Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday nite...

I think you can all see why this house catches my eye every time I go past it...maybe it's something to do with the fact that it reminds me of Kermit? lol! Actually, when I was stopped out on the sidewalk (ok, in the street) taking a picture of it, a lady came to the door..."Can I help you?" I felt bad (sorta...), and told her no, I was just out taking pictures of stuff I like, and I liked her house! She laughed and said thanks, so I guess she understands I'm not an Al-Qaeda member...
This is the tree I wish was in my back yard!! It's actually behind the elementary school Tif went to.
Speaking of Tif....guess who turns 24 Tuesday? WOOHOO!! did I get so f*ng old so f*ng FAST?? I dunno...maybe time really DOES fly when you're having fun?
I swear, I'm kinda glad that I don't go out every Saturday night now...I watched those two new shows on CBS tonight, 'Moonlight' and 'Cane'. I love Cane, and you know why? Jimmy Smits!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuttymom, you may think you love Kiefer Sutherland, but I have ALWAYS had the hots for Jimmy Smits...errr, not 'had the hots'...I love him for his brains, of course!
Has anyone sat and thought about what you used to want to be when you grew up? I did that today, and I had the longest list EVER! When I was 10, I just had to be a veterinarian...when I got to high school, and into my data processing classes, I decided I wanted to be in computers, so Mom & Dad took me to Columbus and paid my entrance fee to DeVry University. A few months later, I had to be a MOM! Nope, I've never been a very good long-term planner...but now, since I'm retired on disability, I've got all kinds of stuff I want to be! I've already considered surgeon, fighter pilot, day trader, paramedic, attorney, I guess I'll have to settle for writer, huh? Oh well...look at the bright side, I guess...ummmm...I don't live in North Korea? lol.
Okay, this was weird...Psycho called me last night (!), and he had just been out with Mom at the hospital for a few hours, and he said she's much better, since she was transferred over to there Friday evening, cuz she wouldn't eat still, she had an infection, and the nursing home said it wasn't an emergency, but they couldn't give her as much care right now as she needed. Psycho told me he's more optimistic than he's ever been about Mom. And, if anyone knew Psycho, you'd know that sentence from him was like seeing the devil jump up in the air & yell "Yah-Hoo!" Bro & his wife will probably be home tomorrow. Actually, he was the one who called me from Arizona Friday night, cuz his son had called him out there! They were at the Grand Canyon when he called, and said they're gonna be ready to come home if anything else wasn't going well.
Okay...that was a pretty good day. When I went out today, I went to stores & bought stuff (that's ALWAYS fun!) perfume, new hair stuff, new sheets for the bed, etc...oh, and Halloween fuzzy footies, purple, with fangs on the sides! Ya know, I've realized it's more fun for me to go to the Dollar Store and spend $50, than to sit at the computer & spend $1,000!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

thursday already? time flies when you just don't care about it anymore... THIS is a one story house I do like...

...this is too

...and this is one of the big old trees down by our old middle school (that all three of us had gone to at one time or another)...the fact that the sidewalk is built 'around' the tree so as not to disturb it, says a lot to me! This is also one of the 2 brick streets in our town (the brick part is back behind me).

It's probably been the most miserable year of my life so far...I've written about a lot of it but not about the worst of it...nor will I...on a blog...said all I want about that...

Psycho & I, and Bro's son had to go out to Mom;s nursing home yesterday for a meeting with all the physical therapists, social workers, and everyone that works with Mom. Bro couldn;t go cuz he & his wife were in AZ on vacation, and if there's anyone who deserves a vacation right now, it's him! That's why his son went instead, and I also asked Tif if she wanted to go. I had already set up a ride out there on the city bus, but I thought I oughtta ask Tif if she wanted to go, cuz she was so close to Mom. She did, so I canc the bus and we rode together. We weren't sure what the meeting was about, but it was just an update on how Mom was doing. It really kind of was depressing, cuz they all said she was doing worse now than she was when she came there...more confused, doesn't think or talk as well, or do physical therapy as willingly...And, thank goodness for Bro & his son, cuz Bro had told his son to make sure he asked the nurses if Coke was really all that bad for Mom. Cuz, everyone but Psycho had the same opinion..."if I'm 84 years old and I want a Coke, and that's what would make me happy, if my kids love me, they'll make damn sure I have it!!". And all the nurses there said the same thing...hmmm..but after they left the room, Psycho said "Oh, whatta they know??", all crabby & shit. I could NOT hold my tongue, I turned on him and said "I am SO sick of people who know NOTHING about any kind of health bullshit that anyone's living with (including myself!), thinking they know a whole helluva lot more than anyone who lives with it, or a health professional who's gone to college for this!!". GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

You know what? I don't think I oughtta be writing on here right now, what I have to say is more for my personal diary...I'll write when I feel happier..


