Saturday, July 31, 2010

hurry up, apartment people!! i want to be there while it's still warm enough to swim!!

So, see? That up there at the top left is total proof that Truman got all health-checked last week! I mean, the guy is so unbelieveably healthy...not a flea, nothin'! The only thing they said was that he needs to come back for a tooth-cleaning in the fall...he has tartar...:-/ And, how's this for synchronicity...he's 11 1/2 years old...weighs 11 1/2 lbs!
Then there's Tif & Mr Handsome...& at the bottom is my nephew's dog...she's so pretty! Stella, I think that's her name!
Do you know people who have grown up in the same family, but all live totally different ways? And don't you wonder how & why that happens? I just like to wonder about why stuff like that happens...cuz, personality-wise, Bro & I are the fun, outgoing personalities...the But Bro won't live in town for anything! Ever since he & his wife got married (I was only 12!), they had their first house in town, and lived in that for a few years, then sold that, & got their huge, old drafty, but beautiful 3 story old farmhouse & barns in the middle of cornfields...really...neat...but I would never want to live 10 or 15 miles out of town. The outside of the house & yards & barns was just a scary movie waiting to be written! Then a few years ago, they moved from there to 10 or 15 miles out of town in the opposite direction! It's a totally different looking house, very cornfields, it's just on a few acres of woods...but what happens if you wake up at 3 am some night craving Twinkies? Huh? Whatcha gonna do then? I spend most of my life worrying about stuff that's never gonna happen...well, maybe it won't happen cuz I already have a plan...I know that when Tif & I had our second apartment when she was about 2, I planned like crazy because we lived here in Marion, I drove to work every day an hour north...Heck, I even planned what if someone broke in & tried to get us? I don't have a gun, or anything, but the first thing I did was put my trusty Ginsu knife up on top of a picture frame in my bedroom. It was a framed 8X10 pic a friend took of Pilot Mountain in NC! Never had to use it, but, I always knew it was there.
Now everybody can see exactly what 3 grams of iv steroids does to your brain in 3 days to be followed by 6 days of oral brain works TOO fast then!
Well, Kevin1's son called at 1 this afternoon to ask if I wanted him to work on my mowing and I guess there's a lot of yard junk, like tall grass & wood out back behind the fence beside the garage & the alley. I never knew it was there, cuz, well, I can't walk out & look....but the health dept guy showed up here a few weeks ago, and said they'd received a complaint about the grass in my yard being too high! I felt bad for that nice guy, having to come here and bitch out a woman who came to the door in a wheelchair, cuz her lawn needed work...:-D. So I was im'ng with Kevin1 til about 430am, and I had said something about it , and he said he'd ask his son if he'd do it...And, OMG, he did! Wow...just wow...seriously, I still haven't got together with him, and it was way too hot to do the 4th of July thing with him & his wife...(and maybe their girlfriend...)...not for me, but, if it works for them, I'm happy for them! People are so nice, I'm amazed all the time! I just must be the luckiest person, cuz I never meet up with bitchy people.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 MORE day...

Okay...the left side is the other half of the master bedroom closet, and the picture on the right is the front closet at the back of the living room. Just a quick look looks like it's a really long closet (perspective-wise, you know!), but it's actually just a regular closet they poked in there because there was room for it (the people who designed these apartments were on their A-game, what with the w/d in a walk in bedroom closet, & fitting a closet in under the steps to the 2nd floor!). Brilliant! This is the kind of off-the-wall stuff I'm in love with!
Kevin helped me out Friday by taking our son (lol), Truman, to the vet to get caught up on his shots & a check-up...I didn't really want to go with them...Truman would shun me forever! But I paid for it...$100...he's lucky I like him..
So everything's done except for me getting to the bank tomorrow & getting my affidavit notarized saying I get no money from my first if! If I did, could I even be on my second marriage?? This is it. Two strikes is plenty for me!
After all that, I had an appointment with my neuro today, and that was full of nothing but good news, too! She said I look good (no, I didn't say 'I know that' lol). I actually walked a couple steps over to the scale...I'm only at 89 lbs, which just bites!! So she took my suggestion, and I get iv steroids Wed, Thurs & Friday, and then take prednisone for 12 days...that's what I've been begging for forever!! I am SO happy! And I was honest with her & told her, no, i haven't been taking my avonex shots once a week like I'm s'posed to, matter of fact, I haven't had ANY avonex since before my thyroid surgery in April! She said, well, you're doing nothing but better since you stopped, right? I said, she said then stay off it. And she's starting me on the new ms pill that just got approved! Fingolimod, that's it! I was originally going to be in the phase 3 trial, but when they did my eeg, it showed that I had a seizure disorder, so I got booted...boooooo! At least it's a good drug now...must be the way it was supposed to go, I guess...
I even was able to find jeans that fit me! Ebay to the rescue...only place I could find size 00 jeans!! woohoo!!
More shopping...I got a pair of tennis shoes that look like Reebok or something...white with light blue trim from$10.86 including shipping!! Gotta love online shopping when they have free shipping, & 'online only' deals!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

one day closer to it...

