Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...attorneys, apartments, appointments, oh my!

Truly, I haven't been this busy for years. Trouble is, when I used to be this busy, it was fun! Now it's not fun stuff I'm busy with, it's just 'stuff that I have to do' :-/ Seriously, nobody ever told me that being a grown-up and taking care of all your responsibilities was going to be so NOT FUN!! But, this week I can console myself with the fact that Bro is, at this very freaking moment, riding his motorcycle in the Smokey Mountains
with a bunch of his friends!! I am SO jealous! And I think the rest of his 'fam' is out in Arizona at their vacation condo! I'll never be able to find a husband that would be happy in a marriage like that, you know? Most of the ones I'm familiar with want their wife to be with them, not flying across the country without them. And that's what I want...a man who

is secure enough to not have to be "up my ass" all the time! There seem to be too few guys around my age who are happy enough with themselves to be alone very much...a sad state of affairs (what a word to use here, huh?) for men, who used to be the strong ones...I need to get Bro on the case, and have him fix me up with one of his friends! *giggle*
And I went out and got my application in at the apartments I'll probably be moving to this morning. Okay apartments, I just never ever would've envisioned myself doing this at this time of my life. I've gone through about 5 years of totally humbling experiences, and now it seems like I've only touched the tip of the iceberg. At least Truman's gonna be allowed to live there with me (good thing, or I would've been homeless, or moved into Bro's house!...except he lives about 15 miles out in the middle of the country!). How did we ever grow up with the same parents??
So for the last two days I've sat here and made appointments going into September, for God's sake! I have a stack of appointments written up and in a pile about an inch high already. And, yes, all the appointments have a bus appointment made~!
I heard them talking about the 'govt health care plan'...sorry, but the government can't run its own shit well, and, oh my God, now they think they'll be the best option to run my health plan?? Most insurance companies don't do that stellar of a job anyway, and that's ALL they do!!...and speaking of government health care...if they're all that big on doing something to help lots of Americans' health...I know of a whole hell of a lot of real people what deal with pain day in & day out with ms & other diseases. And marijuana is a positive medicine for pain, it's used by patients with cancer...a lot of patients use it, and the government still says no? It's used in's given as thc vapor in bags...and they are talking about having a end-of-life health coordinator, to meet with people at like age 70 or so, and discuss what they want done if this or that happens, sort of like a living will...what??? But yet, euthanasia is illegal...(no, not 'youth in Asia'!)...What happens if I want to die, but I can't kill myself? I need a pill...and it should not be against the law to be able to give me a pill so I can do it myself!! I dunno...I know our health care isn't in good shape...but it must be a helluva lot better than Europe's or Canada's, because people from there come here to have stuff done a lot of the time.
Yeah, well, I'm tired already...teach me to get up at 7 am & be busy all day.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
~~~~ WHAT THE HELL??? ~~~~~
I just heard on the news that the government is suspending the "Cash For Clunkers" program to give people $4500 back on their trade-in for a car that uses less gas...that's suspended starting at midnight tonight July 30th.
They had to stop it because *gasp* they don't have enough money....
Oh my God...and these are the people that want to tell us how to use any kind of health care stuff...I weep for the future....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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