Sunday, September 23, 2007

sunny Sunday...perfect weather!! 1st day of fall!! WOOHOO!!

Well, I finally got the guts to go out today...I think Truman was too scared to try to do anything "untoward" today.I hope he's humble again...there's not much worse than a cocky, arrogant man!
So when I had my camera with me, I actually started looking at the one-story houses.........nahh, I know they're not gorgeous & welcoming looking, but, I guess they have a certain charm...*said grudgingly*

All these pictures from today are taken in the area I usually ride around in. I like this part of town. What I'm doing on this ride is going out to the Rite-Aid! It was getting rather imperative, cuz I put the last bit of his "Deli-Cat"in his bowl this morning. Along with a nice big bowl of fresh ice water, and then I cleaned his litter box (ya know..mining for turd bombs). Don't my Sunday mornings sound exciting? Then there was some Steelers football to watch so, that came first!
First of all, I think I missed my calling.Maybe I should've become a handyman, or a super at an apartment building! Forget about the fun years I had as a produce manager at a grocery store, or the cashier positions I had...or the cust svc at Verizon...I'm GOOD at this stuff~! And, when I'm shown what's wrong, and how to fix it, it comes together in my mind and I know! Shit~~! If I'dve ever had a clue at this when I was younger, I'd be a plumber, and none of you would be able to afford me!! lololol! No, it actually started off this weekend Friday night when I went to bed around 1 am, and was watching Nancy Grace, and reading a mystery book (The lead guy in it is a psychologist with a wife that has ms,...and he's having an affair on her...)anyway...(good luck to her~), I heard a bug flying around in the bedroom banging against the walls. I got up and looked for it, and it was on the wall behind the bed, up near the ceiling, so there was no way in hell I could get it, I wasn't gonna try crawling up on the bed with my balance the way it is~! And I don't have anything like a big long flyswatter, so I was stuck! Meanwhile, aren't cats supposed to take care of bugs & shit like that?? Not Truman...he ran out of the bedroom, and curled up on the couch in here in the computer room! WIMP~!I kept watching ther bug, and it was pretty much flying around the same places, so I grabbed a big heavy paperback book that I don't plan to read, stood there watching the bug, took aim, and threw the book as hard as I could! Bingo!! Got it! Actually, I must've just stunned it, cuz it fell down the wall behind the headboard, so I just forgot about it. Until I went to empty the ashtray, and there was the big, flat green bug (no idea what kind!) crawling on the edge of it. Luckily I had a paper towel in there, so, really quick, I got up, crunched it up in the towel, then got around in the bathroom and flushed it! A classic crunch&flush!
The bug had nothing to do with the next 'toilet debacle', though! I walked past the bathroom, and heard the toilet running. You know, one of those things that your parents would've said 'just jiggle the handle'. uhhh huuhhh. It was NOT my weekend for quick easy solutions, you see. Something was wrong in the tank, and I could hear it. So I took off the lid, looked inside, saw the chain was tangled up, so I ended up elbow deep in toilet tank water! But,'s fixed!!
Now to my next topic...President Ahmahjinidad coming, and the president of Columbia University inviting him to speak there. Holy Crap!! Where are the suicide snipers for THIS country?? Or why wasn't his plane taken out last night on the way here? Just sayin'....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, September 21, 2007

it's Friday...

Just random pictures, the lighthouse is in California, & Bro goes there a lot...for his business and said he thinks of me every time he goes here...

Halloween Arab & his tampon...

And, what kind of a Halloween party would it be without Frankenstein??

Yeah, today's post is just gonna be full of 'randomness'...

