Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday after Thanksgiving!

...believe it or not...this is me & my best friend when he, his brother, and I went to Myrtle Beach on vacation for a week in, I think, 1987?? Goddamn, we looked good! He just emailed this to me today! Wow...He titled it "Remember this?"

Okay...enough of that! I had my "weekend in the country", or I refer to it as the sanitorium...snark!!

Naw, it was a lot of fun, even though we did less than nothing! Well, we talked about investing & mutual funds, & T bills, and all that shit...he's "extremely smart".....(Tom, not me, for heaven's sake!)...He & jr went to Bro's with me for Thanksgiving, and it was a BLAST!! First funny thing was...I knew his house was way out in BFE, and I knew we were on the right road...but I haven't been there for about 2 years! And we pulled in the long driveway of a house, and Tom parked, and as he was unloading my scooter, I said...."I think this is it...". Oh, holy shit!! He just put the scooter down, says "Get on! I don't give a shit if it's the wrong one! We'll just go eat with 'em, anyway!!" lololol! Luckily, it was the right one...Bro came out and picked one of my legs up, Tom carried the other side, cuz the whole front and sides of Bro's house are all stairs! Anyway, we were there from 1 til 6-ish...there were so many of my relatives there, I couldn't believe it! Had to be at least 30 people there! And, yes, they all liked Tom & jr. They got a tour of the house, garage (where Bro's motorcycles are), and the rest of the woods around the house! And when we were leaving, Bro yelled, "See ya at Christmas!!" I'm super looking forward to that!...uhhh, yeah, forgot to tell Bro that yes, I was 'jailbait' when Tom & I first started dating...I was 15 and he was 21...bigger difference then than now, huh?

Pittsburgh is wiping the floor with New England!! Couldn't happen to a more deserving coach, huh?

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day B4 Thanksgiving...

Keep in mind, this is the smallest wall of clocks! Good thing he's like a specialist in fixing clocks, huh?
This is honestly the toughest time of year for me, personally. A couple of years ago, I sat here crying, while my husband walked out the door at 3:30 AM the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping
with his 'friend' from work. Now, well...he's with her...I'm with Tom...Tif & R are married...the only fucking constants in my life are Truman and sad is that? No, honestly, it was a decision that should have been made years ago...and I & all others are (as far as I know) are happy with where they landed. I still get a 'twinge'

the day after Thanksgiving, though. After 17 years, if I didn't, I'd be just one cold-hearted bitch, wouldn't I? And I leave that title to others. I'm finding out that the way to get past something hard isn't "get over it", but "get around it", you inch carefully, trying not to upset it or anything, and after a few years, you'll laugh again. Finally this summer I got back to that, and I will NEVER lose it again! Hold me to that shit, too! I'm depending on you guys!
Tom and I were out at Meijer tonite shopping, and ran into a guy that used to work at the radio station when he and I met when I was 15! Now, how weird was that? I even remember him walking in on us kissing in one of the production rooms! Now he introduced me, and Ray says "I remember you." Junior points at me and Tom and whispered loudly "girlfriend!" lolololol!!
When we got home, we were talking about stupid stuff (yes us!), and I said I think one of the biggest downfalls of society today is...oh, I remember...I was telling him about how my friend up north had an Old Spice gel thing in her car, and I was totally obsessed with that smell! I told Tom I love that cologne, and that guys now just don't seem to want to smell like a guy! All the popular colognes smell fruity (??), or flowery, or something, and that's just wrong!! If I wanted to be a lesbian, I would've done that! Gaaahhhhh! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not for me!
So, what's the deal with that? Women want guys to smell like they're wearing perfume, and to not have any hair on their body, just...eeeewww...I want a guy who knows he's a guy, and doesn't try to hide it, or act effeminate! All right, everyone, have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, November 21, 2008

much better...

Well, I got my first day of iv steroids yesterday, and I feel like living to fight this shit again! Well, maybe it's the fact that I'm on 60 mgs of Cymbalta and 10 mgs Ritalin a day too...whichever....when I feel good, I really don't care why!!

