Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...attorneys, apartments, appointments, oh my!

Truly, I haven't been this busy for years. Trouble is, when I used to be this busy, it was fun! Now it's not fun stuff I'm busy with, it's just 'stuff that I have to do' :-/ Seriously, nobody ever told me that being a grown-up and taking care of all your responsibilities was going to be so NOT FUN!! But, this week I can console myself with the fact that Bro is, at this very freaking moment, riding his motorcycle in the Smokey Mountains
with a bunch of his friends!! I am SO jealous! And I think the rest of his 'fam' is out in Arizona at their vacation condo! I'll never be able to find a husband that would be happy in a marriage like that, you know? Most of the ones I'm familiar with want their wife to be with them, not flying across the country without them. And that's what I want...a man who

is secure enough to not have to be "up my ass" all the time! There seem to be too few guys around my age who are happy enough with themselves to be alone very much...a sad state of affairs (what a word to use here, huh?) for men, who used to be the strong ones...I need to get Bro on the case, and have him fix me up with one of his friends! *giggle*
And I went out and got my application in at the apartments I'll probably be moving to this morning. Okay apartments, I just never ever would've envisioned myself doing this at this time of my life. I've gone through about 5 years of totally humbling experiences, and now it seems like I've only touched the tip of the iceberg. At least Truman's gonna be allowed to live there with me (good thing, or I would've been homeless, or moved into Bro's house!...except he lives about 15 miles out in the middle of the country!). How did we ever grow up with the same parents??
So for the last two days I've sat here and made appointments going into September, for God's sake! I have a stack of appointments written up and in a pile about an inch high already. And, yes, all the appointments have a bus appointment made~!
I heard them talking about the 'govt health care plan'...sorry, but the government can't run its own shit well, and, oh my God, now they think they'll be the best option to run my health plan?? Most insurance companies don't do that stellar of a job anyway, and that's ALL they do!!...and speaking of government health care...if they're all that big on doing something to help lots of Americans' health...I know of a whole hell of a lot of real people what deal with pain day in & day out with ms & other diseases. And marijuana is a positive medicine for pain, it's used by patients with cancer...a lot of patients use it, and the government still says no? It's used in's given as thc vapor in bags...and they are talking about having a end-of-life health coordinator, to meet with people at like age 70 or so, and discuss what they want done if this or that happens, sort of like a living will...what??? But yet, euthanasia is illegal...(no, not 'youth in Asia'!)...What happens if I want to die, but I can't kill myself? I need a pill...and it should not be against the law to be able to give me a pill so I can do it myself!! I dunno...I know our health care isn't in good shape...but it must be a helluva lot better than Europe's or Canada's, because people from there come here to have stuff done a lot of the time.
Yeah, well, I'm tired already...teach me to get up at 7 am & be busy all day.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
~~~~ WHAT THE HELL??? ~~~~~
I just heard on the news that the government is suspending the "Cash For Clunkers" program to give people $4500 back on their trade-in for a car that uses less gas...that's suspended starting at midnight tonight July 30th.
They had to stop it because *gasp* they don't have enough money....
Oh my God...and these are the people that want to tell us how to use any kind of health care stuff...I weep for the future....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday night!

I know, there's wires & light poles messing up the view of the sky, but still, it's a great color, isn't it?? A picture of this sky out in the middle of the country would be great too, but, I'm a city girl, and if it didn't have wires & stuff, I'd think it was boring, that's just how I am. I've just never ever been one of those people that always wanted to live 'out in the country'...nuh-uh, no-way. I remember once when I was about 10, Mom and I were driving up to Grandma's farm one Sunday afternoon and she pointed out a house out in the country near Upper Sandusky (which, for the uninitiated, is a few hundred miles south of Sandusky...go figure :/ ), and told me that when we lived in Massillon, & Dad transferred to Marion, she was wanting us to move there. I just about had a
heart attack right then, & said, but, Mom, it's in the middle of nowhere! lol! It was different going to Grandma's farm on Sundays. You know, it was light out, and, after all, we were visiting, not moving there! I did like when Boo & I would stay overnite at Grandma's...I was a total little wuss then, all my 'country cousins' called me sissified...But I had a

hard time falling asleep out there cuz it was too quiet...but I loved hearing the roosters in the morning! Nope...I'll never want to be on Survivor...I can live without cell phones, etc, but I at least want city water, cable, a landline phone, regular stuff like that!