All right...first of all...lemme give some product reviews again..
The very best kind of razors to use on your legs is the Schick Intuition . I don't rip my legs open with it like I usually used to after I got ms & my hands got shaky, too shaky to write, even...yet i still tried to shave my legs with a regular razor? With my right hand, which is the one I used to write with, but lost that coordination in ' I use my left hand for everything...eating, shaving my legs, all that stuff...but, this razor is great, I'd use it even if I was fine! It has big jumbo thing that the razor is held in and surrounded by soap, what really helps me is that the handle is so big, you really don't have to have perfect coordination! And it's kinda heavy, not "dainty" or anything! It'd probably be a great razor for an old(er) lady to use!
Okay, here's the next one...the Veet brand of hair remover. Yeah, I know, but I do use that on my knees, cuz I have bony knees...I will never forget the kid in kindergarten that told everybody, loudly, mind you, "Libby's got the nubs!", while pointing at my knees the first time Mom made me wear a dress! Hmmmmm..enuogh of that...suffice it to say...not a big fan of dresses...
So I was sitting here talking to Kev today, and happened to remember why my knee hurt so bad when I bumped it...I said, "Hey, look at this..." and pointed at my knee, which has a big piece of skin, like, eaten away! He asked what'd I do? and I told him that I realized why the directions for the Veet cream said leave it on for 3 minutes to remove hair. My thought was "3 minutes? Give me a break"...I gave it five...hmmmm....maybe there's lye in it?

Tif and I went out to see Mom last night. She was asleep when we got there, but, of course, we woke her up! She was glad to see us though. We talked for a long time, actually she really started to look like we were wearing her out! While Tif was in there with her, I went out in the hall, and went to the nurses station, and talked to the nurse that was taking care of her, and I like her. She told me that Mom's doing well, having physical therapy a few times a day, and I know that every time I've talked to Mom on the phone she's said that her legs are a lot better than they were, she said that when she went there first, she thought she'd never walk again. But she's really starting to feel better now! She told me yesterday that she feels like she can do more than she really can, which is good, but I'm glad she can't try more, because they won't let her. And after I called and talked to Mom today, I called back and talked to the nurse, and she said Mom started on Marinol today...she said it might take a few days to take effect, but she was sure that she'd be 'eating like a horse then!'. haha!
I haven't been out riding around since Truman ran out the door! I don't call him 'Pretty Boy' for his nickname anymore...I call him 'Badboy'! Anyway, I'm just kinda scared he'll do it again...but I have to get over it...I'd get over it an awful lot faster if he'd quit running to every door, meowing like he's a tough guy that wants to get outside. Actually, he kind of reminds me of the 'Cowardly Lion' in the Wizard of know..."lemme at 'im, lemme at 'im!" But, he has no idea of what's outside!! okay, I baby him. But still...he has no front claws, no nuts, (shhh...don't tell him...) so he's not aggressive, or a fighter. I actually think the reason it was so easy to get him in, was probably cuz maybe he had to pee or something, and looked around and realized there was no litterbox out there for him, so he didn't know where to pee.
Okay...I need to go do some laundry (yuk!)...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I love this little house!! I can see it over the fence of our back yard, and it's on the same street as that barn in the alley. I remember when they were building this house, cuz I used to walk past it on the way to school everyday in 6th thru 8th grade! I think it's cute! But, yeah, I know it's a 2-story, and probably won't work for me long-term...but I can dream!!

So, I really didn't go anywhere taking pictures yesterday. Well, I went somewhere, but didn't take my camera. I went down to the Family Dollar store, and I was looking for one specific thing (ok, Midol PMS. I couldn't even stand myself, for heaven's sake!). And they didn't have it...I did find other stuff, but, chocolate isn't a long-term substitute, either...believe me, I've tried! I came home, and as I was going across one of the streets, I remembered there was a big Rite-Aid straight down that street, across the main street at the end. Voila!! So I swung right, and went down there and got it!! That store is enormous!!