So a nurse will be here today & tomorrow afternoon to do this too. This doctor wouldn't give me prednisone to taper off this stuff, so when I finish these 1000 mgs a day of 'liquid prednisone', I'm done. Never did it without the taper afterward, but, who knows, maybe it'll be even better *fingers crossed*. At least I have the energy to get up and do laundry...I'd hate to have to ask for one of you to volunteer...Tom would take it home and do it, but he'd probably keep my underwear or something...
The top picture up there is Bro & family's can see he's related to me, cuz of the beer bottles...second one is kinda self-explanatory, the photographer was posing them for some pictures, the third is one I swore I wouldn't put on, cuz my hair was straight, but I did...I should charge for that..oh, man, I'm playing some obscure music I have on here, and does anybody remember the band "Autograph"? I'm playing the song 'Turn Up The Radio'! Okay, enough of it's Billy Squier's turn!
I've been on youtube finding more good this one...that's Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed. He left that band a while ago to form a Christian rock group, but I don't know if he's still doing that...and where were guys that looked like this when I was that age??
All right, I'll quit...but I can dream, can't I?
I got an instant message last week from a woman in Gibralter/Spain that I've been writing with for about 6 or 7 years...we also had not been in touch for awhile, but, omg, it was really cool to catch up with her! When we first started writing, she was married and living in London, with her husband, who is from Iraq. They split up, and we still wrote, she moved back home to Gibralter, & swore she'd never give up her country for a man again! We wrote for a long time (she has ms too, and was trying to get herself into dating again). But last week was the first time we'd been in contact for over a year (I'm amazed that she still had my im address!). Now she's married to a psychiatrist, and they've been to New York City, she was at the big Virgin Records store at midnight for the release of the latest Metallica disc!! How cool is that?? She absolutely loves America (at least NYC!) and said she'd move here in a heartbeat if they could!! Now that's different!! Most people overseas pretty much seem to hate us!
I've been on lots of health sites to find out more about tysabri, and I haven't been able to find anybody that's tried it and not loved it. A lot of people in chat rooms say it's giving them their lives back! Now, I don't even hope for that anymore (that horse left the barn long ago!), but just stop the progression is all I hope for. I'm just feeling a lot pissed off lately cuz I feel like I wasted the last healthy years of my life with someone that didn't deserve them.
Okay, I'm outta here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, November 17, 2008

health shit again...i'm SO sick of this!

Oh, to be at this point again...just starting out...

I've got all kinds of shit going on with the ms (I refuse to call it my ms!). My new neurologist is going to let me get the iv steroids again, so they're ordered, hopefully be on them this week. But when I was at her office this morning, she suggested something I'd considered a couple years ago, but before I tried it, it was taken off the market, because a few people got PML from it. The medicine is called tysabri, and you get it intravenously every 6 months. It's back on the market again now. It's kinda like chemo or something for ms. So, if I decide to try it, it'd have to be way after I'm off the steroids, cuz your immune system can't be compromised when you're on it, that's what leads to pml. I haven't had this big a decision to make in forever, if ever. It wouldn't be that big of a decision, if pml wasn't possible, but since it is, I kinda have to decide if I'd be better off taking this chance, or do I want to continue living like this, going downhill every fuckin' day? Basically, is quality of life better than quantity? I mean, it's not like there's a certain chance of death if I do it...and, who knows, I may have a seizure and fall down and bash my head open on the desk or bathtub any time....who knows? This is really tough to try to decide. I guess I'm writing all this down because, hopefully, I can straighten it out in my head...and, any feedback will be appreciated, too. The chance of getting pml is really small, I think only a couple people got it & died from it from this over the last few years, I know they always have to tell you all the possible side effects to cover tne drug maker's ass (not to mention the doctor's!)...and I know it's probably not going to come down to a life or death decision, it's just, well, how would you feel if there's a drug that may help you feel better, or it may kill you (ok, maybe that's a little overdramatic, but...)? What would anybody do? I guess when it gets to the point I have to make a decision, I'll probably do it, desperation is a great motivator...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Tiff & her husband were over the other night...they had the disc with all of the photographers' pictures on it, and she downloaded it on here. So now I have another eight hundred and fifty-six pictures!! We got our money's worth! Now Tiff & R have to pick out the pictures they want the photographers to make up the wedding album with!

I've done less than nothing today...Well, I woke up, at 10:30. That's something...Then the movie "Needful Things" was on (great Stephen King movie!) and the Ohio State game, then the movie "Hope Floats" I'm watching the history channel, all about the antichrist. A little scary, it kinda describes what's going on now...

