Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, I just talked to Bro about an hour ago...they didn't get down there yesterday, but I guess Psycho did, and Bro called her nurse this morning, (there's no phone in her room, it's the neurosurgery recovery, & they don't WANT you on the phone!). She said Mom's doing good, and her
surgeon says she's doing good, recovering well on schedule, everything looks great, and she's sleeping a lot, but he said that's a HUGE part of the recovery process! Which is all SUCH good news! Tif's taking me down to see her Wed. Bro has already told Tif that Mom's gonna have her head unbandaged more, so she can't freak out about it, so she already knows that. He's only telling her beforehand cuz he knows she's, well, a little wimpy about healthcare stuff...hence, she always made herself "scarce" when I was getting an iv at home...but yet, this is the person that volunteered to give me my weekly ms shot! By the way, I take that as a HUGE compliment!
This was a fun weekend, even though I didn't leave here...except to candy-shop at Certified Saturday! And I found a bag of Bugles!! ...and Ding-Dongs...and a Payday...and lots of Hershey's w/almonds...and Almond Joy...
Well, anyway, I was on here i-m'ng with a friend (no, not a FWB, he's geographiclly impossible for that! But he's a great friend!), Saturday evening, and the phone rang, and it was Mouse. It was neat of her to call on a Saturday night about 8:30, cuz we used to meet up at her mom & dad's house where she lived and get ready to go hit all the bars then!! lol! So I told my friend that Mouse was on the phone, I'd be back later...but we talked for an hour and a half/two hours! That was really cool, she filled me in about lot of shit going on with her, her sister, her brothers, friends, all the people we hung out with up there! Gossip, ya know? It's a way of life for women (whether we admit it or not!). And, yes, guys, we women do compare guys, especially when we were dating the SAME ONE at the SAME TIME!!! And we laugh...!!
She was all excited about the fact that she got a German Shepherd puppy this weekend! She's gonna send me pix, of course, he's only 6 wks old! I asked what they named him...she said her boyfriend named him JJ...for Jimmy Johnson...nascar dude? I told her, 'bs, you tell him you're naming it Tony Stewart!!' OMG, did she laugh her ass off! He must not like Tony or something...
I got off the phone with her at 10:30, went out to the kitchen to get something to eat...the phone rang again, and this time it was Joe...we talked for awhile, then decided we were bored, & I told him come over, we could watch a cool movie, so he came over (like, he lives a block away!), and we sat here and watched my favorite movie at the moment, "Phone Booth". I realized after it was half over why I liked it...but I'm not telling, you hafta watch it! You'll pick up on it, I'm we just sat here bs-ing til 2...and laughing...great way to spend an evening/night/whatever! And no, he's not a FWB either! Get your mind outta the gutter!
Sunday, I didn't even leave the bedroom much! I watched tv all day! But it was kinda educational. I was back and forth from Discovery Channel to History Channel. Lots of stuff was on about 9/11, and History Channel had stuff about Nostradamus, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Freemasons (interesting!), all kindsa cool stuff!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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