When I got home, I backed in the back door, as usual, & backed my scooter in, also as usual, the screen door was open while I was backing in, and that little jerkwad Truman, RAN THE HELL OUT TO THE BACKYARD!! Our now unfenced backyard, mind you! And, of course, since my legs were real stiff & uncoordinated from sitting in one place for so long, without standing & exercising them ...which I've learned to do every hour or two! They were too weak to stand myself up on, so I couldn't even TRY to go get Tru! And...dumbass me...I'd forgotten to take my cell phone with me (stupid, stupid, stupid!), so I was stuck, and the beast Truman, was loose! At least if I'd had the cell I could've called Tif or Kev's dad to come over & look for him. Oh well...after I sat there & quit being all pissed at myself and frustrated (never mind the PMS) I made it in to the phone just as it started ringing! It was Joe, thank God, and he was home from work (he's a teacher), so I begged him to come over & look for Tru, puh-leez??. He said ok, he'd be right here (like I said, he lives a block away!). He went down the alley first, then came in & said he wasn't out there, and he looked out front, said he wasn't there either...I started bawling like a baby, sat down on the floor (oh, DRAMA!). So Joe went through the kitchen, and out the back door...pretty soon Truman came trotting through this room, tail all high, like he's king shit of the world! Joe came in then, and said Tru'd been just nosing around in the backyard! Oh, he saved my life!! Wow! But I'm okay, Truman's okay, Joe's okay...yeah, like he had to play big game hunter or something...well, yeah, he is horribly allergic to cats...but he's okay if he takes a Benadryl & doesn't let Truman crawl all over him.
I called Mom at the nursing home today. She wasn't in her room, so I talked to her nurse. She said Mom was down at the cafeteria eating, she was up in a wheelchair & everything! Her nurse said she's doing great, awake & aware, etc, and she still has absolutely no pain! I said "She's just SO strong!" The nurse (Angela) said, "Wow! I have to meet you, cuz last time after you called and I was telling her what you'd said, I told her you said she was strong, and she got tears in her eyes and said no, she's strong, not me!" Holy crap, now I'm gettin all teary-eyed...
Anyway, guess what??? Mom starts on Marinol twice a day tomorrow!!!! WAHH-HOOOOO! Angela is very sure it'll help!! I hope so! She already's told me the food's good, she just doesn't feel like eating.I know that feeling, but, it's something you have to get over feeling like that. no, we're not anorexic or anything, sometimes you're just not hungry...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday nite...

Okay, this kinda sucks...but I did it to myself...I'm nothing if not all about personal responsibility,right? Yeah, I did the link last night wrong, and I meant for it to go to a link to OJ'S new trouble !
Oh,man, I HOPE that works. OK it did! WooHoo!!
But, like I said before...if you personally don't have a miserable bastard in your life, count yourself as one of a very VERY few! So, just insert the name of your choice in there.
Actually, I don't have much to say about anything today. Tif & I went out to Mom's nursing home today to see her. She was sleeping, so we were in her room beside her bed, and trying to wake her up gently (not the way tif did me, when nobody could wake me up, and somebody cld her at work to come home & check...she walked in the door here, and yelled MOM!!!!!! about waking you up!)! Heh...anyway, she opened her eyes & smiled a couple times, then closed em, and she was asleep again immediately! So, Tif and I went out to the hallway, and Patty (the nurse) was there, and I asked her how was Mom, and she said "really good, she's awful tired, cuz she had physiotherapy 4 times today." Ahhhh...mystery solved. Then Patty said she's still not eating as much as she should. I said, maybe you should let her smoke a joint? She laughed and said "there is marinol, which youu have to get from a dr" Be that as it may...I'm on the phone to him Monday asking for that!! (it's a marijuana pill thats THC-free.). But I also got an email tonight from her sister and it sounds like she was awake and alert, laughing at jokes, etc!
All right, gotta some 'soul-searching' to take care of...First lesson-Don't trust anybody!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, September 14, 2007


