Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day B4 Thanksgiving...

Keep in mind, this is the smallest wall of clocks! Good thing he's like a specialist in fixing clocks, huh?
This is honestly the toughest time of year for me, personally. A couple of years ago, I sat here crying, while my husband walked out the door at 3:30 AM the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping
with his 'friend' from work. Now, well...he's with her...I'm with Tom...Tif & R are married...the only fucking constants in my life are Truman and sad is that? No, honestly, it was a decision that should have been made years ago...and I & all others are (as far as I know) are happy with where they landed. I still get a 'twinge'

the day after Thanksgiving, though. After 17 years, if I didn't, I'd be just one cold-hearted bitch, wouldn't I? And I leave that title to others. I'm finding out that the way to get past something hard isn't "get over it", but "get around it", you inch carefully, trying not to upset it or anything, and after a few years, you'll laugh again. Finally this summer I got back to that, and I will NEVER lose it again! Hold me to that shit, too! I'm depending on you guys!
Tom and I were out at Meijer tonite shopping, and ran into a guy that used to work at the radio station when he and I met when I was 15! Now, how weird was that? I even remember him walking in on us kissing in one of the production rooms! Now he introduced me, and Ray says "I remember you." Junior points at me and Tom and whispered loudly "girlfriend!" lolololol!!
When we got home, we were talking about stupid stuff (yes us!), and I said I think one of the biggest downfalls of society today is...oh, I remember...I was telling him about how my friend up north had an Old Spice gel thing in her car, and I was totally obsessed with that smell! I told Tom I love that cologne, and that guys now just don't seem to want to smell like a guy! All the popular colognes smell fruity (??), or flowery, or something, and that's just wrong!! If I wanted to be a lesbian, I would've done that! Gaaahhhhh! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not for me!
So, what's the deal with that? Women want guys to smell like they're wearing perfume, and to not have any hair on their body, just...eeeewww...I want a guy who knows he's a guy, and doesn't try to hide it, or act effeminate! All right, everyone, have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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