I was busy the last few days, believe it or not! Been getting physical therapy twice a week here. Talking to lawyers, and making appointments for everything. I never thought about it before, how easy it was to make an appointment with someone and that was it. Now I not only have to make my appointments; since I don't drive, I have to call & schedule a bus appointment...I'm really thankful this city has this bus service! It truly takes a helluva lot of time to have ms! Sheesh!
So I'm still not smoking (yay!), and I'm definitely realizing the difference it's made in my appetite! I was at WalMart today shopping and loaded up on all kinds of good snack stuff like donuts, pineapple chunks, bananas, and Boost with protein...lots. She wants me to drink 3 a day...I'll do my best...
I was taking my scooter down an aisle to look for paper towels, and there was a girl with 2 kids, like 4 or 5 years old, getting a case of Mountain Dew off the end display, then I realized she also had a teeny baby in her arms I kinda backed my scooter up to see if there was anything I could do to help her...then another girl came around the corner (it was a huge area, we weren't crowded or anything), and all of a sudden the girl with all the kids said quite loudly "Don't!" I looked at the second girl and said "Did she mean you or me?" That got rid of any tension, & she got her Mt Dew (yuck!!) in her cart, then I got to do the obligatory cooing over how cute & little her baby was...a month today. Oh, & she'd said Don't to her other kids...
Okay...I hafta go cuz Chris Rock "Bigger & Blacker" is on, and I'm in love with him!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

okay, no more smoking...

This is the best looking sky I've seen all summer!!

And this is just a parky kind of thing, it just looked peaceful.

And this is where I used to go across the tracks to my boyfriend's house when I was 15...and then be trying to come home after I was supposed to be home at night, you know? I learned one very , very, very important lesson when I was 15, and late getting home...Nothing in the world will make you as frustrated as standing at the railroad tracks, and knowing you're already late getting home, and you're going to be in trouble, but you can't do shit about it because there's a train going in front of you within arms length...and you're STUCK there! Even worse...the train is going slowly...very slowly...but not quite slow enough for you to have the guts to hurry & climb between the cars & cross the tracks. I pondered that many times, but, stayed chickenshit! Well...I stayed alive too...
Another movie was on this weekend that I sat and watched at 8 Saturday night..'My Cousin Vinny'! That was on TNT or A&E...and most of the day I watched '16 & pregnant' on MTV! Holy crappoli!! Sorry to say, but, our civilization is slowly sliding back into the primordial ooze...I know that Tif & I werent nearly that stupid when we were 16!! I've done some really stupid shit, but, come on! Guys are stupid too, but they're also cunning & opportunistic. No matter what the age! 'True Lies' is on right now too, but I'm writing on here & playing brainless games & listening to Big Brother! oops...did I accuse someone else of being stupid??
Alright, dear blogging "bosom buddies", can you answer me this? I know everyone has known somebody like this, so don't deny it!
Why do we all know that person who has shit on everyone, in some cases not just shit on them but also stood on top of them and ground it in...but, no matter what, everybody is still their friend? But you know that if you did a tenth of that to anybody, you might as well dig a hole & bury yourself in it?
Yeah, yeah, I know, the meek will inherit the earth and all that shit...but I'm really not meek at all...I'm too nice, that's all. Cain's gonna rise up someday, I'm just sayin'...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

still fighting...

Today I had to go see my neuro. She's exactly who I need, I guess...she'll kick my ass if I don't do what she says (like quit smoking..."everytime you think about having a cigarette, do some of these leg exercises, or you'll end up wasting away in a nursing home!" Dear God. Okay...I don't have a clue where I'll end up, but I damn sure don't want it to be there!