Does EVERYBODY hate this guy as much as I do?? What a miserable bastard he is! Gaaahhhhh!! Puke!! Grrrrrr! And all that stuff...I'm bitter, I tellya!!
I haven't been out to the nursing home in town where Mom is yet. But I have called every day since she's been there. She's usually not in her room, or she's been asleep, and I talk to her nurse every time. Her nurses all said all week that she's doing well, her vital signs are great, she's 'eating, a little bit'. I called this morning, and FINALLY got to talk to her! She sounds like she's a little bit out of it, said she doesn't understand what's going on, it all seems like it's weird. She got a lot better in a couple minutes, we were talking about how she needs to eat, then I said her nurse told me before I talked to her this morning that she wasn't eating. She said, "Well...I'd really like a Coke, but when I asked for one last night, they told me they "frown" on that. Oh, holy shit!! I almost yelled "WHAT?? This is the nursing home that Dad was in, and they let him have a BEER every night!!" I know they did, I was in there and saw him, and asked his nurse about it, and she said they did that! Which was not a problem to me, he always had a beer after dinner at home...and...he wasn't driving anywhere, for sure. So, a few minutes later, she said "Oh I gotta go, my nurse is here and she wants me to get up...eeeewwww". I said, "Let me talk to her, okay?" Mom kinda giggled/laughed and told the nurse "My daughter wants to talk to" The nurse (Patty...very nice, Mom really likes all of them out there, says they're all very nice!) got on the phone, and I asked her (nicely, of course!), "Why can't Mom have a Coke...when my Dad was out there in July 06 and drank a beer every night??" Patty was taken aback a little, and said they don't have Cokes (but they have BEER???), all they have is a Pepsi machine in the hallway. So I just now called out there, and asked Patty if I could bring Mom a 12-pk of Coke (or, now it's an 8-pk!)...she said that was fine, they'd keep it in her room and give it to her in a glass with ice. Oh, how cool, I'll get out there for that tonight! They did give her a Shasta after I talked to Patty this am, cuz I told Patty I know my mom, she wants the sugar & caffeine...please? daughter, like mother...she wasn't like this before last year, when I espoused the merits of caffeine in the morning! (and Joe says the only reason he smokes is because I did when we first started being friends 25 years I'm spreading death and destruction everywhere!...)
Bro just now called from out there, said he'd gotten there this afternoon, and even before Mom said hi, she said she wanted a Coke!! So he said he turned right around and got in his truck, and went to the store and got her a bunch of bottles of Coke!! Did I ever say he's the best brother in the world (he's the one that got me the scooter, had the ramp built, all that.). Actually, it seems that the person that "frowned" on her having a Coke was Psycho, who told the nurses that would ruin her appetite! Holy shit, again!! Bro said the nurses told him that today, and he said give it to her, if Psycho has a problem with it, tell him to call him!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, I just talked to Bro about an hour ago...they didn't get down there yesterday, but I guess Psycho did, and Bro called her nurse this morning, (there's no phone in her room, it's the neurosurgery recovery, & they don't WANT you on the phone!). She said Mom's doing good, and her
surgeon says she's doing good, recovering well on schedule, everything looks great, and she's sleeping a lot, but he said that's a HUGE part of the recovery process! Which is all SUCH good news! Tif's taking me down to see her Wed. Bro has already told Tif that Mom's gonna have her head unbandaged more, so she can't freak out about it, so she already knows that. He's only telling her beforehand cuz he knows she's, well, a little wimpy about healthcare stuff...hence, she always made herself "scarce" when I was getting an iv at home...but yet, this is the person that volunteered to give me my weekly ms shot! By the way, I take that as a HUGE compliment!
This was a fun weekend, even though I didn't leave here...except to candy-shop at Certified Saturday! And I found a bag of Bugles!! ...and Ding-Dongs...and a Payday...and lots of Hershey's w/almonds...and Almond Joy...
Well, anyway, I was on here i-m'ng with a friend (no, not a FWB, he's geographiclly impossible for that! But he's a great friend!), Saturday evening, and the phone rang, and it was Mouse. It was neat of her to call on a Saturday night about 8:30, cuz we used to meet up at her mom & dad's house where she lived and get ready to go hit all the bars then!! lol! So I told my friend that Mouse was on the phone, I'd be back later...but we talked for an hour and a half/two hours! That was really cool, she filled me in about lot of shit going on with her, her sister, her brothers, friends, all the people we hung out with up there! Gossip, ya know? It's a way of life for women (whether we admit it or not!). And, yes, guys, we women do compare guys, especially when we were dating the SAME ONE at the SAME TIME!!! And we laugh...!!
She was all excited about the fact that she got a German Shepherd puppy this weekend! She's gonna send me pix, of course, he's only 6 wks old! I asked what they named him...she said her boyfriend named him JJ...for Jimmy Johnson...nascar dude? I told her, 'bs, you tell him you're naming it Tony Stewart!!' OMG, did she laugh her ass off! He must not like Tony or something...
I got off the phone with her at 10:30, went out to the kitchen to get something to eat...the phone rang again, and this time it was Joe...we talked for awhile, then decided we were bored, & I told him come over, we could watch a cool movie, so he came over (like, he lives a block away!), and we sat here and watched my favorite movie at the moment, "Phone Booth". I realized after it was half over why I liked it...but I'm not telling, you hafta watch it! You'll pick up on it, I'm we just sat here bs-ing til 2...and laughing...great way to spend an evening/night/whatever! And no, he's not a FWB either! Get your mind outta the gutter!
Sunday, I didn't even leave the bedroom much! I watched tv all day! But it was kinda educational. I was back and forth from Discovery Channel to History Channel. Lots of stuff was on about 9/11, and History Channel had stuff about Nostradamus, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freemasons (interesting!), all kindsa cool stuff!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday, and it actually is morning...(why? i HATE mornings!)