I'm staying in town this weekend, but Tom & I took his boy out to a bunch of stores last night, just browsing around & stuff...

We were talking the other day and Tom's got this idea that could be good, but it just sounds a little too freeaky for many people but us to like...He said that there's a building out in the country close to where he is, and he said we could make that into a crematorium by day and a pizza shop at night (delivery only, of course!). After all, there's already an 'oven' in there! And the other side of the building could be for the coolers & stuff for the bodies...and the pizza long as we make sure the bodies are on the bottom shelves, for health purposes and all...

Okay, okay, we're sick and wrong...but it was funny. Us and our 'juvenile' senses of humor, ya know...

I'm trying to figure out why November sucks SO much worse than January or February (which both also suck, by the way...). Maybe it's because November is right after my favorite time of year, so it's hard to let that go. Might be...

Anyway, I'm cold and restless and need to go do something (even if it's wrong).

Have a good Sunday!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...brought to you by the letter L...

My friend Pat, gave me a letter to think up 10 things I love about it...she gave me letter "L", so, here goes, in no particular order...

1. lighthouses

2. leaves

3. lions

4. Linus

5. love

6. laughter

7. lilies

8. lilacs

9. lollipops

10. lake Erie

...oh, & I suppose life should be in there too...

...maybe lithium?

All I'm just gettin' stupid with this...So, if you decide you want to play, let me know, and I'll give you a letter. It's not as easy as you think!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, November 10, 2008

weekend in the country...

How happy can they look??
Wedding party..
Another shot of the huge wedding party...
Well, Tif & her husband (errrrr...that's hard to get used to thinking/saying/writing) were over last night for a minute, and they had the best time in Aspen!
I was at Tom's in the country this weekend, and we had fun. Friday night, we listened to a recording of "War Of The Worlds"....the original recording by Orson Wells in the 1930's! I remember Mom telling me she heard it when it originally aired! Speaking of Mom, 11/13 would have been her, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! I miss you!
Then Saturday night was "The Red/Green Show"...that's always been a tradition with him & his boy forever! And, yes, we had pumpkin waffles Sunday...
It's just kinda odd how we still like a lot of the same stuff. And he remembers a lot of stuff from when I was 20, and we were going out then & Tif was just 1 1/2 or 2 years old...but...he forgot about us taking Tif to the Red, White & Boom fireworks show in Columbus!! How could he forget that?? Geeez, I think Tif cried so loud at all the noise & booms then, that I'll NEVER forget it!!
...but, I had to chicken out at taking Tif & moving to Arizona with him..sigh...but if I would've, Tif would never have met her husband...etc....oh, shit, you can't even think that thought for too long...
Okay....I'm done..
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, November 06, 2008 pix, as promised...

Kev's mom outdid herself on this cake! Now you see why she's always the cake maker for the family for any occasion!


Okay...maybe it's still too soon for me to go through these!

My oldest niece, she's about 30-ish, caught the bouquet, and our 8-year old nephew caught the garter...hmmmmm....I picked some of the best pictures I got...out of the 200+ I took! Never in a billion years would I have thought that my digital camera would run out of battery power! Cuz it always is sitting here on a charger, but, yup, it went dead right at the end of the reception! That's okay, it worked while I needed it to!
All right...gotta go, just wanted to make sure I got these up! Thanks for your patience!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

trick or treat pictures first...

Oh, this girl was so totally 60's! And not only does she look it, she has the attitude too!
And all these pictures were taken before it got really crowded! This mask with the blood in it was freaky, later on when it was getting dark, because the 'blood' inside the mask trickles down the face!! I asked the kid where he got it, I liked it...he said he didn't know, his grandma got it for him! Wow...the world needs more cool grandmas like that!

So, I actually ended up with about a regular-sized bag of candybars left...which is awfully good. I've NEVER ended up with candy left over! I had about 7 or 8 regular size bags, & 4 double sized bags! But, my God, this is the holiday I wait all year for! I actually like it better than Thanksgiving & Christmas...cuz it's not at all unconfortable, where you have, well, some family to sit around and make yourself get along with...that's right, I qualified that with the word "some"!

All these pictures were taken on Halloween night...I'm gonna put a picture on here from the Blue Jackets hockey game Tif went to last week too...she got some good pictures there!

Wedding pictures next up...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!