She's running all kinds of blood tests, and the one I think I really need is the thyroid...I haven't studied up on that yet, but when she saw I'm still around 90 lbs, & I'm not hungry, but I do eat at least 3 times a day, just cuz I know I have to put weight back on! And I'm always a little cold, but I always just think that's because I'm so thin! I dunno. And after she came out with that little 'nursing home' zinger, she hugged me & says "I'm so glad you feel better, I was scared!" :-/
I met a really neat guy in the lobby at the clinic. He looked at my scooter & asked how many MPG's it gets. I laughed & said I think it depends on how fast I go. He was neat to talk to, he's an area supervisor for Speedway, & he's in charge of the whole midwest area (WI, MI, OH, KY...), and we talked about how you either love working retail or you hate it, there's no in between. True! I loved it, but hated when I got the 9 to 5 Monday through Friday office job at the phone company...*puke!*
I do need to get out & get some Ensure...Maybe I'm weird, but I actually like those, especially the strawberry long as they're refrigerated! She wants me to drink 3 a day, + eat all my regular food. And she's going to try to get a person that needs Avonex (the once a week shots I used to be on). They cost about $2,000.00 a month without insurance, and I'm sitting here with about a 4 month supply in my refrigerator. And I already paid my co-pay for it. I got my last delivery of it right before Biogen called and we started working on getting Tysabri. How's that for ironic? Of course, I may want to keep a month, just in case I decide Ty's not working for me, after I give it six months.
Okay...gotta go love all over my man, Truman.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

700th post!

#700! Wow...I never ever woulda thought I'd take it this far! You people all know me...I'm a quitter! You & Fluffy, one & the same! lol! And that's my personal bumper sticker from Facebook, the little Dorothy-looking girl up there. It was just a random pick, I just got lucky...Joe got one that said "I still love you, no matter how many times you try to kill me." I LIKE that one too! This came from an email...
>>Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP"
I didn't fall asleep last night till about 5:30 am (wait...that would be this morning!). But it was for a very good reason...I 'remoted' back & forth between two very good movies..."Clueless" & "Valley Girl"! Valley Girl was when I first found my true love...Nicholas Cage!! I knew he was gonna grow up to be a knockout-looking guy!
Other than that, I haven't been doing a lot of anything. Just kinda trying to stay around here & get my strength back from that iv that knocked all my strength out! I know it's not going to give me any good recovery effects for 2 or 3 months, I'm just disappointed, cuz I feel a little worse right now. But it'll get there, I won't give up. I've made sure to call & let my neuro know that I still feel weak & tired after a week, & I told the Biogen people that Friday, too, and they take that report & send it to the government drug people too, so I'm keeping everyone up to date on it. I dunno...I hope I feel better soon.
I got an email from my friend Chester, up by Fostoria tonight. She's gonna come down sometime this summer or early September, maybe for the popcorn festival. We talked about the time about 20 years ago, when Bro lived way out in the country in an old farmhouse that looked haunted, and he & his wife were having a party outside...he had a trough in his yard that was full of ice & cans of beer, a big picnic table loaded with food...and a sign at the edge of the cornfield that said "shiter" & pointed into the cornfield! hahahaha!! & now he's a bigtime businessman with employees & all! & a different big house in the country & a condo in Arizona that they use when they want to get away. Neat!
Well, I'm done...BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July 6 & 7...

I actually worked here in tne office for a month after I graduated. I left by a true mutual agreemnent, we even said it. "I don't like you, you don't like me, so maybe I should go now, before we start fighting." Easiest way to none!

Wee-haaa! I got my first tysabri infusion today!! And I didn't die from it, either! (As far as I know...maybe I'm a ghost...). Naw, it went really smooth. I met the dr in charge of the infusion room (he's really cute, too!). I guess he's a rheumatoid arthritis specialist.

All these pictures were taken that day I went out all over on my scooter a few weeks ago! My friends and I walked all over town before we could drive...Mostly it was Kim & me! I even remember sneaking out of my house one night when she was staying overnight, and I decided I was bored and wanted to walk across town to my boyfriend's house. It was about 1 am, and she stayed there & was pissed at me for leaving..but, leave I did! Turned out that Mom did wake up, & shake Kim awake, sternly demanding where I was. But, of course, Kim dudn't know (wink, wink). So Mom called Kevin M's house & sent his mom out back to see if I was there. Of course I was, but I hid when I heard her...then I ran home (about a mile across town!!). And I wasn't even 16 yet! Rather amazing that they let me have a license and gave me Mom's old car! I was so rotten that I knew all the teenagers's tricks, so Tif got away with far fewer than I did!

Tom called tonight & wanted to know how the tysabri went today. I told him I don't really notice anything getting better right now, but it may take a few months...cross your fingers for me!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!