Okay, everybody, this is Popcorn Festival weekend! And, picture #1 is 'my little mermaid' on top of the boat...picture #2 is her waving (duhhh...), & #3 is just another float or something...but, honestly, everyone, can anybody tell me how long does the 'average parade' last?? I'm
not talking about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, or anything, for heaven's sake, just a regular one! This one started at 6 pm...Tif's float was toward the end, and it was about 7:30, when she went by, I stayed to see her, wave at her, take her picture...and I FREAKIN' LEFT and went
home! Holy mother-of-God, isn't that way too long for a parade?? I swear, I about halfway dozed through a lot of it! Kev's sister & her kids were there with me, & we agreed that next year, we oughtta petition the city and have them move the Fantastic Sam's float to the front! Naw, it was okay, my house is only one block backward from this street, so it's not like it takes more than a couple minutes to get there...but, c'mon!! They had people, like last year, that just drove their truck in it, had a sign taped on the side with their names, and they were riding in the back waving at everyone!! That's hilarious...but it would've been funnier if I wasn't already half-asleep!! Welcome to Cowtown...
I called Bro yesterday to tell him we made it down to see Mom, & he was glad. I guess she was still sedated yesterday, because of the tube she'd had them put down her throat instead of the oxygen mask, because that bothered her having that on, and they'd told her that her oxygen level was way too low not to have any. And she had told them that she didn't want to wear the mask, and they had her sign something requesting the tube Wednesday right before we got there, cuz they were putting it in when we got there, and was 'sedated' by the time they'd let us in. The nurse talked to me & Tif & Psycho later that evening, and explained that Mom might not need that for more than a day or two...they'd take it out Thurs & Fri am's, and see if she was able to get enough oxygen on her own, if she was, they'd keep it out. They said that she needed the sedation because the tube down her throat would be too irritating, she'd just need to be "a little" out of it. Her lung capacity isn't all that great anyway, considering that she had lung cancer 15 years ago, and had 1/3 of one lung removed...last year was diagnosed with this cancer in her other lung, and just got done with successful chemotherapy on that a few weeks ago! My God, she is so amazing! Not to mention all the other health stuff she's gone through, like the 6 or 7 angioplasties, open-heart stuff, back surgery, any other kind you can think of. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't in big part my fault, since she didn't have me til she was 42 (my age...I'd never do that!), and, well, I was probably the biggest hellraiser kid you've ever met (my earlier posts attest to that!). Or maybe I was one of those kids that either keep you young, or make you old...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday, popcorn parade...

Hey everyone! Tif took me down to Riverside hoospital yesterday and it was good.Mom was sedated & sleeping, but the nurses said she could most likely hear us, and it seemed like she did, she squeezed our hands when we asked her to! So, we hung out down there for a few hours. The reason she was sedated was because they took off the oxygen mask at her request,...she hated it! So..there was me, Tif, Psycho there, and we were talking, and getting along a lot!Weird...but nice.
Yeah it would've been nice if she was awake at all, but, it was still great to see her!~

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tuesday, Sept 4, operation went GREAT!!