Well, after laying awake all weekend & picturing my furniture + my books + a new apartment...I caved & called them Monday and asked Amanda to get me a two-bedroom apartment instead....and really, I need it, cuz I have a big-screen tv from Mom & Dad's, a couple cupboards that look antique, but are really just old, I think...I don't care....I like 'em, anyway! So, the one view out the window is the fountain...but I have no idea if my place will look out on it. And the other picture is a closet in one of the bedrooms. Oh...& it's a two-bedroom & two bath! The only thing I'm gonna lose is the washer/dryer hookup in the closet, they're in the hallway...oh well, small price to pay for another bedroom & bath...
So...the apartments asked me for a copy of my first divorce papers...WTF??? That was 25 years ago, for heaven's sake! I don't know what happened to those!! Whattaya think? I kept 'em & framed 'em? Sheeesh!! *rolls eyes*
Oh, and I did go to Autumnforest's etsy shop and ordered a clock she made for the's a haunted cemetery clock, but it's not haunted! She called it that because she made it and a few of the pieces on it are from a graveyard parking lot. I'm excited, it should be here tomorrow! She sent it Monday! I'll post a picture when I get the apartment put together! Oh, wait, I have to wait for the apartment to be EMPTY before I can fill it back up!
Okay, TTYL!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

okay, I'll actually quit taking the easy way out. &,,,really write a post!

Okay, I've already started the 'application process' to get the apartment! I'm getting all kinds of excited about it! It's not a government-subsidised apartment, like I was originally applying for, things straightened out in my life, and I can get this one! I just need to get some more paperwork about this N that, out there..
I went and looked at a one bedroom, & a two bedroom one Friday, and, actually decided the 1 bedroom is better for me. It's big, anyway, with a lot of room & closets (these apartments are fairly new, built in the laat 5 years) The apartment complex has a pool over to the side of this pond...there's another pond with a fountain, too. The bedroom has a sliding glass door to the outside, and the biggest selling point (besides the accessible bathroom) is the huge walk-in closet in the bedroom, which is so big, that that is where the washer/dryer hookups are! So there's no taking the laundry anywhere, I can do it, & hang it up right there!! How NEAT is that??? I still have some phone calls to make to get stuff ready, like get Truman's shots up to date, but nothing else major. The girl said the handicap-accessible one should be ready in a few weeks. Kim asked me the other night what's the kitchen like? (she's the cook, you know!). I said...well, it has a refrigerator, a stove, a sink, you's a KITCHEN for goodness sake! lol! ...can you tell, I'm not, and never have been a fan of cooking. I really admire people that are, it's just not for me! About the closest I came to "cooking" per se, was when I was working in Fostoria & dating a guy from up there, and he was at my apartment overnight, and I had committed myself to making a veggie tray for a family get-together, so I was cutting up the vegetables & arranging the tray...John walked out to the kitchen, and sat down & watched me, then're actually cooking!! I actually wasn't doing anything more than I did at work everyday! lol!
I just got off the phone with my lawyer's office & they're sending a letter to the apartments to verify that Kev's not moving in with me...Bro just showed up here with some documents to verify some stuff...woohoo!
This is SUCH a big deal to me, you know? We bought this house in 1990...Now I'm finally ready to get the f* out of it! It just rubs it in my face that we bought this house especially for the big bedroom upstairs above the living room! I've never moved much in my life, I lived in the house I grew up in from age 2 to 18, for heaven's sake! And everywhere I've moved since was in this town!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday, July 08, 2010

i poo in blue...

I've just been admiring the marketing lately!!

Huggies Jeans Diaper Commercial


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

yay for summer...and for me making a freaking decision...

...maybe this is the problem, I haven't been reading enough 'far side' stuff.
I did make a pretty good step toward my decision of where to live today. I have an appointment to fill out an application at the really cool apartment complex, right out of town. I had really wanted to stay in town, but, all the apartments in town aren't 'disability accessible', most apartments in town are old, therefore...the only new apartments in this town are out on the east side, and they really are nice. I looked at them a couple years ago, but did nothing I'm really ready to go. So the one I looked at then was a one br, and it was nice, everything is w/c, but I need to be realistic, I guess...can I just say, as an aside, life is REALLY not fair...mine wasn't supposed to be like this!! It "stinks on ice", as Glenn says! lol! So, I told Kev1 today that I was gonna look at a 2 br one and he says, what, for me? Total lol! I said, no one bedroom for me, and one for my books!!
I was supposed to go over to his house & watch the fireworks Sunday, but, my legs sucked so bad that I went in my room & laid down in front of the a/c, and missed his IM that asked if I was ready for him to pick me up! Grrrrrrrrrrr...well, it's probly just as would've been him, his wife, daughter, mom, maybe brother...yeah, I live as far on the edge as I can..."if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!"

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!