And, no, x, I don't have herpes!! ;-D ! Just plain ol' boring ms...
That picture up there with the water tower at the top...when I was a kid, it was a HUGE deal to ride your bike down that street, with your feet off the pedals!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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