Mom. her little sister, and their littler brother's daughter, over the summer.
The cancer removal from Mom's brain was successful, the neurosurgeon said! Bro was the only one who could get there today to see Mom before the operation. I asked if he wanted to take me when he went & I could just stay all day, but he said he thought I should wait and go tomorrow, when she'll be able to be "with it", for visitors. So he left town at 4 this am, and went down, and was able to see her before the operation, and then he called me at noon today, and said the op took about two hours, and the surgeon said they got it! Thank you, God! And thank you, everybody, for your good wishes & prayers!
So Tif & I are going down tomorrow when she gets off work at 3 pm. And, believe it or not, she's going to be out of the hospital at the end of the week, I guess! Bro has already gotten her a room at a nursing home here in town for her recovery, because NOBODY wants her home by herself! Actually, Bro & I are kind of hoping that she'll consider moving to an assisted-living place after this, because she is a more sociable-type person than what she's doing right now, living by herself, and all. And that way she could have an apartment, a kitchen, she could cook, or not, whichever she wanted...I'd feel better if she did that, but, I know...not up to me...
Okay....more tomorrow after I've been down there!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday...Labor Day...

This is a cool cousin we never see, he lives in Arizona, and I was hoping to catch him right after one of the little girls braided his beard, but I was too slow...
And they fought about who got to sit on the boyfriend's shoulders, they ALL wanted to be the tallest!!

...And this is a whole bunch of 'random' relatives (not being rude when I say random, just, some I know, some I don't).

I've called Mom every day she's been in the hospital, and she actually sounds better & more relaxed than I've heard her in awhile. Bro & I talked later, and we both think a big part of that is that #1, she got a definite answer about why she doesn't feel quite 'right', and a big #2, is she's eating right, and not having to make it, or clean up! She's one of those people that cooking & cleaning up has been her entire life, and I think she needs to not worry about that so much anymore. But, anyway, we got to talk for about an hour this morning, and it was nice. We laughed a lot together, and I know that had to be good for her. She said her neurosurgeon, who is going to do the surgery was in to see her yesterday, and today! She told me that of the three neurosurgeons that have looked at the mri's & cat scans, they've all agreed that the best solution for this is to operate & remove this, then do radiation. I'm pretty scared about this fact, cuz she is 84 years old...but, the doctors at all the hospitals are working together & sharing her records & stuff...but, still. Bro told me this morning that he had talked to the doctor on the phone today, and that he would work to get it scheduled to be done tomorrow, and would call Bro tonight and let him know, and Bro's gonna call me. Tif and I probably won't be there tomorrow, but she said we'd go down there all of, I've pretty much hung out here Sunday & Monday, so I'm by the phone...yeah, I have a cell phone, but, I guess I'm just an old fuddy-duddy, and I want a REAL phone for something important like's a phobia, I guess...
That's it for now...

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday, Labor Day weekend, 2007

Heh, heh...nothing to say here...

And just how mean and scary can my pretty-boy-swe' pea look??

And just how beautiful is she?

...and my Miller Chill...?

This is the big campout Labor Day weekend/family reunion for Kev's family...gonna be fun, Friday night was already a good time, just getting over to see a lot of people...and most aren't even in town yet!

I rode my scooter over last night around 5...that was fun...but I didn't have a headlight (or helmet, for God's sake! haha!), so someone folded my scooter up and put it in their car trunk, and took me home at 10, when I was ready to go...

Right when I got there, Tif came out & said Bro just called her cell phone with news about Mom...turns out that she had gone to her cancer doctor yesterday morning, and he had done an mri...after having a clear pet scan 3 months ago after chemo for lung cancer, now they put her in the hospital in Columbus because it's on her right frontal lobe of her brain. He said to stay where we were right then, all they're doing is admitting her to the hospital, they're going to do tests this weekend, to make sure it's operable...I called him this morning, and they're already on the way down there...he is the BEST brother! Although I would've liked to go, he said to just call her. So...I just now called her, we were talking for a minute, I asked her what she was having for lunch, and she said 'hold on, I'll look..'...and put the phone down and I guess forgot about me, cuz all of a sudden I heard Bro & wife walk in & start talking to her~! So after yelling in the phone for a few minutes, I gave up & hung up, cuz she was gonna have lunch & visitors to deal with, and that's plenty for her at once, anyway, especially dealing with this news...I'll call her later, at least I got to talk to her for a second, and she knows I'm thinking of her.

Anyway, I guess the doctor here in town last night, before he snt her to Columbus, told her that the cancer looks to be on the outside of her brain, not 'into' it...but he did say it's a big area, they're hoping they can operate Mon or Tues...please pray for her...

That's all I need to say for now...I'll be back in a day or two...