Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday nite!!

Today was actually a really good day, for a Monday! Naaaahhhh, Monday is usually my favorite day of the week, now that I'm not going to work...
Anyway, these pictures are just some stuff that caught my eye when I was checking out the huge houses close to the middle of town.
And I know that this is, like, just a pile of rocks, but, yeah, it caught my eye, too.

And this is a different view of that museum. When I was a little kid, I used to think they were called "you-see-ums"! Cuz every summer when we'd drive everywhere, Mom always had Dad stop at every "you-see-um" we went past!! Keep in mind, I was probly 3 or 4 or 5 at the time, so, lots of them were pretty boring to me then...but I'd give my left tit to go back and go through them all now that I'm old enough to appreciate them! Especially the ones in London! Well, I guess we didn't drive there, but you know what I mean...and in Pennsylvania, like Gettysburg, & Philadelphia...and down south, like North Carolina, Georgia ('Jaw-jah', for you, Kim!), Florida, Wyoming, South Dakota, to see Mt Rushmore...all that kinda stuff. That was in "the good old days", when gas didn't cost $4+ a gallon, and I could just stretch out across the backseat & read the whole time we were in the car. Without worrying about having to sit up and wear my seatbelt! I always took a pillow and a big bag of books with me! Usually they were library books that Mom had taken me down to get a couple days before we left, so they were 'new' books to me!
I'm SO glad Mom taught me to love reading almost as much as she did, when I was about 3! I owe her for that as much as anything else! I remember we had a book in our house's library called Gregg Speed Reading...I never read it, cuz I've always read so fast, anyway! And I remember we had an Algebra book, that Dad tried to get me interested in it...I just did the least I could to have him say "Good job, Libby!" That was in 4th grade! I hated math, anyway! I was a "word" person, not a math person! But in high school I took 3 years of geometry, anyway...Yuk! The only thing I remember about that class is the fact that the teacher told us that if we didn't know the answer, say 3, cuz in geometry, that was the most common answer!! So, guess what I always said when I was called on...
Well, I did what I wanted to about the people that picked me up when my scooter's battery ran out. I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper (The Marion Star, which was started by President Harding!) about how nice those people were that picked me up, and that I didn't know their names, but I hoped they read the letter!! And they did print the letter Friday...it's not on the web, but I know it was in the paper Friday, cuz I got emails & phone calls from people that know me in town!
And, actually, it WASN'T cuz it hadn't been plugged in! It still didn't work all weekend...even though I scoured the owner's manual, and pushed the reset button, in case the fuse was blown...and I tried to call the Invacare company, but they were closed til Monday am! Well, it was too hot to go out this weekend, anyway. So I called today & talked to cust svc & a tech guy, and he told me it sounded like I needed a new battery. But I said it was only a year old!! And he said that's as long as they usually last. WHAT?? So, sweet Bro said he wants to replace it for me!! He's great! A battery is $170! And it needs to be replaced once a year?? And the scooter was a thousand dollars! But, ya know what? It's totally worth it, even if it's gonna be me paying for it in the future. And, no, insurance won't cover it, cuz Bro bought it, we didn't go through insurance. Insurance bought my battery-powered wheelchair...I went thru them for that cuz IT was about $6,000! That's better for them to get that, cuz if you get any walking device through them, there's no deductible! Thank God I have this insurance!
Well, it's gettin' late, so, I'm back to my book in the bedroom..it's a Robin Cook book, a total medical mystery...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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